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Transforming the Landscape in SEN provision Our Regional Journey so far! Jeannette Essex, Solihull Champion Pathfinder Lead and Julie McCarthy, Headteacher,

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2 Transforming the Landscape in SEN provision Our Regional Journey so far! Jeannette Essex, Solihull Champion Pathfinder Lead and Julie McCarthy, Headteacher, Coppice Junior School

3 Aims of this Session To improve your understanding of EHCP Plans and the assessment process – what could that look like in reality? To promote culture change: child and family focus; planning for whole life outcomes To further develop your understanding of the Local Offer and how that transcribes to educational settings (0-25) To identify any further collaborative activity you might find useful – using the Champion Pathfinder and national resources

4 170 school days (34 weeks) - Implementation of the next Code!


6 Reflection: SEN - the story so far….. n n 1980 Categories of Handicap - Blind Epileptic Partially Sighted Maladjusted Deaf Physical Handicap Partially Hearing Speech Defect Educationally Sub -normal (M/S) Delicate

7 SEN - the story so far…. n n Education Act 1981 - introduced Concept of Special Educational Need Statementing Procedures Parental Appeals heard locally n n Education Act 1993 - SEN Code Of Practice (1994) Parental Appeals heard by Tribunal Parent Partnership Services

8 SEN - the story so far…. n n The SEN and Disability Act 2001 - Revised SEN Code of Practice Strengthened right to mainstream Disagreement Resolution Service Disability Discrimination Duties SEN/Disability Tribunal (SENDIST)

9 SEN CoP - Fundamental Principles n n child with SEN should have needs met. n n needs normally met in mainstream. n n childs views sought /taken into account. n n parents have a vital role to play. n n children with SEN should access a broad, balanced and relevant education, including Foundation/N.C.

10 Critical Success Factors n n Culture, practice, management and use of resources in school are designed to ensure all childrens needs are met. n n LEAs, schools/settings work together to ensure early identification of SEN. n n LEAs and schools should exploit good/best practice when devising interventions for pupils with SEN.

11 Critical Success Factors n n childs wishes taken into account, according to age/understanding. n n work in partnership with parents. n n interventions are reviewed regularly. n n involved agencies co-operate closely. n n LEAs assess in prescribed time limits. n n statements must be clear, timely and reviewed at least annually.

12 Some changed emphases - n n All teachers are teachers of SEN n n Fuller description of SENCO role n n Four broad areas of need n n School Action/ Plus n n School/Parental request - time-scales n n School request refused- parental appeal n n More on outcomes -less on procedures n n Pupil participation

13 Some changed emphases - n n Mainstream expectation n n Working together n n Crisper IEPs n n Pupil participation n n Parent Partnership n n LEA/School accountability

14 SOME TENSIONS n n Performance Tables and Inclusion n n Pupils with BESD difficulties n n Target Setting n n Resources! n n Parental views about achievement n n Governors views about achievement n n Partnership working

15 A schools perspective ?Most radical reform in over 30 years – really! ?Or is this mainly an affirmation of what you are already doing (or should be doing) – if not, what are the radical differences ?Is the real challenge for you, what takes place between schools and the LA or what takes place in your school now

16 What SENCOs have shared Not enough time to do the job No idea what funds are available in school for SEN Not able to influence the SLT Inconsistencies in practice between schools Isolating role – need to know what is available to help

17 EHCP – aka The Single Plan

18 Principles Person centred Outcome focused Co-produced Extending choice and control Some local determination - portability Cross-agency co-operation (duty to co- operate) Joint commissioning

19 Where we are Referral to final – 16 weeks Families at the centre of the process Gathering information – family conversation Key worker - includes SENCO Referral is front loaded

20 Where we are Medicals – questionnaire system (for Statements too) Triage system – allocate Plan Co-ordinator Direct communications with the family on- going (how would you like us to communicate with you?) Assessment for purpose Single plan incorporates personal budget Plans written in collaboration with family Exemplar Ivor Goodplan

21 Where we are Examples of young people writing their own plans for FE Challenges in securing health provisions on- going CCG transferred some key commissioning roles to the LA, which may help Short breaks contract ended – supports choice and control through direct payment Plans and commissioning are linked

