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Annual Meeting SCRA 2011/2012 A year in review. Agenda Introductions Election of New Board members Committees Tennis Aquatics Membership Financials.

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1 Annual Meeting SCRA 2011/2012 A year in review

2 Agenda Introductions Election of New Board members Committees Tennis Aquatics Membership Financials

3 Current Board Board of Directors: * Rob Daines, Secretary David Drover, Swim and Treasury Co-Chair David Engstrom, Facility Chair * James Fearon, Treasury Co-Chair Leslie Fiedler, Membership Co-Chair Bob Kessler, Tennis and Membership Co- Chair * Steve Pokorny, President * Current term expires 2012

4 Standing Committees Aquatics – Patty Chang Tennis – Bob Kessler Membership – Leslie Fiedler & Bob Kessler Facilities - David Engstrom Members interested in serving on a committee please contact a board member

5 Stanford Athletics Staff (DAPER - Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation) Steve Robe, SCRA General Manager Andrea Barnes, Tennis Director Scott Shea, Aquatics Director & Head Coach Ray Purpur, Deputy Athletic Director

6 New Board - Election Nominating Committee Recommendations Jan Rossi Corinne Thomas April Triantis

7 Tennis

8 Tennis Committee Bob Kessler, chair Barbara Yu, Ann Porteus, Joe Lipsick

9 Tennis Tennis director: Andrea Barnes 2011 United States Professional Tennis Association Northern California Pro of the Year Associate pros: Ann Henricksson, Lejia Hodzic, Corinne Mansourian, Michael Jessup Adults 75+ regular players, many other social players EPATT womens doubles league participating club Hosted 12 adult teams in USTA league play. Currently run three weekly womens and one mens clinic.

10 Junior Tennis Mid-peninsula Junior Interclub League champions. Hosted USTA Junior League teams in all age divisions. 120+ juniors in clinic and junior team program during the 2010 -11 academic year. Over 40 juniors participated in Nor-cal tournament play in 2011.

11 10 and Under Tennis SCRA leads in 10 and under programming implementation One of the first two Peninsula clubs recognized as official USTA 10 and Under Tennis Facilities Hosted 3 area wide Junior Tennis Play Days and the first 60orange ball tournament on the Peninsula. 10 and under team qualified for season ending Future Tennis Championships Invitational based on 2011 performance. First Peninsula club with permanent 60 court lines on all courts. Work completed at no cost after securing USTA grant. Chosen to host 4 USTA Nor-cal Player Development Camps in 2012

12 Tennis Ball kids team worked at the SAP Open and the Bank of the West Tennis Championship SCRA ball kid team worked the final matches at the 2011 NCAA Team and Individual Championships.

13 13 SCRA Aquatics Program Objectives – Promote water safety & teach basic to advanced swimming skills – Create an environment that is fun, where individuals feel good about who they are & what they are doing – Instill confidence & enthusiasm about swimming – Offer a wide range of programs that meet individual's and familys needs

14 14 SCRA Aquatics Private & Group Lesson Program –Formal Fall, Spring, Summer lesson programs offered Feeder to SCRA & PASA team programs Pre-Competitive team –Transition program from lessons to swim team SCRA Summer team –Peninsula Swimming Association SCRA, University Club, Foothills, Fremont Hills, Alpine Hills, Ladera Oaks PASA USA team –SCRA founding member SCRA, PASC, Alpine Hills, Foothills, DKS, LAGCC

15 15 SCRA Aquatics: Lesson Program Program Objectives: – Teach valuable swimming skills & water safety – Instill deep love for and interest in swimming – Build confidence & sense of accomplishment Added Programming: – Fall Lesson Program – Revised user-friendly online sign-up system – Ribbons & certificates for program completion – Mandatory staff development & ongoing training – Internship program used to help prepare future teachers & coaches

16 SCRA Aquatics: Lessons Program Fall: 33 slots filled (group & private classes) Winter: By instructor availability (limited enrollment) Spring: 8 Saturdays in April & May 5 classes offered per Saturday, 5 enrollment slots per class Summer: 9 week-long sessions: class M-Th, 4.5 hours a day Over 100 students per session in group & private classes

17 17 SCRA Aquatics: Pre-Competitive Program Objectives – Teach basic & advanced swimming skills & water safety – Develop understanding of 4 competitive strokes – Instill deep love for & interest in swimming – Build confidence & sense of accomplishment Added Programming – Clear move-up requirements & end-of-session evaluations – Up-to-date group website & email communication

18 18 SCRA Aquatics: Pre-Competitive Three class levels: A, B, & C Classes run in either 8-week or 4-week sessions Small group instruction A - Swimmer to coach ratio 6:1 B - Swimmer to coach ratio 8:1 C - Swimmer to coach ratio 10:1 (or less) Enrollment between 60 - 90 swimmers per session

19 19 SCRA Aquatics: Summer Team Program Objectives – Strengthen relationships among families & build community pride – Teach swimmers valuable life skills – Provide leadership opportunities for middle & high school students – Next step for lesson program swimmers – Transition swimmers to year-round program Added programing: – Team website: – Up-to-Us Parent volunteer system & automated reminders – Internship program for 13-15 year olds – Increased community building & swimmer activity nights Team movie night, practice group activity nights, Bingo night, & Raging Waters Trip

20 SCRA Aquatics: Summer Team Practice April - July Compete June & July 5 Dual Meets, 1 Relay Meet, & Championship Meet 2011: 125 swimmers 2010: 90 swimmers 2009: 85 swimmers 60% swim year round

