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1. Farmers Friendly, Sports Friendly KSSL SPORTS 2.

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2 Farmers Friendly, Sports Friendly KSSL SPORTS 2

3 AIM To promote sports, by employing the National/International level players of different games in line with the instruction of Government Of Pakistan. To encourage participation of Women in different Sports discipline in conformity with the Government Policy of gender equality. 3

4 OBJECTIVE To arrange participation of ZTBL teams i.e Cricket (Male & Female), Shooting Ball, Squash (Male & Female), Football, Tennis Golf etc at National level Tournaments organized by different Sports Federations of Pakistan. To arrange Inter Regional/Inter Departmental competition to promote sports and healthy activities amongst Bank employees. To arrange Training Camps for players of different Sports disciplines to keep them mentally and physically fit. To provide appropriate facilities in the games for employees and their children's at ZTBL Sports Club. 4

5 Scheme of Presentation Briefing on Senior Cricket Team and participation in Quaid e Azam Trophy 2011-12. Briefing on Junior U-19 Cricket Team and participation in U-19 Inter Regional/ Departmental Tournaments 2011-12. Briefing on Women's Cricket Team. Briefing on Tennis Team & Sponsorship of Tennis Championship requested by Pakistan Tennis Federation. Briefing on Squash Team. Briefing on Football Team achievements. Briefing on Shooting Ball Team. 5


7 QUAID-E-AZAM TROPHY 2011-12 ORGANIZED BY PCB Quaid-e-Azam Trophy is a National Tournament comprising of four day matches. Quaid-e-Azam Trophy first class tournament will be played as Division I & Division II. ZTBL along with other Top 05 Departmental and 06 Top Regional Teams will be playing in Division-I. The Division-I team comprising of ZTBL, HBL, National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, Wapda, Sialkot Region, Karachi Region, Abbotabad Region, Islamabad Region, Faisalabad Region and Rawalpindi Region. While remaining seven Regional and three Departmental Teams namely, KRL, UBL, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline, Lahore Shalimar Region, Multan Region, Quetta Region Peshawar Region Lahore Ravi Region, Karachi blues Region & Hyderabad Region will participate in Division-II. One bottom team from Division I from Departmental and Regional teams will be relegated to Division-II while one top team from each Departmental & Regional teams of Division II will be promoted to Division-I for the next season One bottom team from Departments of Division-II will be relegated to Patrons Trophy Grade-II. 7

8 ZTBL CRICKET TEAM SCHEDULE QUAID-E-AZAM TROPHY 2011-12 8 S.NoDateVs /MatchVenue 106-09 OctFaisalabad RegionIqbal Stadium Faislabad 212-15 OctKarachi RegionNational Stadium Karachi 318-21 OctSialkot RegionJinnah Stadium Sialkot 424-27 OctRawalpindi RegionPindi Cricket Stadium 530 Oct- 2 NovIslamabad RegionDiamond Cricket Ground, Isb 612-15 NovAbbotabad RegionAbbotabad Stadium 718-21 NovHBLPindi Cricket Stadium 821-27 NovWapdaNational Ground, Isb 930Nov-3 DecPIAGaddafi Stadium Lahore 1008-11DecNBPLCCA Ground Lahore 1114-17 DecState BankDiamond Cricket Ground, Isb

9 Past Performances of ZTBL Cricket Team 9 Sr.#NomendatureAchievement (Year / Years) Remarks 1.Quaid-e- Azam Trophy National Championship organized by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) 1988-89 1990-91 1993-94 1995-96 2004-05 Winner 2.Patrons Trophy National Championship organized by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). 1983-84 1998-99 Winner Runner Up

10 ZTBL CRICKET TEAM PERFORMANCE IN ONGOING QUAID-E-AZAM TROPHY (Four Day Matches) 2011-12 ZTBL is currently Placed at top of the table with 48 points after playing 8 matches. Matches Played 08 WonOutrightly05 Winning Draw 01 Lost02 Note:- Points System Winning Outrightly 9 points Winning draw 3 10

