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OCTOBER 2, West Forsyth. REGIONAL CREWS Jeff Dray Carlos Torian Sandra Wilkins Sherman Combs Gerald Moyd Jim Wuwert Al Henderson Burton Matherly.

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1 OCTOBER 2, 2013 @ West Forsyth

2 REGIONAL CREWS Jeff Dray Carlos Torian Sandra Wilkins Sherman Combs Gerald Moyd Jim Wuwert Al Henderson Burton Matherly Benita Bowman Jerry Talley David Moore Tim Willis

3 MENS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 4A Men – Olympic vs. Raleigh Broughton Sherman Combs Gerald Moyd Jim Wuwert

4 WOMENS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 3A Women – Harding vs. Chapel Hill Al Henderson Burton Matherly Benita Bowman

5 Added CARRBORO Added SHEETS MEMORIAL (2 Man) The Elon School and Burlington Day School Merged to create THE BURLINGTON SCHOOL CEDAR RIDGE playing JVB / VB and JVG / VG Doubleheaders WESTCHESTER COUNTRY DAY will not have a JVG or VG program – all games will be JVB / VB doubleheaders GRAY STONE is using REFPAY to pay the officials this year

6 1. Jason Harris 2. Eduel Atkins 3. Eddie Hall 4. Eric Unger 5. Kevin Jones 6. Kevin Rodgers 7. Latonya Williams 8. Carlos Rankins 9. Rick Ford 10. Peter Zook

7 1. Robert Livengood 2. Marcus Elliott 3. Sarah Edwards 4. Brian Doyle

8 1.William Covington, Sr. 2. Vierl Banks 3.Alan Spainhour 4. William Covington, Jr. 5. Tim Bryant 6. Randy Holmes 7. Plus Two

9 Central Office: Leigh Hebbard Central Office: Stan Elrod Athletic Director: Randall Hackett Head Coach: Open Head Coach: Brian Robinson Booking Agent: Kip Johnson Chairman:Jerry Talley Review Chair: Junior McLean Grievance Chair: Al Henderson Education Chair: Chuck Eakes Observers Chair:William Covington, Sr. Term Expiring 10/14:Gerald Moyd Term Expiring 10/14:Thomas Lofton

10 William Covington: Observer Program Junior McLean: Review Committee Al Henderson: Grievance Committee Chuck Eakes: Education Committee Quinn Morris: Technology Committee Jerry Talley: Elections

11 Now Accepting Nominations Voting Begins Friday, Oct 4 th, at 8:00 AM Voting Closes Friday, Oct 11 th, at 8:00 AM

12 Third year for TBOA Pictures required by Sunday, 10/6/2013 Closed dates must be kept current Check your email regularly and often during the season, everyday! Accept regular season assignments within 3 days You will receive a reminder 3 days out Accept all Tournament and Post Season Assignments within 24 hours. Cancellation Fees - $25 per occurrence

13 Closed dates must be kept current and blocked in Arbiter Last Year Declines:161 games Turnbacks: 130 games Total Games:291 Assignments Cancellation Fees - $25 per occurrence

14 Determine Leave City by Using Postal Code Click on Blocks Click on Travel Limits / Check Box Postal Code Only – Distance not Functional

15 The Referee to text results to 687-2225 immediately following the conclusion of your game during Invitational Tournaments! Last year, we experienced the following: Officials called Donna Officials called me Officials emailed results Officials sent results the next day Some officials did nothing at all When Arbiter is updated, it may create a conflict, i.e. official marked off from that school. We had 5-10 conflicts last year.

16 Quality Fouls – See everything you call, but dont call everything you see. Make Fouls Big, Meaningful, Competitive Impact Eliminate Phantom Calls Use Preventive Officiating when needed Be Mentally and Physically Ready to Work the Game.

17 Excellent Communication with Coaches – Courtesy Always (Professionalism) Commitment to Training, Excellence High School Mechanics A Requirement (that alone will not get you a State Championship, but it will keep you out of one!) You are required to have a good pregame. Ejection Reports – YOU are Responsible! Get it Right!

18 Confirm all Assignments with the Referee Video – HUDL (work in progress) Arbiter Game – Expect Issues this year! Inclement Weather – I will ignore conflicts (it is up to you to decide which game to keep) Above All – Keep Hustling!

19 Fees are set by the NCHSAA and will remain the same for the 2013-2014 season. Single Game$60 Double Header$85 Single Game Tournament$70 Double Header Tournament$100 JV / V Doubleheaders same as Varsity

20 First confirmed scrimmage so far is 11/5 First confirmed game so far is 11/2 We will utilize Arbiter Self Assign to cover all scrimmages Self Assign - Sign up, SHOW UP!

21 1. The level of confidence you take onto the court is in direct proportion to the time you spend in the rule book when off the court. 2.Its okay to anticipate, but never assume. 3.Be consistent in every quarter, but when the situation calls for it, implement feel for the game

22 4. When a coach is upset over a call you made, never insist on getting in the last word, even if you know youre right. 5. Were not paid to guess, were paid to know. But if you dont know, dont guess. 6. Strive for perfection, settle for excellence.

23 Current News & Information Quizzes, Surveys, Feedback Newsletters Videos

24 No attendance sheets tonight. Attendance will be recorded from earlier State Rules Clinic


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