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9 – 16 July 2013 Bridging Borders, Expanding Horizons Callum Davidson - Convenor April Council 2013.

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1 9 – 16 July 2013 Bridging Borders, Expanding Horizons Callum Davidson - Convenor April Council 2013

2 Presentation Overview Conference Overview Innovations/Points of Interest Marketing Registration


4 What is Conference? 500 delegates Competitors Councillors General Delegates National Championships Education & Social Justice Careers Council Socials

5 Logistics Hotels Hyatt Regency Perth Mont Clare Boutique Apartments Bed sharing Transport Public transport within the CBD is free! Transportation worked into budget – every day, all social events Internet – at Hyatt, deal being organised for Mont Clare Printing – should happen Catering – not excessive

6 Mont Clare Boutique Apartments ~275 people Various apartment configurations – ranging from 2 to 8 people One queen/king bed share per apartment

7 Hyatt Regency Remainder of delegates Rooms for up to 132 Three to a room No bed sharing




11 Socials Opening Gala – Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre Cocktail Evening – Frasers/State Reception Centre Pub Crawl – four locations through Northbridge Theme Night – surprise location! Closing Gala – Crown

12 Education & Social Justice ALEF Indigenous peoples & the law Poverty & disadvantage Refugees & asylum seekers Equity Luncheon Community Day Conference Bursary

13 Careers Twilight Drinks Alternative Careers Forum Legal Skills Workshops Q&A – International Law


15 Motions passed at September Conference Bursary LSSs can provide clients, witnesses and associates Graduate registration Student judging – formalised registration system




19 Conference is 18+ Australian Grand Finals ALSA Term/Sydney 2015 LSSs and funding resources Equity Luncheon


21 Methods of Promotion - Conference Website Facebook Twitter Video being created right now ALSA Monthly What else can we be doing for you

22 Methods of Promotion - LSS Tasmania – video Flinders – pub crawl Wollongong – flash mob Blackstone, Notre Dame, Wollongong – careers guides


24 Registration 36 institutions registered BIG Council – currently ~70 registrations Comps roughly the same as 2012 Competition20122013 Client Interview 30 28 IHL 16 15 Champ Moot 33 32 Negotiation 32 31 Paper Pres 13 10 Witness Exam 28 25

25 WINNERS ARE GRINNERS Newcastle UQ Blackstone Notre Dame (Fremantle) QUT Macquarie Murdoch UTS Wollongong UNSW Adelaide UniSA Extensions granted to: ECU ANU Griffith Gold Coast Tasmania UWS Notre Dame (Sydney) Bond Deakin Geelong Southern Cross James Cook

26 Deadlines & relevant info Please confirm Comps/Council numbers, and GD subsidy schemes Stage 2 Registration – what is happening now? Deadlines 29 APRIL midnight AEST – Equity Fund applications due 30 APRIL – absolutely no more fully funded Councillors or Competitors 3 MAY – We must receive payments!!! 8 MAY – GD REGISTRATION DEADLINE Council deadlines apply for GD subsidies – bulk invoice – we invoice the LSS for the full amount and the responsibility of the LSS to follow up individuals.

27 Deadlines & relevant info Stage 3 Registration - Tegan will be in contact Head of Delegation will receive all emails – your responsibility to pass it on Partial funding or self-funded competitors – they MUST register by 8 May; drop down list (must choose Competitor from drop down list of type of delegate). You have to tell Tegan. Tegan:


29 Rego Numbers JurisdictionCouncillors/Competitors New South Wales88 Queensland54 New Zealand46 Western Australia44 South Australia28 Victoria24 Australian Capital Territory22 Tasmania12 Asia2 TOTAL320

30 Rego Numbers JurisdictionGeneral Delegates New South Wales9 Queensland3 New Zealand0 Western Australia7 South Australia0 Victoria1 Australian Capital Territory0 Tasmania2 Asia0 TOTAL22

31 1. Amendments to Championship Rules 2. New appeals by-law MOTIONS/DISCUSSION POINTS

32 Amendments to Championship Rules Will be written up in full today Points for discussion Application of penalties by Conference Org Comm No discretion for judges to dispense with penalties relating to actual running of the comp No electronic materials Research and preparation

33 New Appeals by-law Two stage Appeals Co-ordinator Conference Review Board Membership AC: appointed RB: one Exec, two Councillors (not in practice) One stage Conference Board of Appeals Membership Comps Officer (Chair) Councillor Member Org Comm Member OLDNEW

34 New Appeals by-law Must be brought by Councillor Most appeals flow through AC but some direct to RB Silent on rehashing appeals Reporting back (Not in practice) May be brought by teams/individuals Automatic review of disqualification penalty Explicit prohibition of rehashed appeals Chair to provide report OLDNEW

35 Deadlines 29 APRIL midnight AEST – Equity Fund applications due 30 APRIL – absolutely no more fully funded Councillors or Competitors 3 MAY – Payments for those who have requested extensions 8 MAY GD REGISTRATION DEADLINE Conference Bursary application deadline Registration for partially-funded or entirely self-funded competitors deadline

36 Issues to be discussed MOTION: That Council adopt the Championship Rules as amended for the ALSA Conference 2013 Budget/Sponsorship Value for General Delegates Marketing

37 Rules changes Australian Champion clarified Research and preparation boilerplate clause General assistance allowed until the release of the question, after which blanket prohibition No electronic devices We will make provision for stopwatches Score sheets – none until after the end of Conf. Happy to release team tab on cocktail evening in email to HOD Penalties – no discretion for judges to dispense with them with respect to the actual running of the comp Typos will be fixed

38 Budget Logistics: $224,000 Socials: $172,000 Ed: $12,600 Careers: +$5,300 Comps: $24,500 MPP: $4,200 SALES: $393,450 Logistics: $170,000 Socials: $152,000 EdSoc: $9,600 Careers: $10,000 Comps: $27,000 MPP: $6,800 SALES: $352,000 20122013

39 Careers Fair/Sponsorship Careers Fair 2011 – reports were it was a big fail Careers Fair 2012 – Conference took up the gap left by VCLSS Why have we chosen not to do one? 2011 experience Would substantially repeat WA LSSs events and may have potentially affected their sponsorship opportunities Firms were not keen Running a Careers Fair is an extremely expensive venture (2012 - $28,000)

40 What value do GDs get out of the Conference? The Education & Social Justice programme, including the three Australian Legal Education Forums (ALEFs) and Community Day The Careers programme, including Alternative Careers Forum, Twilight Drinks, the Legal Skills Workshops and the Q&A Session The Opening and Closing Galas The Cocktail Evening The Theme Night Some lunches Transport between Conference events Publications such as delegate guide and Daily Dirt OPTIONAL EXTRAS Pub Crawl (extra cost includes T-shirt: no entry without it!). Cost = $20 Equity Luncheon. Cost = $20 Day Trip - Swan Valley Wine Tasting. Cost = $80 Conference Hoodie. Cost = $40


42 Marketing resources currently at your disposal Conference Cup Guidelines Promo Poster Video ALSA flyer (Sophie) Website Social media Documents I have written for Careers Guides The Registration FAQ EVERY LSS SHOULD HAVE THE GOAL OF SENDING AT LEAST 5 GDs

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