11 LIST of ZTBL CRICKET PLAYERS CURENTLY ENROLLED S.No Name of player Place of Posting 1 Abdul RazzaqLahore 2 Adnan RazaLahore 3 Zohaib KhanPeshawar 4 Ahsan KraimHO 5 Atif AshrafHO 6 Babar AzamLahore 7 Faisal NaveedSialkot 8 Haris SohailSialkot 9 Imran NazirLahore 10 Imran SabirLahore 11 Inam-Ul-HaqSialkot 12 Jawad HameedHO 13 Junaid NadirH.O. 14 Junaid ZiaLahore 15 Kamran NaeemFaisalabad 16 Kashif DawoodSialkot 17 M. KhalilLahore 18 M.IrfanHO 19 Rao IftikharKhanewal 11

12 LIST of ZTBL CRICKET PLAYERS 20 Rehan RiazLahore 21 Saeed AjmalFaisalabad 22 Sajjad HussainMultan 23 Shahid YousafSialkot 24 Shahram AliHO 25 Shakeel AnsarSialkot 26 Sohail TanvirHO 27 Umer JavedLahore 28 Yasir HameedHO 12

13 ZTBL TEAM PERFORMANCE IN 2010-11 13 Matches Played 11 Won06 Draw03 Lost02 Performance in One Day Tournament 2010-11 Performance in Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 2010-11 Matches Played 05 Won02 Lost03

14 BATTING AND FIELDING PERFORMANCE OF ZTBL IN QUAID-E-AZAM TROPHY 2011/12 (From 8 Matches) 14 Sr. No Name MatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAVG10050CTST 1 Sharjeel Khan 58047520559.42100 2 Haris Sohail 69048015153.32200 3 Zohaib Khan 71013937443.70400 4 Yasir Hameed 69036316740.31100 5 Imran Nazir 711040810837.11200 6 Sohail Tanvir 2401037325.80100 7 Faisal Ather 35012069240100 8 Shahid Yousuf 710022083220200 9 Zulqarnain Haider 71111917619.10100 10 Saeed Ajmal 11019 0000 11 Inam-ul-Haq 1203828190000 12 Mohammad Khalil 71121212713.40000 13 Junaid Nadir 340502212.50000 14 Iftikhar Anjum 693702311.70000 15 Junaid Zia 23029199.670000 16 Rehan Riaz 711436135.140000

15 BOWLING PERFORMANCE OF ZTBL TEAM IN QUAID-E-AZAM TROPHY 2011/12 (From 8 Matches) 15 Sr. No Name BallsMdnsRunsWktsAve4wl5wlS. RateEcon 1 Saeed Ajmal 23415107253.5001172.74 2 Inam-ul-Haq 560281 00563.04 3 Iftikhar Anjum 877373891624.30154.812.66 4 Junaid Zia 27681687240039.433.65 5 Sohail Tanvir 30112130621.70150.172.59 6 Rehan Riaz 753284322318.81232.743.42 7 Mohammad Khalil 1224377434317.31328.473.64 8 Zohaib Khan 546212641616.51134.132.9 9 Junaid Nadir 28552191613.71117.814.53 10 Imran Nazir 6040--00 4 11 Shahid Yousuf 361170--00 2.83 12 Sharjeel Khan 12070--00 3.5

16 ZTBL Cricket Team Squad For Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 2011-12 Sr #Name of Players 01.Imran Nazir 02.Yasir Hameed 03.Inam-ul-Haq 04.Baber Azam 05.Atif Ashraf 06.Shahid Yousaf 07.Sharjeel Khan 08.Haris Sohail FAST BOWLER BATSMEN Sr #Name of Players 01.Rao Iftakhar Anjum 02.Rehan Riaz 03.Junaid Zia 04.Muhammad Khalil ALL ROUNDERS Sr #Name of Players 01.Abdul Razzaq 02.Sohail Tanvir 03.Junaid Nadir 04.Zohaib Khan SPIN BOWLERS Sr #Name of Players 01.Saeed Ajmal WICKET KEEPER BATSMAN Sr #Name of Players 01.Shakeel Ansar 02.Zulqarnain Haider 16

