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New Keel Boat Acquisition Michał Kwiatek 21/11/2013.

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1 New Keel Boat Acquisition Michał Kwiatek 21/11/2013

2 2012 General Assembly discussed acquisition of a large, race-worthy keel boat People outside of the committee to be involved decision-making process Currently no mooring place, but in order to get one, we must be ready to make the purchase rapidly Context

3 Find the perfect new keel boat for the YCC But: Perfect for what? As seen by whom? According to which criteria? Discussing boats can be like discussing politics…. Objective

4 Explain process Boats discussed and boats tested Evolution of the selection criteria Present the boat selected within this process Get the General Assemblys approval so that the next committee can: secure a mooring place purchase the new boat Objectives of this presentation

5 January – February 2013 Initial presentation to committee – How to proceed with the new boat acquisition Call for volunteers through the YCC Blog YCC New Boat Study group formed: Bartek Pawłowski, David Porret, Helen Morris, Kirill Prokofiev, Michał Kwiatek, Tim Huckstep, Tim Foster, Patrick Diday, Ricardo Gonzalo, Vince Cobham The process (1)

6 Physical Length Breadth Draft Main sail Genoa Spinaker Max number of people Weight Engine Financial Price new Price second-hand in good condition Price of the trailer Engine maintenance cost Popularity Number of boats in Europe Number of boats in Switzerland Number of boats on the lake Competition Number of class regattas on the lake Number of boats in the Swiss Championship Number of boats in the European Championship Number of boats in Bol d'Or Number of boats in SdS Used for March Racing? Favourable SRS ratio? Didactical Learning curve Level in YCC course curriculum Fast track for key holders? Motivational Fun to sail in force 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? Sexy for an evening outing? Sexy for a day outing? Sexy for Bol d'Or? Vision Club members with a vision to make it a success Areas of club activity addressed Safety Risk of damage to the boat Risk of damage to other boats Risk of injury Realistic Can we get a place for it? Can we afford it? Some criteria…

7 March – April 2013 Brainstormed criteria visions Compared boats on paper Agreed on the initial list of criteria The process (2)

8 Boats we discussed Surprise J 70 J 80 B/one Esse 850 mOcean Blu26 Saphire Seascape A27 Melges 24 X-35 SB-20 Longtze SunFast 3200 Mumm 30 M34 Grand Surprise Elan 36 Elan 350 Beneteau Figaro 2

9 Private member outings Keel boat training/courses Thursday nights Internal club regattas Social club outings External regattas (one class or handicap racing) Typical usage patterns

10 The process (3) April-October 2013 Tested the boats (including a trip to Lake Garda) Reviewed the objectives Reviewed the selection criteria Reached consensus!

11 Boats we tested Criteria / BoatSurpriseJ/70J/80B/oneEsse 850mOceanBlu26SaphireSeascape Length7.65 6.93 8 7.09 8.5 7.97 8 8 7.99 Breadth2.5 2.25 2.51 2.49 2.2 2.5 2.54 Draft1.6 1.45 1.49 1.65 2 1.6 1.3-1.8 1.7 0.85-1.95 Main sail16.5 26 20 21 47 23 21 29 48 Foc 14 15 Genoa17 21 11 19 35 code 0 Spinaker69 65 70 Genaker 45 65 48 80 70 60 75 78 Max number of people6 6 8 6 3-4 (280) 8 8 Weight1250 794 1315 989 1250 970 1200 1300 Balast500 286 635 370 700 500 Financial Price new w/ sails w/o engine52000 51300 65000 43000 80000 76263 70324 83000 Price second-handexpensive - 40000 - 60000 - - - - Price of the trailer SRS (System F) TR5 1.000 TR5 1.002 TR4 1.031 TR5 1.0121 TR3 1.111 TR4 1.058 TR4 1.060 TR4 1.060 TR4 1.054

12 Agreed selection criteria CriteriaVotes Good build quality, solid rather than delicate8 More exciting than the Surprise understood as larger ratio of sail area to weight, suitable for light winds 7 Key not more challenging than the Surprise, no requirement for engine permit, no inboard 7 Asymmetric spinnaker5 Good for day cruising, so with a small cabin where a person can comfortably sit 4 Cockpit can accommodate more than 5 people comfortably4 Good competition with boats in an SRS class3

13 Short list J/80Saphire

14 Compared to Surprise Criteria/BoatSurpriseJ/80Saphire Length7.6588 Breadth2.52.512.5 Draft1.61.491.7 Main sail16.52029 Foc 1415 Genoa172135 (code 0) Spinaker69 Genaker 6575 Max number of people688 Weight125013151300 Balast500635500 Financial Price new w/sails, w/0 engine520006500083000 Price second-hand in good condition~45000~40000 - SRS rating1.0001.0311.060 Registered for SRS on Lemain18251 Boats in an International Championship 43 in 2012, 18 in 2013 117 -

15 J/80Saphire Brand new boat design Several produced so far No second-hand market Strong weather helm (big main) More challenging than the Surprise Established class Over a 1000 boats worldwide Big second-hand market Balanced helm Requires similar skill level as the Surprise

16 Purchase a J/80 or similar, second hand or new As soon as a place in Port Choiseul is procured Promote its adoption in the YCC under the SU key New Boat Study Groups Recommendation

17 Give the next Committee the mandate to: Secure a mooring in Port Choiseul Hold working funds of 20 kCHF thought to be necessary Purchase a new or second-hand boat J/80 or similar boat that fulfils the selection criteria listed above At the approx. maximum cost of 70 kCHF (w/sails, w/o engine) Request for GM vote


19 J/80 Photos




23 Reserve slides

24 is fun to sail in typical lake conditions is used everyday all season motivates to improve keelboat sailing skills is not too difficult to learn boosts advanced keelboat sailing races in reasonably competitive regattas is used for more than one area of club activity is promoted by club members committed to make it a success is bought second-hand in good condition The ideal new boat…

25 Following several long discussions, we decided not to include these as deciding factors: Less than 15 m2 of sail area, so that it can be sailed without a permit -Yngling is the most exciting keel boat in this category Large fleet on the Geneva lake -Surprise remains the boat of choice competitive single class racing While definitely very important, these points are already covered by existing boats in our fleet. Accepted non-criteria

26 TypeCount Surprise146 Grand Surprise40 Toucan29 6.5 m SI15 Esse 85013 Luthi 87013 Popular on the lake Boats with active jauge SRS on Lac Leman, based on:

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