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2 2 GEM Introduction

3 3 What is GEM Complete, sophisticated management solution composed of experienced advice and easy to use integrated IT application for professional and cost effective organization and administration of an event. IT solution is composed of twenty functional modules that can operate independently or be fully integrated in any combination of modules, regardless of which ones are used. GEM can be applied to smaller events with few hundred participants or to large events with thousands of participants, multiple stakeholders and various event locations and venues.

4 GEM Impact 4 Delivery of an event is a large and complex management challenge based on multiple processes over an extended but limited time period Key factor for successful organization is timely and coordinated data flow between different functions and between Event Owner/Organizer and Participants Multiple locations and venues Many stakeholders, clients and suppliers Large volumes of assets Hundreds to thousands participants GEM Centralized, IT based data exchange system More Efficiency Budget streaming Security Reward Less Assets wasted Time wasted Frustration

5 GEM Background 5 Fully integrated management and software solution Boutique project management and consulting company working in the sport and events industry Engineering and software development company

6 6 Competencies Planning, Program and Project Management Training and Integration Issues and incidents management Business development Clients Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizers Major Events Organizers Sport Governing Bodies Related Businesses References London 2012 Olympic Games IFSC (Climbing) Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games International Olympic Committee DB Schenker University Games Belgrade 2009 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Doha 2006 Asian Games Torino 2006 Olympic Games Athens 2004 Olympic Games Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

7 7 Competencies Electrical and mechanical design and planning Panel building Software development Installation/commissioning Business development Industries Water and Wastewater Oil and Gas Food and Beverage Building Automation Sport References National Olympic Committee, Serbia National Paralympic Committee, Serbia Serbian Handball Federation Serbian Rowing Federation Tahal Saint Petersburg, Russia KWF, Germany CBMC, Azerbaijan Zheijang Scientific Instr, China EWT-ELIN, Austria Ruixing Leather Product Co.Ltd, China Lillestrom WWTP, Norway Borets, Russia Borets International, UAE NIZ Gazpromneft, Serbia Mittal, Bosnia and Herzegovina

8 8 Competencies GEM Application Sport Special Interfaces Consulting IT services and software development Web design GEM Solutions Single sport event (GEM SSE) Multi sport event (GEM MSE) Business conference Events (GEM BCE) Fairs and Exhibitions ( GEM EXPO) References World Rowing Cup 2012 2012 Men's European Handball Championship 14th Annual Corporate Extreme Days 2011 European Senior Canoe Sprint Championships 2011 39th European Olympic Committee General Assembly 2010 25th Summer Universiade Belgrade 2009 NLB Basketball League Final Four 2009 10th World University Rowing Championship 2008 3rd World University Flat Water Canoeing Championship 2008 10th World University Taekwondo Championship 2008 Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Serbia FIBA Africa Championship 2007, Angola FIBA Asia Championship 2007, Japan EYOF Belgrade 2007 FIBA U19 World Championship 2007 European Women Basketball Championship 2007, Italy 27th European Water Polo Championships for Men and Women 2006 34th FIBA European Basketball Championship 2005, Serbia and Montenegro FILA Senior European Wrestling Championship 2003 FINA Men's Water Polo World Cup 2002

9 9 GEM Flexibility

10 10 Tablet and hand held devices Compatible for Tablets The application can be accessed, populated and updated on tablet Reporting and Reports enabled

11 11 Main GEM Modules Web Registration Accreditation Badging Event Calendar Accommodation Management Workforce & Volunteers Management Uniform management Arrival & Departure Transportation

12 12 Additional GEM Modules Fees payment Request processing Call center support Catering Management Hotel Booking Ticketing Rate Card Medical services - interface Security services – interface Assets & Material Management

13 13 GEM Additional Services Sport Special Interfaces Issues Management System (IMS) Document management System (DMS) Timing & Scoring Systems On Venue Result System (OVR) Result Publishing System (RPS) TV (real time) Graphics Consulting Organization Structure Training IT Services Network Design & Organization System Integration IT Support Software Development Web Design

14 14 Modules Description

15 15 Web Registration Used by delegation official to register participants over the Internet Organizers distribute username/password combination to delegations Bulk registration supported (Excel sheet template) Delegations & participants themselves will insert the names and data into the system Significant reduction in the amount of work and time for the Organiser

16 16 Accreditation Main module Identifies, qualifies and quantifies the participants who will attend the Event Provides the information for all other modules Totaly configurable to support different configuration of Event Enables categorization & grouping of participants Integrates visa requirement, processing and approval

