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Bruce Bosley.

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1 Bruce Bosley

2 Overview Green Bank High School West Virginia University N.F.L.
Activities, Sports West Virginia University Football N.F.L. Honors Off Field Hall of Fame Other Honors, Cards, Books, etc.,.

3 Green Bank High School FFA Varsity “G” Varsity “G” President
, Varsity “G” Varsity “G” President , Latin Club Representative Freshman Class President Sophomore Vice President Junior Class President Senior Class Play “Dead of the Night” Actor - Steve Holbrook

4 GBHS - Basketball Basketball 1948-49: 15-9 Basketball 1949-50: 20-4
Sectional Championship Basketball :  20-4 Sectional Championship, Regional Championship Basketball :  27-1 Regional Championship Class “B” State Runner-Up Basketball :  15-3 Total: 77W-17L Basketball Letterman:  All-State Tournament Team (Basketball):  1951 Basketball Co-Captain: 


6 GBHS - Football Football 1948-49: 7-2 Football 1949-50: 5-1-3
Greenbrier Valley Championship Football :  5-1-3 Football :  6-1-1 Northern Greenbrier Valley Championship Football :  6-2 Total: 24W-6L-3T Football Letterman:  Football Co-Captain: Class B All State (3rd Team): 1951 North-South All-Star Game:  1952


8 West Virginia University
1952 Football:  7-2 (5-1) 1953 Football:  8-2 (4-0) Southern Conference Champions Sugar Bowl 1954 Football:  8-1 (3-0) 1955 Football:  8-2 (4-0) Total: 31W-7L

9 West Virginia University
Football Letterman All-American (INS -2nd Team, AP - HM) 1953 All-Southern Conference (Captain) Academic All-American (Chemical Engineering) Associated Press National Lineman of the Week - Penn State All-American (AP, United Press, NEA - HM, INS -3rd Team) 1954 All-Chemical All-American (Captain) All-South (N.Y. Sunday News, Colliers, Look) All-Southern Conference

10 West Virginia University - 1955
Southern Conference Player of the Year Jacob's Blocking Trophy Consensus All-American (Collier, International News Service, United Press, The Sports News, New York News, Williamson Rating System, Hearst Newspapers, Paramount News, All-America Board, Boston Record American, Gridiron Weekly and Players' (Norman Sper), Walter Camp (2nd Team) All- Players Team Named by 93 percent of opposing players All Southern Conference Captain 1955 Co-Captain 1955 North-South Game 1955 Senior Bowl 1956 College Football All-Star Game vs Defending NFL Champion Cleveland Browns


12 San Francisco 49ers/Atlanta Falcons
1956 2nd Round Draft Pick (#15th overall) San Francisco 49ers: 1956:  Starting Left Defensive End 1957:  Starting Left Guard 1958:  Starting Left Guard 1959:  Starting Left Guard 1960:  Starting Left Guard 1961:  Starting Left Guard 1962:  Starting Center 1963:  Starting Center 1964:  Starting Center 1965:  Starting Center 1966:  Starting Center 1967:  Starting Center 1968:  Starting Center 163 Total Games Atlanta Falcons: 1969:  Starting Center 12 Total Games

13 NFL Season-by-Season Total: 85W-95L-6T 1963 San Francisco 49ers: 2-12
1969 Atlanta Falcons:  6-8 1956 San Francisco 49ers: 5-6-1 1957 San Francisco 49ers: 8-4 NFL West Division Championship Lost Divisional Playoff to future NFL Champion Detroit Lions  1958 San Francisco 49ers: 6-6 1959 San Francisco 49ers: 7-5 1960 San Francisco 49ers: 7-5 1961 San Francisco 49ers: 7-6-1 1962 San Francisco 49ers: 6-8 Total: 85W-95L-6T

14 NFL Honors 1960 Pro Bowl: Left Guard 1965 Pro Bowl: Center
West 38 – East 21 1965 Pro Bowl:  Center West 34 – East 14 1966 Pro Bowl:  Center East 36 – West 7 1967 Pro Bowl:  Center East 20 – West 10 1959 All Pro:  Left Guard 1st Team Sporting News, 2nd Team AP 1960 All Pro:  Left Guard 2nd Team Newspaper Ent. Assoc., NY Daily News, UPI 1961 All Pro:  Left Guard 1st Team Sporting News, 2nd Team Newspaper Ent. Assoc. 1966 All Pro:  Center 2nd Team, NY Daily News

15 Off Field Board of Directors Mayor’s Committee Long-time Volunteer
San Francisco Annex for Cultural Arts Mayor’s Committee San Francisco Council for the Performing Arts Long-time Volunteer San Francisco Film Festival San Francisco Ballet NFL Alumni Association Executive Director President Caring for Kids


17 Hall of Fame(s) West Virginia Sportswriters Hall of Fame
1975 College Football’s 75th Silver Anniversary Team 1981 College Football Hall of Fame 1982 WVU Sports Hall of Fame 1992 West Virginia Coaches Association Football Hall of Fame 2010

18 Other Honors NFL Films “They Lead Two Lives”
1967 75th Anniversary All-Southern Conference Football Team 1996 Sports Illustrated Top-50 Athletes from West Virginia (#30) 1999 NFL Alumni Northern California Chapter Building named “Bruce Bosley Memorial  Building”  1999 Member of the 49ers "Golden Era" team from