21 21 SCRA Aquatics: PASA Year-Round Program Objectives – Create an environment that is fun and rewarding for all team members & their families. – Develop community and a sense of team spirit through shared goals & objectives. – Offer the most comprehensive program in the area with concern to swimming technique and training. Added Programming – Head Coach - Scott Shea – Head Age-Group Coach - Joey Sementelli Director of Pre-Competitive Swimming - Laura Mitchell – Evaluations & explicit move-up requirements – Strong communication with team families via email, the Weekly Update, parent meetings, and the website blog – Team activity nights & events such as our Team Holiday Party - Level appropriate goal setting & life skill development - Parent education

22 22 SCRA Aquatics: PASA Year-Round PASA - USA team – 150 Swimmers – Gold Medal Club in 2011 (ranked 4th in the Nation) – Gold Medal Club in 2010 (ranked 8th in the Nation) - Gold Medal Club in 2009 - Silver Medal Club in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. 5 practice group levels – Age Group 1, 2, 3 – Elite practice groups: JR Group & SR Group

23 23 SCRA Aquatics: PASA Alumni SCRA/PASA Swimmers attending College that graduated from Senior Group Katie Reeves - UCSB, Tara Levens - University of Chicago, Casey Barnes Waychus - Penn, Allison Frisbie - Purdue, Audry Kwong - UCD, Megan Fischer-Colbrie - Stanford, Haley Read - Duke, Mattie Wheeler - Yale, Veronica Tse - Washington University St. Louis, Matt Murray - University of Virgina, Blake Weber - Claremont McKenna, Ben Hinshaw - Cal, Brad Murray - Georgetown, Nick Trowbridge - Cal, Anne Peanasky - UCSB, Teva Levens - Dartmouth, Shuya Lou - Hawaii, Rohan Patnaik - Georgetown, Jesse Bergman - UCLA, Marisa Martinson - Davidson, Stephanie Lim - Stanford, Stephanie Nguyen - Williams, Elizabeth Murray - LMU, Adam Hinshaw - Cal, Jeremie DeZwirek - Columbia, Jacqui Levere - Yale Class of 2012 early commitments - Kevin Bishop - Stanford, Casey Lincoln - Yale, Ted Lim - Stanford, Rachael Acker - Cal

24 SCRA out of the pool and beyond the court Group Fitness Classes: Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Stretch & Strengthen for Seniors, & Dancing each week in quarter sessions. Group sizes range from 7 to 15 individuals for each class. Wine Club: Meets quarterly with about 15-20 regular attendees lead by our own SCRA Member John Haeger. If interested contact Steve Robe for details. Annual 4th of July Party: Approximately 350 to 400 Families and Members participated. Kids Carnival, BBQ of hotdogs & hamburgers with a potluck of sides and desserts. Chili Tasting Contest, and swimming games to end the day. Always a fun time.

25 Coho @ SCRA: Provided weekday lunches and special event services from Coho. Hope to continue this summer. SCRA Fun Camp: 112 participants (16 kids/week for 7 week) Dive-in Movie: Family evening dinner and movie - Willy Wonka (Aprox 50+) Other Special Events: Sharks game outing & Stanford Baseball game BBQ with plans on putting together a Giants game outing this year. If interested in attending any of these contact Steve Robe for details.

26 Membership Report

27 Membership Update RegularEmeritusTOTAL2011change Club Users Memberships 34082422408 TOTAL VOTING 340 82 (41 votes) 38136714 TOTAL NON-VOTING 430 27 Extended Family 11NA1183 DAPER 13NA1394 Winter Swim 14NA1459 Special 5NA550 TOTAL 38382465435 Leave Of Absence 5165 Grand Total Memberships 46543530 (21)

28 Local Club Comparison Initiation Fee Monthly Dues for Club Membership Total Assessments Alpine Hills $25,000$200700 $50/month 2006-2016 Foothills$11,715$183350N/A Fremont Hills* $14,900$275449N/A Ladera Oaks $16,000$248525 $50/month 2010-loan paid off University Club $17,500$205549N/A SCRA$2000 $115 Regular $87.50 Emeriti 465$0

29 SCRA Financial Report 2012

30 Fiscal Year 2010-11 Total Revenue: $1.145 million. Total Expenses: $1.118 million. Thus about $27,000 put towards reserve requirement. We now have about $40k towards the $80k required as part of the loan agreement.

31 Fiscal Year 2010-11 revenues $ in 1000s% Dues and initiation fees60753 Swim Programs32829 Tennis15013 Summer Programs262 Other Revenues333 Total1,145100

32 Fiscal Year 2010-11 Expenses $ in 1000s% Compensation50345 Non Compensation Utilities10610 Debt Service15814 RE Taxes888 Other26223 Total1,118100

33 Rough estimates of program revenue and expenses, FY 2011 Swim programs: – Total revenue: $328k. – Estimate of direct costs: $273k. Tennis programs: – Total revenue: $150k. – Estimate of direct costs: $132k. Summer programs (non swim or tennis): – Total revenue: $26k. – Estimate of direct costs: $28k. Good work by Scott and Andrea to raise revenues, control costs, and add fun.

34 Expectations for FY12 On track to make budget and hopefully close reserve requirement gap. For future, would like to put away enough each year to: 1. Deal with random occasional major repair/upkeep costs. 2. Improve facilities (e.g., play structure? tennis upgrades? third pool?) This may require membership level closer to 500. An issue for next and future boards.

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