17 ONE DAY NATIONAL TOURNAMENT 2011-12 ORGANIZED BY PCB One Day Tournament is a National Tournament organized by PCB Pakistan Cricket Board. All teams of Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Division I, i.e. 6 Top Departmental & 6 Top Regional Teams will fight for the One Day National Title. SCHEDULE OF ONE DAY TOURNAMENT 2011-12 The Date and Schedule of the matches is yet to be announced by Pakistan Cricket Board. 17

18 Contribution Towards National Teams CRICKET (Male) M/s Abdul Razzaq, Imran Nazir, Saeed Ajmal, Sohail Tanveer, Rao Iftikar Anjum, Yasir Hameed & Zulqarnain Haider are representing Pakistan Team in different form of games. (i.e. Test Match, ODI, s,& T-20,s. M/s, Babar Azam, presently representing Pakistan A & Pakistan Under-19 teams. 18

19 SELECTION CRITERIA FOR ZTBL CRICKET TEAM Only those players are engaged who have shown credential performances in the 1 st Class Tournament organized by Pakistan Cricket Board and those who have or are representing Pakistan Junior & Senior Teams. 19

20 Under-19 CRICKET TEAM 20

21 ZTBL JUNIOR UNDER-19 CRICKET TEAM ZTBL recently established cricket team at Under-19 level as per the directions of Pakistan Cricket Board. Under-19 cricket is the most important part of domestic cricket structure, which forms the nursery for higher level of cricket and to tap the youngsters at an early age. 21

22 Under-19 Players Sr #Name of Players 01.Babar Azam 02.Muhammad Asim 03.Mehran Ibrahim 04.Zubair Khan 05.Daniyal Rana 06.Raza Rohan 07.Hasibur Rehman 08.Mobeen Hamid FAST BOWLER BATSMEN Sr #Name of Players 01.Muhammad Kamil 02.Aziz Ullah 03.Awais Munir 04.Yasir Ali ALL ROUNDERS Sr #Name of Players 01.Zafar Gohar 02.Rohail Ali SPIN BOWLERS Sr #Name of Players 01.Hussain Tallat WICKET KEEPER BATSMAN Sr #Name of Players 01.Ali Shan 22

23 INTER REGIONAL/ DEPARTMENTAL UNDER-19 TOURNAMENTS Inter Regional / Departmental (3 days & One Day tournaments is underway w.e.f 13th & 17th September 2011-12 respectively at different centers of the country. In All a total of 22 Regional & Departmental Teams participated in the tournaments and were divided in three pools. ZTBL was placed in pool C and played its matches at Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Islamabad, and Sheikhupura ZTBL Under-19 Cricket Team Topped its pool and qualified for Triangular stage. ZTBl Team was placed in Group B of Final stage along with Karachi Region & Faisalabad Region teams. ZTBL defeated both the teams on first innings lead basis and got 6 points in the pool. The last group match is to be played between Karachi & Faisalabad teams and both teams are have zero points on the points table. The top team will qualify for the final. 23

24 SCHEDULE 3 day, Under-19 National Championship 2011-12 S.noDateMatchVenue 1 13-15 SepZTBL Vs KRL KRL Stadium Rawalpindi 2 20-22 SepZTBL Vs Abbotabad Region Abbotabad Stadium 3 27-29 Sep ZTVL Vs Rawalpindi Region Rawalpindi Stadium 404-06 Oct ZTBL Vs Lahore Shalimar Sheikhupura Cricket Stadium 518-20 OctZTBL Vs Peshawar RegionArbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar 6 25-27 OctZTBL Vs Islamabad Region National Ground Islamabad 24

25 One Day, Under-19 National Championship 2011-12 S.noDateMatchVenue 1 17 SepZTBL Vs KRL KRL Stadium Rawalpindi 2 24 SepZTBL Vs Abbotabad Region Abbotabad Stadium 3 01 Oct ZTVL Vs Rawalpindi Region Rawalpindi Stadium 408 Oct ZTBL Vs Lahore Shalimar Sheikhupura Cricket Stadium 522 OctZTBL Vs Peshawar RegionArbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar 6 29 OctZTBL Vs Islamabad Region National Ground Islamabad 25

