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Coached by: Eric Spidell

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1 Coached by: Eric Spidell
Laverne Lady Tigers Coached by: Eric Spidell

2 2009 2010 “My responsibility is getting all my players playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back."

3 L A V E R N Opening the Season. The first game the Lady Tigers played this season was a home game with Buffalo. Laverne came out ahead V S B U F A L O

4 Laverne S H A T U C K VS After winning the first game of the season the Lady Tigers were ready to get back on the court. Shattuck traveled to Laverne and the girls win their second game in a row

5 LA Tournament Guymon J.V. Shattuck
The first game in the tournament was simple. It was a run away game for the Lady Tigers, winning third in a row 63-7. The second round in the tournament the girls came out with another victory. Beating Shattuck making it the fourth game to win leaving the Lady Tigers undefeated.


7 Championship Game Laverne and Forgan
After having a run through earlier this day the girls played for the championship in the LA tournament. After four quarters of hard team work the girls came up short of the championship trophy taking second place with the score of

8 Forgan and LA *again* After a weeks worth of preparation for this game Forgan travels back to Laverne. With the girls wanting to win a keep a good record they were ready to give it everything they had. Forgan came out ahead

9 "The idea is not to block every shot
"The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot."

10 Seiling Travels to LA With still not having an away game Laverne was ready to play Seiling. The girls this year had a very very good chance at beating Seiling. They had the talent, the size, and the speed. Things most teams didn’t have, Seiling won

11 Cherokee Tournament DCLA Burlington Ringwood
The second round of the Tournament was against Deer Creek-Lamont. The Lady Tigers came up short once again Playing for third place the girls won this game making their record 6/4. The girls first away game was against Ringwood in the Cherokee Tournament. Winning this game the girls were excited to get back on the winning streak.


13 On The Road. Laverne went to Hooker January 15. After playing them last year and losing by 1 the girls were ready to play the bulldogs again. The Laverne Lady Tigers won this game 35-30.

14 We do our best and let Faith the rest.

15 LA vs. Ft. Supply Ft. Supply came to Laverne to play at 6:30. This game went well with the girls winning

16 Buffalo Tournament Gage Shattuck Forgan
The first round of the Buffalo tournament they played Gage winning After beating Gage they played Shattuck for the third time this year. Once again winning Championship round Laverne Lady Tigers played Forgan once again… The Forgan Bulldogs beat the Tigers 45-50.


18 Traveling Again Laverne and Fargo
Laverne goes to Fargo in the middle of the season, on a winning streak the girls win

19 "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success"

20 Laverne at Buffalo The next game was at Buffalo, after the Turpin game and Waynoka games get cancelled. Not playing for a week the girls still win

21 Laverne & Beaver The first time to play Beaver this year they travel to Laverne. After 4 very competitive quarters the game is tied. After going into overtime Beaver wins


23 Laverne vs. Vici Vici comes to Laverne hoping to beat the Lady Tigers, Vici got sent home with a big upset losing

24 "It's not the hours you put in, it's what you put in the hours."

25 Districts Turpin Mooreland Districts this year were at Mooreland. Turpin picked Laverne to play which was good. That way the lady Tigers could get use to the goals and floor. The girls won After beating Turpin the Lady Tigers had to play Mooreland. After beating Mooreland last year and being district champs the girls were ready. The Lady Tiger were once again district champs with the score of and record of 15/6.

26 Regional's Beaver Seiling Thursday night playing Beaver the Lady Tigers beat the Dusters The first time to beat Beaver in 8 years. Winning this game kept the Lady Tigers in the winners bracket of play-offs. Saturday night against the Seiling Lady Wildcats was a difficult game. The Lady Tigers got put into the losers bracket after getting defeated

27 Area Garber Cashion The girls first day at the Area tournament of play-offs they won against Garber The second day at Area the girls played a hard game against Cashion. Losing the Lady Tigers season comes to an end. With the record 16/7 the Lady Tigers are ready for next year and going to try as hard as possible to make it to State.

28 "Basketball doesn't build character it reveals it."

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