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About Greg Gephart…. Greg's early years were spent in Tulsa, OK. Where he graduated from Holland Hall in 1972. Four years later, he obtained his degree.

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2 About Greg Gephart…. Greg's early years were spent in Tulsa, OK. Where he graduated from Holland Hall in 1972. Four years later, he obtained his degree from Vanderbilt University. Greg's path eventually led him back to Tulsa, Oklahoma where in 1979; he began his teaching and coaching career at his alma mater, Holland Hall. In 1986, he moved to the Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas and continued to teach, coach and become more involved with Junior Olympics and U.S. Field Hockey Development programs. Three years later, Greg ventured eastward to work with Durham Academy in Durham, North Carolina. There while teaching and coaching, he began a relationship with the Duke Field Hockey program where he became the assistant coach from 1992-1994. Throughout his career, Greg was often seen selling field hockey equipment at camps and events out of the back of his Jeep. It was no surprise, in 1994, when he joined the Longstreth Sporting Goods team in Parkersford, PA as the Head of the Field Hockey Division. During this time, Greg traveled to Pakistan, India and Europe learning more about the game and making more friends in the field hockey community. Fortunately, Greg's love for teaching and coaching prevailed. He returned to the Kinkaid School in 1996, where in addition to teaching, he resumed mentoring individual athletes and coached at camps and U.S. Futures clinics. During this time, Greg created and coached the Houston Hockey Club team that competed at three US Hockey Festivals. Greg continued to impact those around him until the day he died, December 14, 1999. He selflessly touched the souls of countless students and players in his life and he is deeply missed. About Greg Gephart Fund…. The Greg Gephart Fund for Youth Field Hockey (GGF) was formed in early 2000 in honor and memory of Greg Gephart. The mission of the fund is to create unique avenues that encourage the development of youth players, coaches, and umpires to further the growth of field hockey in the United States. The Fund was created through contributions from Greg's family, friends, and others interested in supporting youth field hockey. In the past the fund has provided scholarships to summer field hockey camps as well as support the North Carolina Field Hockey Jamboree. In the last several years, the fund has provided resources for Regional 10 Futures program to help facilitate NCAA guest coaches. The biggest project to date has been the Greg Gephart Field Hockey Clinic, organized and held in Houston, Texas. Currently, we are holding the 8 th Greg Gephart Clinic which has been a huge contributor in growing the sport of field hockey in the South. Liz Tchou (USA Field Hockey Manager of Sports Program – former head coach at Rutgers and Duke) and Maurits Hendriks (head coach of the Spanish National Men's Field Hockey team and former coach of the 2000 Olympic Gold Medal Men's Field Hockey team from the Netherlands) were the lead coaches in the first two clinics. Both Liz and Maurits were Greg's close friends.

3 For gifts made with a check, please write Greg Gephart Fund in the lower left corner of the check. With donation questions, contact Linda Renfro at the Triangle Community Foundation at 919-474-8370 or Please remove and fill out the card below and send along with your gift to: Triangle Community Foundation 324 Blackwell Street, Suite 1220 Durham, NC 27701 All gifts to the Greg Gephart Fund will be acknowledged for tax purposes by the Triangle Community Foundation, a 501-(c)-(3), charitable, tax exempt organization. The fund advisors will be notified of your generous contribution. A copy of the license to solicit charitable contributions as a charitable organization or sponsor and financial information may be obtained from the Department of Human Resources, solicitation licensing branch, by calling 919-733-4510. Registration rules do not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. GGF is a charitable fund administered by the Triangle Community Foundation

4 Middle School and High School programs are your first point of contact for field hockey. Your coaches are your liaison to the total field hockey process. While field hockey begins in most of our SPC schools in middle school, your Varsity Coach is the one which will provide further guidance at the High School level. Use your coaches as a resource to help navigate the field hockey process. For those players who will go on to pursue the elite level, your high school coach will be a liaison to colleges. During high school, there is also opportunities for SPC tournament play, nomination to All SPC, and All American teams. The SPC coaches provide guidance on additional training in regard to summer and seasonal camps as well as clinics.