26 BATTING AND FIELDING PERFORMANCE OF ZTBL UNDER 19 CRICKET TEAM 2011/12 (THREE Day) 26 Sr. No Name MatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAVG10050CTST 1 Haseeb-ur-Rehman 811455013278.61500 2 Babar Azam 813146625838.81000 3 Muhammad Zubair Khan 710227810534.81100 4 Ali Shan 81132577632.10100 5 Hussain Tallat 81213118628.30200 6 Zafer Gohar 8911724321.50000 7 Aziz Ullah 8737643190000 8 Mobeen Hamid 71111875018.70100 9 Muhammad Kamil 892972113.90000 10 Daniyal Rana 5801033112.90000 11 Awais Munir 3219990000 12 Muhammad Asim 35037247.40000 13 Rohan Raza 2311366.50000 14 Rohail Ali 53018860000

27 BOWLING PERFORMANCE OF ZTBL UNDER 19 CRICKET TEAM 2011/12 (THREE Day) 27 Sr. No Name BallsMdnsRunsWktsAve4wl5wlS. RateEcon 1 Babar Azam 3421513862300572.42 2 Muhammad Kamil 1266386903519.71236.173.27 3 Hussain Tallat 1981075418.80049.52.27 4 Aziz Ullah 1391566743817.72236.612.9 5 Awais Munir 505252101217.52042.082.5 6 Rohail Ali 679153692216.81130.863.26 7 Zafer Gohar 1082474642816.64038.642.57 8 Muhammad Asim 606160066 9 Haseeb-ur-Rehman 6060--00 6 10 Mobeen Hamid 12120--00 1

28 BATTING AND FIELDING PERFORMANCE OF ZTBL UNDER 19 CRICKET TEAM 2011/12 (One Day) 28 Sr. No Name MatchesInnsRunsHSAVG10050CTST 1 Rohan Raza 1157 0100 2 Babar Azam 6634114156.82100 3 Ali Shan 6411063550100 4 Hussain Tallat 5516463410100 5 Zafer Gohar 63795739.50100 6 Muhammad Kamil 523523350000 7 Muhammad Zubair Khan 6513235330000 8 Mobeen Hamid 54713423.70000 9 Haseeb-ur-Rehman 659260230100 10 Aziz Ullah 621918190000 11 Daniyal Rana 223023150000 12 Muhammad Asim 4431167.750000 13 Rohail Ali 524420000 14 Awais Munir 3188--0000

29 BOWLING PERFORMANCE OF ZTBL UNDER 19 CRICKET TEAM 2011/12 (One Day) 29 Sr. No Name BallsMdnsRunsWktsAve4wl5wlS. RateEcon 1 Awais Munir 780811 00786.23 2 Rohail Ali 2521193364.300844.6 3 Muhammad Kamil 1821136345.30060.674.5 4 Aziz Ullah 245520372900354.89 5 Babar Azam 1621115619.210274.26 6 Haseeb-ur-Rehman 360 21800 6 7 Zafer Gohar 24831611213.40020.673.91 8 Muhammad Asim 4202947.250010.54.14


31 ZTBL WOMENS CRICKET TEAM ZTBL have engaged 21 National level women Cricket Players in its fold to promote the games amongst the Female gender of Pakistan and to build the image of Pakistan at International Level. Sana Mir the captain of Pakistan Women & ZTBL cricket team along with Nain Abidi, Sayeda Batool Fatima, Javeria Akram, Asmavia Iqbal, Rabia Batool, Sania Khan, Bismah Mahroof, Marina Iqbal, Sajjada Shah, Nazia Sadiq, Almas Akram, Sadia Yousaf, Qanita Jalil Naila Nazir Nida Dar Zaba Manzoor & Marium Hasan has represented Pakistan in different forms of game i.e ODIs,T-20 & Pakistan A Team. It may be worth mentioning here that 11 players of ZTBL were the part of Pakistan Team which won the Gold medal in Asian Games in 2011. where as 12 of ZTBL players currently representing Pakistan team for World Cup Qualifying round and Pakistan women team qualified for ICC Women's World Cup 2012. Under the captaincy of Sana Mir. 31

32 UPCOMING TOURNAMENTS 1 st Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed T-20 Tournament to be organized in Jan 2012 by ZTBL in Collaboration with PCB. National Women's Cricket Championship 2011-12 is likely to be organized in March, 2012 by Pakistan Cricket Board. T-20 organized by ZTBL is proposed to be held at Islamabad Schedule in Feb-March, 2012 which will help to prepare our team for National Championship 32