22 Where we are 50 completed plans in system Schools are keen to refer for EHC rather than Statement Families prefer the plan and pressure to convert Skill set different – structure will change Plan co-ordinators role is broader – so need to have reduced casework Outward facing – champions for children Provision co-ordinator will be a separate role

23 Where we are Now live – full impact in September Significant training implications Hard to re-frame relationships and not tell families what they need! Raises expectations need to be managed Social care colleagues very responsive Education only plans – specificity rattling some schools

24 Where we are Reviews – principle of working plan sitting alongside statutory plan, so review is on-going. Amendments formally considered at least once a year, but no bureaucratic reviews necessary Do not under-estimate the necessary culture change - this is the fundamental radical change! Its the subtleties that make the difference System is person centred, child and family focused – how do you achieve that culture change in 34 weeks?

25 Summary Target most severe and complex needs Child and family focused Key working principles – SENCOs may be best placed to conduct a family conversation With and for – not to, its all about relationships Schools are responsible for funding the first £6k of provision


27 Pathfinder Brief To: Develop and publish a Local Offer Identify training needs, ICT implications and solutions and implementation costs Support the development of the statutory framework, regulations and the Code of Practice Share learning centrally, locally and regionally

28 Local Offer – key principles of emerging good practice from pathfinders The Local Offer should: be co-produced with parents and young people fully involve services in its development and review (including schools and colleges, CCGs, the VCS and local health organisations) be holistic and cover 0-25 education, training, transport, social care, health and support for employment and independent living make clear how parent, carers & young people can access support and services, clarify how decisions are made, by whom, and what to do if things go wrong be up to date, written in plain language, and available in a range of formats and locations make clear to parents what provision schools and colleges will deliver from their delegated funding and what needs additional funding

29 Starting point: Key questions What provision should a school or college be expected to provide from within their notional SEN budget? What do parents want to see in the Local Offer? What are the characteristics of a high needs pupil/student that defines them as requiring external provision?

30 Views gathered from all schools Outcomes analysed and published Ownership secured In Solihull all education providers understand the concept of the Local Offer

31 Engaging Education Providers and Parents Step 1. Co-production of a minimum standard settings/schools and colleges - using school funding reforms as a lever Step 2. Communication strategy – all stakeholders Step 3. Project manager linked to FIS Step 4. Parent support groups and Parent Partnerships on-going consultation, feedback, co-development





36 Julie McCarthy Coppice Junior School Publishing Your Local Offer

37 West Midlands Champion Pathfinder The Regional Strategy

38 Championship Team West Midlands Birmingham:Chris Atkinson Coventry: Roger Lickfold/Marian Simpson Dudley: Huw Powell/Sharon Hearne Herefordshire: Les Knight/Ed Edwards Sandwell: Pat Evans/Nurinder Shergill Solihull: Jeannette Essex Shropshire: Janice Stackhouse Staffordshire: Francis Morgan Stoke: Geoff Catterall/Brian Hepburn Telford & Wrekin: Karen Levell Walsall: Karen Grandison Warwickshire: Jayne Mumford Wolverhampton: Viv Griffin/Sandy Lisle Worcestershire: Peter Harwood

39 Resources Regional pot £50k Each non-pathfinder LA has a grant of £75k In addition allocated support from: National Parent Partnership Network Early Support – school cluster meetings and key worker training Preparing for Adulthood (transition) – 18 days National Parent Network – named adviser And many more grant holders …… Champion Pathfinder activity.

40 Regional Activity Governance – IEWM and ACDS Strategic Lead planning meetings (6 weekly) Regional Launch - Conference Parent Partnership workshop Funding conference – follow up networks Series of individual LA support and advisory visits ISP/FE workshops Short Breaks workshop

41 Regional Activity Planned November/December: ACDS Conference - workshop WM Chairs of Headteacher Groups Lead Members briefing session Conflict resolution group – commissioning of West Midlands mediation services Further support visits Shadowing visits Is there anything that schools would want?

42 Keeping in Touch Email: Solihull SEND Local Offer: m m Email your regional strategic lead Champion Website under construction

43 Any questions?

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