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SCRA Annual Meeting.

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1 SCRA Annual Meeting

2 Agenda Introduction of Board of Directors
Election of new Board members Membership Proposed By Laws changes Aquatics and tennis Facilities Activities Financials

3 Current Board Board of Directors *Steve Coutre, President
*Kathy Gurtner, Vice President, Activities Chair *Robert Kessler, Secretary, Facilities Co-Chair, Tennis Co-Chair Jeannie Meyer, Membership Chair Sharon Dauskardt, Facilities Co-Chair Joe Lipsick, Tennis Co-Chair *Current term expires 2010

4 Board Election Nominating committee recommendation Robert Daines
James Fearon Kathy Gurtner (incumbent) Stephen Pokorny

5 Employees Steve Robe, Club Manager Andrea Barnes, Tennis Director
Abi Liu, Aquatics Director Loida Beetlestone, Accounting (partial) Scott Shea, SCRA site head coach PASA (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics)

6 Standing Committees Four standing committees required by bylaws Swim
Tennis Membership Facilities Additional committee Activities

7 Tennis

8 Tennis Committee Joe Lipsick, Bob Kessler, co-chairs
Barbara Yu, Ann Porteus

9 Tennis • Tennis director: Andrea Barnes Adults
Associate pros: Ann Henricksson, Lejia Hodzic, Corinne Mansourian, Michael Jessup Adults 80+ regular players, many other social players EPATT women’s doubles league participating club Hosted 6 adult teams in USTA league play despite being based at a construction site with 7 dusty courts and a port-a-pottie! Maintained three women’s weekly clinics and established one new men’s clinic through construction

10 Tennis Juniors 120 juniors in clinic and junior team program.
Over 20 juniors participated in Norcal tournament play in 2009. Partnered with Fremont Hills (due to construction at SCRA) to host USTA Norcal Junior League teams in all age divisions. Midpeninsula Junior Interclub League runners-up. Participated in new Fall Midpeninsula Doubles League.

11 Tennis • Ballkids team chosen to work final matches at the SAP Open and the Bank of the West Tennis Championship for the first time in club history. • One of four Bay Area clubs participating in new USTA Quickstart Tennis junior carnival at Pacific Athletic Club.

12 Aquatics

13 Swim Committee Bob Rouse, chair
Phil Yang, Caroline Maier-Albers, Marcus Cole Teal Derrer, Jan Rossi, Ray Levitt, Suzanne Carey, Richard Sousa

14 SCRA aquatics programs
PASA USA Swim club team SCRA founding member 2004 SCRA, Foothills, Alpine Hills, Pacific Athletic Club, Los Alto Hills, SPA, and Palo Alto Swim Club Scott Shea SCRA site director/head coach SCRA Summer team Peninsula Swimming Association member SCRA, University Club, Foothills, Fremont Hills, Alpine Hills, Ladera Oaks Abi Liu SCRA aquatics director

15 PASA (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics)
1000+ swimmers at all sites SCRA Site – over 220 participants (competitive and pre-competitive) Gold Medal Club in 2010 (ranked 8th in the Nation) Gold Medal Club in 2009 Silver Medal Club in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. 7th short course/5th long course ranked in USA Swimming Virtual Club Championships (6th/8th in 2007/08)

16 PASA Team Highlights Zone 1 North - Champions 2010
USA Winter Nationals st place women USA Swimming Winter Sectionals - 1st place (teams from California/Nevada) Long Course Far Westerns - 2nd place

17 PASA Team Individual Highlights
National Select Camp - Adam Hinshaw National Junior Team - Ben Hinshaw Western Zone Select Camp Tom Kremer, Curtis Ogren, Marie-Pierre Delisle, Alex Luh Age Group All Star Meets North American Challenge Cup Stephanie Scherp, Julia Harryman, Marie-Pierre Delisle, Sean Nguyen, Curtis Ogren, Jeremie Dezwirek Pacific Coast All Star Sean Nguyen, Daichi Matsuda

18 PASA Team Individual Highlights
• 2009 National Junior Qualifiers - 33 (all time high) • SCRA collegiate swimmers now represent Stanford, Princeton, Kenyon, Williams, Michigan, Loyola-Marymount, NYU, Amherst, Whitman, Northridge, Chapman, Redlands, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Georgetown, Yale, Claremont-McKenna, Duke, Washington University, Leigh, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Berkley,