33 TEAM PERFORMANCE Won the National Women Championship for consecutives two years (2009-10 & 2010-11 ) organized by Pakistan Cricket Board. Winner T-20National Women's Championship 2009-10 & 2010-11 held at Kinnaird College Lahore 33

34 PROBLEM AREAS No Coach Team Manager ( Female), as per requirement of Pakistan Cricket Board 34

35 TENNIS 35

36 ZTBL TENNIS PLAYERS S.NoNamePlace Of PostingDegree of Excellence 1.Miss.UshnaZ.O LahoreNational Player 2.Miss.Iman QureshiZ.O LahoreU-17 National Player 3.Miss.Sara MansoorH.OU-17 National Player 4.Miss Saba AzizZ.O LahoreNational Player 5.Mr. Muhammad AbidZ.O LahoreNational Player 6.Mr. YasirZ.O LahoreNational Player 7.Mr. NaufalH.OU-13 National Player 8.Mr.AbdaalZ.O LahoreU-13 National Player 9.Mr. Faizan KhuramZ.O LahoreNational Player 36

37 ZTBLTENNIS PLAYERS PERFORMANCES Miss Ushna Currently Ranked number 1 in Pakistan Womens Tennis rankings Miss Sara Mansoor currently Ranked number 3 in Pakistan Womens Tennis rankings have won several National titles like CDA PTF Margalla Festival National Tournament April 2011 and All Pakistan Inter University Women Tennis Championship 2010. 37

38 Iman Qureshi highly energetic and conscientious student having an exceptional flair for sports currently ranked at number 3 in Asian Tennis Federation have represented Pakistan in Asian Junior Championships held in Doha Qatar 2010 and Asian tennis federation championship held at Damascus, Syria. Saba Aziz currently ranked 3rd in Pakistan Tennis fedration (PTF) ladies ranking. She has represented Pakistan in Federation Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group II matches, at Thailand in Feb, 2011 ITF Ladies Futures Islamabad Nov. – Dec. 08. Was the 1st Pakistani to ever win a main round match and to reach the 2nd round of an ITF Ladies event. Ladies singles Champion at the 1st Aisam-ul-Haq masters Tennis Championship (Islamabad July11). National Junior No. 1 in 2005 ZTBLTENNIS PLAYERS PERFORMANCES 38

39 Mr. Muhammad Abid currently Under-18 National Champion. represented Pakistan in Junior Championship at Jordon July, 2011. Faizan Khuram currently ranked 8 in Pakistan. He has played at National and International level, Winner of Subh-e-Noor National U-18 tournament held at Islamabad in march 2011. Represented Pakistan in Double ITF World Ranking Tournament held at Doha, Qatar in Jan 2009. ZTBLTENNIS PLAYERS PERFORMANCES 39

40 SQUASH 40

41 ZTBL SQUASH TEAM SQUASH (WOMEN) Mst Zoya Khalid and Rushna Mehboob Squash players are currently at No.1 & No 2 in Junior National ranking. Zoya Khalid is No.2 and Rushna Mehboob No.5 in Senior ranking at National level as per ranking issued by Pakistan Squash Federation. SQUASH (MEN) M/s Waqar Mehboob and Waqas Mehboob are highly talented player in Pakistan Squash Circuit. Waqar Mehboob is currently Pakistan No.3. He has won the Gold Medal in Asian Championship held in India in 2010 while representing Pakistan. Mr.Waqas Mehboob has won Pakistan National Junior Championship (2011) held at Lahore. Mr. Waqar Mehboob and Waqas Mehboob both have represented Pakistan in Malaysian Open in the month of April / May 2011. 41

42 ZTBLSQUASH PLAYERS S.NoNamePlace Of PostingDegree of Excellence 1.Waqar MehboobPeshawarPakistan player 2.Waqas Mehboob-do-Pakistan Player 3.Aurabgzeb MehmundLahoreNational Player SerialNamePlace Of PostingDegree of Excellence 1.Rushna MehboobHead OfficePakistan player 2.Zoya KhalidLahorePakistan Player 3.Riffat KhanLahoreNational Player SQUASH (WOMEN) SQUASH (MEN) 42