19 Football Cards 1956: 49ers Team Issue #6 1956: Topps 49ers Team Photo
1959:  Topps #166 “Rookie Card” 1959:  Topps 49ers Team Photo 1960:  49ers Team Issue #2 1961:  49ers Team Issue #1 1961:  Topps 49ers Team Photo 1962:  Post Cereal #91 :  Salada Coins #29 1963:  Topps 49ers Team Photo 1964:  Coke Caps 49ers #2 1964:  Topps 49ers Team Photo 1965:  Philadelphia 49ers Team Photo 1965:  Philadelphia 49ers Play of the Year 1965:  Philadelphia 49ers vs Rams 1966:  Coke Caps 49ers #C2 1966:  Coke Caps National NFL #C40 (UER) 1966:  Philadelphia #172 1966:  Philadelphia 49ers Team Photo 1967:  Philadelphia #171 1967:  Williams Portraits #451 1967:  Philadelphia 49ers Team Photo 1968:  49ers Team Issue #5 1968:  Topps 49ers Test Team Photo 1969:  Glendale Stamps #291 1969:  Topps #157 Bruce Bosley UER 1969:  Topps Four-in-One Inserts #9 Bosley/Wilburn/Nowatzke/Simon 1969:  Topps San Francisco 49ers Mini Card Album 1991: West Virginia ATG #5 Bruce Bosley 2003: West Virginia Greats #7 Bruce Bosley 2003: West Virginia Greats 1953 Mountaineers Team Photo


21 Known Books/Magazine Mentions
“Waiting for the Fall: A Decade of Dreams, Drama and West Virginia University Football” by Mike Casazza “Before They Were Champions: The San Francisco 49ers 1958 Season” by Martin S. Jacobs “Forty Niners: Looking back” by Joseph Hession “Mountaineer Football ” by Tony Constantine “Great Expectations:  Lessons from the Hearts of College Athletes” by Carolyn Peluso Atkins "Our Proud Mountain Roots and Heritage” by George R. Triplett “Sports in West Virginia: A pictorial history” by Doug Huff “Tough Stuff” by Sam Huff and Leonard Shapiro

22 Known Books/Magazine Mentions
“San Francisco 49ers (Great Teams' Great Years)” by Creative Services and NFL Properties Inc “West Virginia University Football Vault (College Vault)” by John Antonik “The Backyard Brawl” by John Antonki “Bruce Bosley” December 1, 1963 SF 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams 49ers Profile “The House that Bruce Built” December 3rd 1967 SF 49ers vs Chicago Bears 49ers Profile "Mountaineer Illustrated - September 18th, 1982"  Cover Photo, and Feature Article "San Francisco 49ers" Sports Review 1966 Pro Football "Pro Football , San Francisco 49ers“ by Jack Zanger "The 66th All-American Football Team" Colliers

23 Known Books/Magazine Mentions
"Topps Football Cards " by Jack Clary (Author), L Kirshbaum (Editor) "San Francisco 49ers:  The Complete Illustrated History Hardcover" by Matt Maiocco (Author), Dwight Clark (Foreword) "Standard Catalog of Vintage Football Cards Paperback“ by Editors of Krause Publications (Author) "Uniform Numbers of the NFL: All-Time Rosters, Facts and Figures“ by John Maxymuk (Author) "San Francisco 49ers Report February " by San Francisco 49ers (Editor) "100 Things 49ers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (100 Things...Fans Should Know)“ by Daniel Brown (Author), Roger Craig (Foreword) "Uniform Numbers of the NFL: All-Time Rosters, Facts and Figures Paperback“ by John Maxymuk “Unofficial San Francisco 49ers Book of Lists“ by Craig Massei "Football Hall of Shame 2 Paperback – September 1, 1990" by Bruce Nash

24 Sports Illustrated Mentions
December 27, 1999 “West Virginia” October 31, 1994 “A Play That Will Live In Infamy” September 16, 1968 “Coastal Division” August 29, 1966 “The Fabulous Brodie Caper” October 11, 1965 "49ers on the Move" November 20, 1961 “A Successful Trader In Giants” September 24, 1956 “The Southern Conference” December 12, 1955 “Football” November 07, 1955 “The Outstanding Linemen In College Football” October 10, 1955 “Football Down South” October 25, 1954 “Game Of The Week: West Virginia 19 Penn State 14” October 04, 1954 “The Solid South”

25 Known Board Game Mentions
“Mountaineer Mania: The Game” KDK Products “1955 Art Lewis Football Game” Morgantown Game Co “1958 APBA Game Card Set” “1959 APBA Game Card Set” “1960 APBA Game Card Set” “1961 APBA Game Card Set” “1962 APBA Game Card Set” “1963 APBA Game Card Set” “1964 APBA Game Card Set” “1965 APBA Game Card Set” “1966 APBA Game Card Set” “1967 APBA Game Card Set" "1968 APBA Game Card Set" "1969 APBA Game Card Set"

26 Miscellaneous Posters Videos Bruce Bosley Pregame Show
History of West Virginia Football West Virginia Heritage Collection Videos NFL Films “They Lead Two Lives” “Bring on the Mountaineers 100 years of WVU Football” Bruce Bosley Pregame Show Allegheny Mountain Radio West Virginia Social Studies Fair Projects “From Start to Stardom” “Green Bank’s Most Famous Athlete”


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