19 2009 Graduates Thank SCRA Front Row -Mattie Wheeler/Yale, Megan Fischer-Colbrie/Stanford, Haley Read/Duke, Veronica Tse/Washington University, St. Louis Back Row - Matt Murray/University of Virginia, Brad Murray/Georgetown, Nick Trowbridge/UC Berkeley, Blake Weber/Claremont McKenna, Ben Hinshaw/UC Berkeley, Andrew Kim/Lehigh

20 SCRA Summer Team Practice from early April to late July
Peninsula Swim Association: SCRA, University Club, Fremont Hills, Ladera Oaks, Alpine Hills, Foothill 5 dual meets, 1 relay meet, championship meet at Avery 70 swimmers (2009), 60% swim year round

21 SCRA Summer Lessons Spring Splash: 8 weekends, April to June
Summer: 9 weekly sessions; 4 days a week, four and half hours a day, over 100 students per session.

22 Swim Updates Pool schedule being updated with input from swim committee, coaches To be posted when finalized Relationship with PASA to change Separate financial structure independent of SCRA Pool lane rental as with other facilities

23 Membership

24 Membership Committee Jeannie Meyer, chair Jan Rossi, Cindy Kingsley

25 Membership Changes Comprehensive review of membership list
9 regular and 1 emeritus member changed to non-voting members Updated criteria for special circumstances (divorce, etc) Spring Promotion: 50% off initiation fee Working with Faculty/Staff housing office to recruit new members

26 Membership Update Regular Emeritus TOTAL 303 75 378 10 NA 6 7 15 13
Club Users Families 303 75 378 Extended Family 10 NA DAPER 6 Winter Swim 7 Other 15 13 TOTAL VOTING 75 (37.5 votes) (340.5 votes) TOTAL NON-VOTING 38 341 416 Leave Of Absence (LOA) 2

27 Proposed ByLaws Change
4.3. ELIGIBILITY: The persons who are eligible to own residences on the Stanford University campus, pursuant to the rules and regulations of Stanford University, shall be eligible to become Voting Members. The Board of Directors may establish priorities among eligible persons in furtherance of the community interests of the Corporation. A single family or household that has two or more eligible persons shall be entitled to only one (1) membership.  [Any person who was Stanford housing-eligible when he/she joined SCRA can maintain his/her membership as long as such person continues to pay dues to SCRA and is continuously employed by Stanford, or retires from Stanford after continuous employment at Stanford.]

28 Proposed ByLaws Change
9.1. NOMINATIONS BY COMMITTEE: The chairman of the board or, if none, the president shall appoint a committee [composed] of not less than three Voting Members [or spouses of Voting Members or domestic partners of Voting Members],  to nominate qualified candidates for election to the board approximately sixty (60) days before the date of any election of directors. The nominating committee shall make its report at least 14 days before the date of the election, and the secretary shall forward to each member, with the notice of meeting required by these Bylaws, a list of all candidates nominated by committee.

29 Facilities

30 Facilities Committee Sharon Dauskardt, Bob Kessler, co-chairs
Brian Carilli, Rob Daines

31 Renovation $2M loan from University, $2.5M grant from provost
Loan 6.7% over 26 years DAPER remains as club management until loan repaid Total cost much more Replace and expand current clubhouse 2050 sf to 3050 sf

32 Facilities Current changes: Facilities committee formed
Play structure committee formed Mats in the bathrooms Future changes? Solar panels for heating the pool Possible towel service Possible SCRA Paraphernalia If interested in joining one of the committees mentioned above, please contact

33 Play Structure Committee
Kathy Gurtner, Audrey Gold, Brian Carilli, Christine Klenow, Yvonne Karanas, Stephen Jaeger, Terry Su, Ammie Rodden, Cara Barone, Nancy Fischbein, Ellen Waxman, Andrew Fedder – Please attend our next meeting or contact Kathy Gurtner to join this committee

34 Activities

35 SCRA Activities Committee
Kathy Gurtner, chair On-Going Activities: Kids Gymnastics – Audrey Gold Kindermusic – Audrey Gold Pilates – Steve Robe Yoga – Steve Robe