17 17 Badging Organizes information and access rights on participants badge in a way that assures all necessary data for security system Support batch printing Full-color photo Accreditation badge production, print and pick-up scheduling Supports several identification methods (Bar code, RFID)

18 18 Badging - Identification methods RFID for higher security Every accreditation badge have unique number and RFID GEM provide data export to security system provider Exported data: – Badge ID – RFID – Accreditation Security matrix data – Other data (on request)

19 19 Event Calendar Contains schedule of all events of interest Public (participant) & private (organizer) access to Event Calendar Connected to all other modules (Accreditation, Transportation, Arrivals/Departures) All changes in different GEM modules will be reflected in Event calendar automatically Full Event, Venues, Customer categorization and grouping Searching and filtering of data by: – Time and date – Category/group

20 20 Accommodation Management Accommodation planning & management An easy way for assigning participants to the accommodation facilities Intuitive graphical interface Authorized user can easily assign participants to accommodation resources Search information about persons, departments, locations, assignments and their dependencies Accommodation facilities categorization, grouping and blueprints management

21 21 Transportation Manages all aspects of transportation Keeps track of the different vehicles used during the Event Drivers management Itineraries of the general vehicles Active and free vehicles and their availability

22 Enable organiseres to administer arrival and departure data of the accredited persons Critical for organisation of the transportation, meals, hotel rooms and the village accommodation 22 Arrival & Departure

23 23 Workforce & Volunteers Management Provides staff hiring, management and administration solution Registration of the workforce/volunteers via Internet through link on the official Web site Assignment of the tasks and schedules to the workforce/volunteers The workforce & volunteers will enter their personal data as well as their profile and skills

24 24 Uniform Management Keeps track of uniform quantities, sizes, models When applying for an Accreditation the applicant enters also uniform size General calculation of the number of staff, volunteers, officials and other staff to dress LOC is able to calculate and purchase correct amounts, models and sizes

25 25 Request Processing Provides easy management of various requests from accredited persons Maintains service requests, catering services requests, extra equipment requests Request status tracking Requests are dispatched by SMS or email Request statistics

26 26 Fees Payment Provides functionalities for managing fees related to Event Manages different fees by the participant category Fees are calculated according to user profile entered in accreditation module

27 to plan and organize airport/hotel pickup and drop off Information about Arrival & Departure is entered during preregistration process data entered: flight details (time and date) module used for data input – Web Registrations data used by departments throw relevant modules: 27 Integration – Example 1 / A&D-Accreditation-Transport-Accomodation Web registration Accreditation Accommodation Transportation to prepare everything for fast check in to prepare accreditation badge/card in advance

28 28 Integration – Example 2 / Volunteers-HR-Uniforms-Accreditation Personal information about Volunteers is entered during selection process data entered: personal information about candidate (name, skills, uniform sizes...) module used for data input – Workforce & Volunteers (link on LOC website) data used by departments throw relevant modules: at one point, all required data will be automatically transferred to accreditation module to select right person for right position Volunteers Registration Logistic/ Uniform HR/ Workforce & Volunteers Accreditation to plan, prepare and issue uniforms and equipment to volunteers

29 29 Integration – Example 3 / Visa-Security-Accreditation Visa requirements is entered during the registration process Security FA/government authority approves the accreditation after the visa has been issued Accreditation is issued upon approval by Security Accreditation is issued Approves the accreditation Web registration Visa Security FA/Government Authority Accreditation Visa is issued

30 30 Data security Physical data protection: – Restricted access to DB, Application servers and workstations Infrastructure & communication security: – Encrypted VLAN & VPN connections – Restricted access to network nodes (routers, switches …) – NO INTERNET or connections to other unsecured networks after initial registration from participants Depersonalization

31 31 High Availibility High degree of fault tolerance: – No single point of failure (infrastructure must support it) Several level of redundancy: – Database redundancy – Application server & web server redundancy HA Cluster for most demanding applications

32 32 Conclusion

33 33 Event Management application that has module for every Functional Area needs Customization based on your needs Price competitive solution Secure environment Full integrity of data We Provide:

34 34 BENEFITS Professional outlook of your organization Cost streaming by minimizing mistakes Improve event operations and staff productivity Assist security efforts Reduce the planning and operational risks Enhance clients( participants) experience

35 35 Organization of a successful Event is the foundation for a great image of a Host City Organizer & its country worldwide!


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