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Nadia Comaneci The perfect gymnast.

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1 Nadia Comaneci The perfect gymnast

2 How she became famous     When Nadia was about 14 she scored the first perfect 10 at the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics. She did it at the 1976 Olympic games then went on to score 6 more perfect 10.0s and 3 gold medals. She was also the first Romanian gymnast to win the all round title at the Olympics and is the youngest all round champion.

3 About her and her family
Nadia was born in November 12th 1961 in Onesti, Romania. She started gymnastics when she was 6 in Gheorghe, a auto mechanic and Stephania Comaneci were the parents of strong willed Nadia.

4 Pictures of Nadia

5 Amazing facts Nadia became a member of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1993. In 1984 and 2004 she was awarded the Olympic Order, given by the International Olympic committee (twice!)

6 Medal chart 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 Year 1976 University games
Olympic games World championship European championship games American cup Chunichi cup 1st 2nd 1st team 2nd team Place

7 Thank you I hope you now know why Nadia is an amazing person and I think you would agree that Nadia is excellent.

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