36 SCRA Activities Committee
Special Events: Halloween Party – Carolina Meyer Valentines Day Party – Audrey Gold New Member Welcome Party – Cindy Kingsley

37 Financial Report

38 Revenue Revenues FY10 Budget FY10 Jan To Date FY08 FY09
Facility Rental $4,000 $2680 $2,809 $0 Initiation Fees $75,000 $259,758 $33,785 $24,500 Membership Fees $537,000 $427,907 $470,965 Swim Program Fees $50,000 $5050 $84,334 $50,089 Tennis Program Fees $86,000 $31,897 $110,064 $94,254 USA Swim (PASA) $266,950 $203,363 $310,417 $247,944 SCRA Summer Camp $55,000 - $18,347 $13,675 SCRL Gift Total Revenues $1,073,950 $553,608 $987,663 $901,427

39 Compensation Expenses
FY10 Budget FY10 Jan To Date FY08 FY09 SCRA General Salary/Benefits $76,479 $131,443 SCRA Swim Salary/Benefits $22,003 $65,614 SCRA Tennis Salary/Benefits $52,303 $122,651 PASA Salary/Benefits $89,239 $200,292 SCRA Summer Camp Salary/Benefits None yet $14,904 SCRA Activities $1824 Compensation Total $541,433 $241,848 $516,098 $534,905

40 Non-compensation Expenses
FY10 Budget FY10 Jan To Date FY08 FY09 Airfare $5,500 $331 $1,913 $1,993 Capital Equipment $20,000 $0 Custodial $25,000 $3254 $14,877 $8,655 Debt Service $56,732 $65,197 Employee-Related $3,500 $18,018 $18,016 $19,744 Food/Entertainment $10,875 $7,903 $4,832 $9,165 General Other $18,091 $13,987 $16,935 General Services $46,000 $4,900 $33,408 $18,597 General Supplies/Materials $30,900 $38,094 $25,432 $117,987 Ground Transportation $1,639 $57 $6,371 $6,676 IT/Telecommunications $3,000 $1,555 $4,610 $4,464 Landscaping $5,596 $6,734 Lodging $7,290 $383 $13,272 $9,747 Other Travel $1,124 $100 Printing/Publications $4,000 $146 $138 $1,341 Rent/Leases $60,000 $30,748 $61,502 $71,545 Repair/Maintenance $22,644 $8,611 $26,685 $972 Utilities $249,360 $27,530 $56,248 $4,263 Non-Compensation Total $489,708 $216,355 $288,011 $364,117

41 Revenue/Expense FY10 Jan To Date FY10 Budget FY08 FY09 Total Revenues
$1,073,950 $553,608 $987,663 $901,427 Compensation Expense Total $541,433 $241,848 $516,098 $534,905 Non-Compensation Expense Total $489,708 $216,355 $288,011 $364,117 Total Expense $1,031,141 $458,203 $804,110 $899,022 Net Operating Income $42,809  $45,405  $183,553 $2,405

42 Net Revenue by Program FY09
Other Expenses Salary/Benefits Net SCRA General $495,465 $239,337* $131,443 $124,685 SCRA Camp $13,675 $2181 $14,904 ($3410) SCRA Tennis $94,254 $6774 $122,651 ($35,171) SCRA Swim $50,089 $7511 $65,614 ($23,036) PASA $247,944 $108,314** $200,292 ($60,662) Total  $901,427 $364,117 $534,905 $2405 *Furniture $92,596; Debt service $65,197; Other $81,544 ** Pool rental $62,638; Other $45,676

43 Non-Compensation Expense FY09 v FY10
Significant increase in general maintenance expense, debt service and custodial expense budgeted for FY10 One-time capital expense $92,596 for furniture FY09 Budgeted for significant increase in utilities FY10 (this may be overestimate) No debt service in FY10 budget!? Revenue FY09 v FY10 $50,000 donation from SCRL FY10 Overly optimistic projections for new members and Summer Camp revenues?

44 Special Thanks Byron Reeves
Scott Atlas, Marci Reichelstein, Maureen McNichols, Cindy Kingsley, Barbara Zhang Chris Cartwright, Corey Levens, Rita Koltai John Huegenard Steve, Andrea, Abi and Scott Ray Purpur

45 Questions?

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