44 ZTBL FOOTBALL TEAM Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd (ZTBL) recently raised Football Team in 2010 which have done remarkably well in short span. ZTBL Football Team achievements includes, Runners up All Pakistan Benazir Bhutto Tournament played at Okara. June,2011, Winning All Pakistan Football Flood Light Tournament played at Bahawalpur July,2011. 44

45 LIST OF FOOTBALL PLAYERS S.NoNamePlace of Posting 1.Aamir AnwarZ.O.Peshawar 2Arslan KhanBannu Br 3.Izhar UllahChitral Br. 4.Adeel KhalidZ.O.Faisalabad. 5.Hikmat UllahZ.O.Peshawar 6.AdeelZ.O.Karachi 7.Iftikhar AliChitral Br. 8.Zaid ArifZ.O.Sargodha 9.Ali IshtiqZ.O.Faisalabad 10.Rafi UllahBannu Br. 11.Mohammad MohsinZ.O.Quetta 45

46 LIST OF FOOTBALL PLAYERS S.NONamePlace of Posting 12.Waqas AhmedKohat Br. 13.Jahanger KhanLori Lai Br. 14.ShakeelManshara Br. 15.AdnanZ.O.Karachi 16.Zohaib AhmedNoshabi Br. 17.Nizam-Ud-DinQila Saif Ullah Br. 18.Mohammad NaveedZ.O.Faisalabad 19.Abdul RasheedZ.O.Karachi 20.Siraj-ud-DinZ.O.Karachi 46

47 UP COMING TOURNAMENTS ZTBL is currently taking part in Division B League Tournament organized by Pakistan Football Federation. Top Two Teams of this tournament will qualify for the Pakistan Premier League Division A to be held next year. 47


49 ZTBL SHOOTINGBALL TEAM 49 SR.#NOMENDATUREYEARSACHIEVEMENTS/POSITION 1Chief Minister Sindh Gold Cup held at Hyderbad w.e.f 15.06.2007 to 17.06.2007. 2007WINNER 28TH All Pakistan Federal Cup organized by Pakistan Sports Board held at Chakwal w.e.f 8.11.2007 to 11.011.2007. 2007WINNER 3Margala Sports Festival inter Departmental Shooting Tournament organized by CDA w.e.f 18.04.2008 to 20.04.2008 2007WINNER 4Chief Minister Sindh Gold Cup Shooting Ball Tournament held at Hyderbad w.e.f16.05.2008 to 18.05.2008 2008WINNER 5Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Memorial Shooting Ball Tournament held at Pano Aqil w.e.f 23.05.2008 to 25.05.2008. 2008WINNER 616th All Pakistan A W Khan Bhatti Memorial Shooting Ball Tournament held at Hayderabad w.e.f 13.02.2009 to 09.02.2009 2009RUNNER UP.

50 ZTBL SHOOTINGBALL TEAM 50 SR.#NOMENDATUREYEARSACHIEVEMENTS/POSITION 714 th all Pakistan annual Shooting Ball Tournament at Depalpur 04/03/10 to 07/03/10 2010 3 rd Position 8 Quaid e Azam cup invitation Shooting ball Tournament at Muzafarghar 26/10/10 to 31/10/10 2010 Runners up 9 10 th All Pakistan Shooting Ball Tournament at Chakwal 04/10/11 to 10/10/11 2011 Winner

51 ZTBL SHOOTINGBALL TEAM Players/ Officials 51 S.NoNamePlace of Posting 1. Amir Afzal Khan ( Manager)H.O 2 Shoukat Mehmood Bajwa (Coach)H.O 3. Fakhar Ali Abbas ( Captain)Chakwal 4. Muhammad Afzaal (V. Captain)Lahore 5. Humayun MunirChakwal 6. Muhammad YousafLahore 7. Shehzad AhmedFasialabad 8. Muhammad HameedSahiwal 9. Muhammad AtharLayyah. Br 10. Hussain Ahmed BulloPanoakil 11. Abdur Sabor PathanHyderabad


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