5 USA Field Hockey (USFHA) is the national governing body for field hockey in the United States. USA Field Hockey is a member organization of the United States Olympic Committee and the International Hockey Federation. USFHA was formed in 1993 as a result of merging two entities, USFHA and FHAA. USA Field Hockey oversees and support various teams which represent the United States and compete internationally including; – the United States Womens and Mens Teams – United States Indoor Teams – High Performance Teams – Youth National Teams including Indoor USA Field Hockey sponsors and administers numerous field hockey events. – Regional and National Indoor Championships – Disney Field Hockey Showcase – Regional and National Club Championships – Regional and National Futures Events – Junior Olympics – National Field Hockey Festival

6 USA Field provides guidelines, support, and opportunities for athletes of all ages and levels. – Futures – Youth including Boys Development – College, Post College, and Masters – Club – Partner Camps USA Field Hockey develops and implements programs to help grow the sport, compete safely, and promote a healthy playing atmosphere. – Diversity & Inclusion – Equipment Grants – Event Sanctioning – Grow the Game – Safe Sport – Sun Safe Play Campaign Membership with USA Field Hockey furnishes additional benefits to the sport. – Insurance – Club Resources – Coaches – Umpires Membership Levels – U14/U16 - $25 – U19/Adult - $50 – Coaches/Umpires - $50 – Lifetime - $750

7 SELECTION OPPORTUNITIES Established in 1990, the Futures program is an effort to continually raise the level of field hockey in the United States by developing athletes for future consideration to the U.S. National Teams. Athletes train at their Futures site for 27 hours from January through May. Futures athletes undergo elite-level training to improve their skills and develop a tactical understanding of the game. At the conclusion of the program, each of the 9 Futures regions conducts a Regional Tournament were the top 680 athletes are selected to the National Futures Championship. From the National Futures Championship, athletes will have the opportunity to be selected to various other elite programs, including the U.S. Junior National Team. FUTURES ELITE Futures Elite represents the best high school field hockey athletes in the country. Futures Elite exists to provide additional training opportunities for athletes identified with the potential to someday represent Team USA. The top 72 athletes from the Futures Elite program will have the opportunity to participate in the Futures Elite Championship - a premier event that is highly attended by college coaches. NATIONAL FUTURES CHAMPIONSHIP The 680 best athletes from the Futures Program are selected to participate in the National Futures Championship each June from their Regional Futures Tournament. Through athletes participation at the National Futures Championship they have an opportunity for selection to advanced USA Field Hockey Olympic Development Programs. The following selection opportunities are available directly from the National Futures Championship. FUTURES ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP The Futures Elite Championship consists of the top 72 athletes from the Futures Elite Program. Athletes from 4 teams go head to head each June in this tournament for the opportunity to be selected to the AAU Junior Olympics, Junior National Camp, and the following years Futures Elite Program. JUNIOR NATIONAL CAMP The Junior National Camp is the premier camp for Under-21 athletes, comprised of the top 110 athletes selected from the National Futures and Futures Elite Championship. Based on their performances from the camp, athletes may earn selection to additional USA Field Hockey programs including the Under 17, Under 19, and Under 21 Junior National Teams. AAU JUNIOR OLYMPIC GAMES The Amateur Athletic Unions premier multi-sport event, The AAU Junior Olympic Games bring together more than 12,000 athletes to compete in 24 sports. In the sport of field hockey, USA Field Hockey selects eight U16 teams to participate in the annual event. The event provides U16 athletes the opportunity to experience an Olympic-like multi-sport competition while enjoying the camaraderie and inspiration from other top athletes in other featured sports. From the AAU Junior Olympics athletes can also be selected to the following years Futures Elite program. U.S. JUNIOR NATIONAL SQUAD Following Junior National Camp, where athletes showcase their skills in front of National Team selectors, the U21, U19 and U17 National Team head coaches name athletes to the U.S. Women's Junior National Squads. These athletes will have the opportunity to represent Team USA internationally and junior international competitions as well as at an annual friendly test series abroad.


