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Lead in (1): Guess the sport event Watch the video clip and tell what event is reflected. The University Boat Race Click here for information.

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1 Lead in (1): Guess the sport event Watch the video clip and tell what event is reflected. The University Boat Race Click here for information

2 The Boat Race, also known as the University Boat Race and The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, is a rowing race in England between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club. >>>

3 The boat race is between two eights, one from each university. Members of both teams are traditionally known as blues and each boat as a "Blue Boat", with Cambridge in light blue and Oxford dark blue. Oxford Blues Cambridge Blues >>>

4 The race demands skill and teamwork. All the rowing must be technically correct and at the right pace, rowing in time with all the others.

5 Lead in (2): Identify the following pictures River Thames UBR stone company logo course Putney bridge

6 How are the above pictures relevant to the University Boat Race? Click the following for how. 1 2 3 4

7 River Thames The race is rowed each spring on the Thames in London. the second longest river in the United Kingdom and the longest river in England Back

8 Sponsorship The Boat Race has been sponsored since 1976, with the money spent mainly on equipment and travel during the training period. The business process outsourcing company Xchanging became title sponsor in November 2009, so the 156th Race next April(2010) is known as The Xchanging Boat Race. Back

9 Boat race course The course is 4 miles and 374 yards (6,779 m) from Putney to Mortlake; it is sometimes referred to as the Championship Course, and follows an S shape, east to west. Back

10 The University Boat Race Stones They are two small stone markers on the southern bank of the River Thames in west London, one at Putney Bridge and the other at Mortlake, the start and finish points of the Championship Course. The stones are marked "U.B.R" for University Boat Race.

11 The University Boat Race Vocabulary heavyweight eights rowers/ oarsmen ( ) cox ( ) stern ( ) stroke

12 Judge true or false 1. 1.The stroke steers (the rower who sits at the end next to the cox). 2. 2.The rowers together set the pace of the racing boat. 3.The rowers face away from the direction they are travelling. 4. 4.Rowers go through tough training before the race. 5. 5.Female rowers are permitted in mens competitions. F: Its cox who steers. F: Its cox and stroke who set the pace. T T T

13 1 Look at this photo and answer the questions. 1 Where are Mark, Kate and Janet ? 2 What has Mark just done ? 3 How do you think they feel ?

14 Example answers Ive just had my boat race practice. I feel excited. They are by the river. Right!

15 1 Where does it take place ? 2 What do you think the rules are for this kind of race ? Look at the second photo and answer the questions.

16 It took place probably on the River Thames. Example answers The rules? The boats follow each other and the one behind has to catch up with and bump the one in front in order to win or the first one has to get away.

17 2 Watch Conversation 1 and follow the map.Conversation 1 Use the following pictures as clues Catte Street St Aldates Christ Church College Folly Bridge

18 Clues Cattle street Hertford college boathouse Folly bridge Christ Church College High street St Alates

19 Example answers They are at Hertford College. They turn left and go down Catte Street. Then turn right at the High Street and turn left into St Alates. They go past Christ Church College, cross over Folly Bridge and turn left until they arrive at the last boathouse on the right – the Hertford College Boathouse.

20 Conversation 1 3 Watch Conversation 1 again and choose the best way to complete the sentences.Conversation 1 The correct answers are 1 (a) 2 (b) 3 (a) 4 (b) Cherwell boathouse

21 Language and Culture Each college in Oxford has a boathouse on the river, where the rowing boats are kept. Theres also a bar and somewhere to watch the racing. Oxford Colleges Boathouses

22 4 Look at the map and decide where the boat race takes place. Hertford College Boathouse

23 Answer: It takes place on the river near the Hertford College Boathouse.

24 Conversation 2 5 Watch Conversation 2 and answer the questions.Conversation 2 1 What does Marks boat manage to do? 2 What does Mark hope to do? 3 How seriously did Mark hurt himself as he was getting into the boat? It manages to win the practice race. He hopes to get a place on the team. He did not hurt himself very badly, it was only a scratch. >>>

25 4 How does Mark compare with other people who rowed with him? 5 How do people know if they have got a place on the team? Some of the people who rowed with him have rowed before, and he cant help thinking that they were better than him. The team list is put on the door. >>>

26 6 Why is Kate pleased that Mark has got a place on the team? Kate believes that Mark deserves a place on the team. So she is very pleased for him.

27 6 Watch Conversation 2 again and complete the sentences.Conversation 2

28 Kate So the rules are … the boats follow each other and the one behind has to bump the one in front … just like that one has done. Janet Is that Marks boat ? Kate Yes! Look, his boat is about to bump the one in front! (1) ___________________! … >>> Well done

29 Mark Hi you guys! Kate Fantastic, Mark. (2) __________________! Mark Well, we won the practice race, but (3) _____________________ getting a place on the team. (4) ______________________ there are at least three other people on the team who have rowed before. (5)_______________________________ they were better than me. Janet Dont worry, Mark. (6)_________________ _________. >>> You were amazing Im worried about The problem is that And I cant help thinking that Everything will be OK

30 Mark And then I hurt my knee getting into the boat. Janet (7) ____________________! Kate Too bad, but its only a scratch. Listen up, Janet is right. (8)___________________ ________, Mark. You were the strongest looking guy in the boat today. Chill out! Mark Hey, theyre putting the team list on the door. Janet Lets go over and see. Mark No, you go! I cant bear to look! Kate OK. … >>> Oh, Im so sorry No need to get nervous

31 Kate Hey, Mark, great news! You got a place on the college team! Janet (9) ________________! Kate Thats great, Mark, (10) _______________. You trained so hard. Mark I cant believe it! Congratulations You deserve it

32 Rowing Champions from Oxford Celebrities from the University Boat Race Four times Olympic gold medalist Sir Mathew Pinsent rowed for Oxford in 1990, 1991, and 1993 Andrew Lindsay was a member of Britain's triumphant eight-man rowing team who rowed for Oxford in 1997, 1998, 1999 >>>

33 Rowing medalist from Cambridge Olympic rower Kieran West rowed for Cambridge in 1999, 2001, 2006, 2007

34 The toughest rowing race might be the annual Atlantic Boat Race – 4,727 kilometres from the Canary Islands to Antigua in the West Indies. British Olympic rowing gold medalist, James Cracknell, completed the 2005 race with a partner in just 49 days. Atlantic Boat Race

35 on your way Yes, got it! No problem. Listen up! Chill out! I cant bear to look!

36 7 Match the expressions with their meanings. 1 on your way ____ 2 Yes, got it! ____ 3 No problem. ____ 4 Listen up! ____ 5 Chill out! ____ 6 I cant bear to look! ____ a. I do not want to look. b. going right now c. A response to thank you. d. Relax. e. Listen to me. f. I understand. b f c e d a

37 Create your own sentences using Everyday English expressions.

38 8 Work in pairs and act out the conversation. Student A Ask where Student B is going. Student B Say that youre going to a sports event and invite Student A. Student A Explain that youre too busy but youd like to come later. Ask where Student B will be. >>>

39 Student B Sympathize with Student A and give directions. Explain that you /your team won the last match. Student A Congratulate Student B. Student B Express concern that you / your team may not win the next match. Student A Reassure Student B. Please refer to the functional expressions on page 65

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