9 2014 Futures Attendance Policy For Futures 2014, an athlete MUST attend 6 of the 9 Futures sessions to be eligible for the National Futures Tournament. Futures stresses the importance of an athlete attending all scheduled sessions and athletes are required to attend Futures sessions at the site which they are assigned. Athletes may NOT switch sites. Athletes attending 50% or less of the nine Futures sessions will not receive an invitation for the following year. Emergencies and extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis. Inquiries should be addressed to the Regional Administrative Director and the Regional Coaching Director who will provide a final determination. There exist a few excused absences including: One indoor qualifier (December - February) Disney Showcase (February) National Indoor Tournament (March) Participation in alternative High Performance Training program/event The dates of the qualifier, Disney Showcase and/or NIT are excused absences only if the date conflicts with your Futures session. These events cannot be used as a makeup session. Excused absences can be made up but are not necessary to show for the 6 out of 9 required attendance sessions. Attendance forms must be signed by the Tournament Director and returned to your assigned Head Coach.


11 USA FIELD HOCKEY CLUBS Our field hockey world has shifted from the primary focus of a fall sport to one which enjoys competition and training year round. Although most of our high school athletes play more than one sport in school, athletes tend to focus on their primary sport. Serious athletes join clubs to continue their development. Some athletes aspire to the Olympic Dream, others aspire to collegiate participation, and some play for purely recreational reason. There are already more than 300 member clubs which span across the nation training the most elite field hockey athletes under the age of nineteen Provides an opportunity for passionate field hockey players in our area to grow and improve outside their school season. They have a chance to work with each other versus against each other. We run a year round field hockey organization that trains and develops players with the potential and intention to play in college. We will foster not only skill development from as young as 7 years old, but also teach tactics and strategy to players until they enter college. Our youth program will mostly practice and play locally, whereas our high school and middle school program will have opportunities to travel and compete on a national level. The coaching program provides opportunity for high school girls to coach the youth players so that the high school girls can not only develop their own coaching skills, but also, be role models for younger girls to look up to. Texas Pride is currently the only registered Texas only club team.

12 USA FIELD HOCKEY CLUBS Texas Pride FH Club Head Coach - Tina Edmonds Full Service Club Indoor & Outdoor Youth Training Camps Clinics Year Round Training Spring Season Starts April 6th!! Tryouts for Spring & Summer Tournaments - March 30th - April 6th Tournaments Festival (U12, U14, U16 & U19) Disney (U12, U14, U16 & U19) Regional & Natl Indoor (U14, U16 & U19) Club Championship (U16 & U19) Major USFHA Tournaments Recruiting Assistance Video Work

13 Contact Sheet USA Field Hockey Board of Directors Jim USA Field Hockey Futures DirectorCaitie USA Field Hockey Futures Regional DirectorDiane USA Field Hockey Director of Fundraising and External RelationsMeagan USA Field Hockey Senior Manager Sports DevelopmentLiz USA Field Hockey Director of UmpiresSteve Texas Pride – Tina EdmondsTina SPC Varsity Coaches – The Kinkaid SchoolHeather – St. Johns SchoolCraig – Episcopal High SchoolJess – All Saints Dana Weaver – FWCD Paige Chisholm – TVS Claire Lawthon Pierce – Oakridge Mara Bird Townsley – ESD Katie Grunst – Greenhill Alicia Mayer – Hockaday Jennifer Budney Johnson – Casady Carla Lane – Holland Hall Christy Utter – St. Andrew's Molly Blackman – St. Stephen's Xan Funk – St. Mary's Hall Hillary Relyea

14 This event would not be possible without the support and guidance of those who paved the road before the current team of volunteers. A special thanks to: – Betti and Michael Tiner – Karen and Jim Johnson – Mary and Don North – Peg and Bill Austin – Bob and Patti Garrison – Debbie and Rocky Robinson – Jen Halliday – Jennifer Arnold – Kathy Harrison – Cynthia Franklin – Shelley Mackay – All current and previous coaches of the Greg Gephart Clinic.

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