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Employee Service Awards February 21, 2012 Board of County Commissioners Employee Service Awards Todays honorees are recognized for outstanding service.

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2 Employee Service Awards February 21, 2012

3 Board of County Commissioners Employee Service Awards Todays honorees are recognized for outstanding service and dedication Todays honorees are recognized for outstanding service and dedication

4 Office of Accountability Information Systems & Services

5 Lorenzo was born in Leesburg, graduated from Leesburg High School and Florida A&M. He moved to Orlando in 1981. He was hired in 1992 as a Fiscal Officer in the Social Services Division of Health and Family Services. Lorenzo Williams - 20 Years Lorenzo was promoted to Fiscal and Administrative Coordinator in 1993 and Assistant Manager in 1994. Lorenzo worked with Parks and Recreation that year and moved to Communications in 1999. He joined Public Safety Communications in 2003 after a re-organization that moved the 311 call center. That unit is now under ISS.

6 Lorenzo Williams - 20 Years Lorenzo was instrumental in the launch of the Citizens Action Link, which later evolved into 3-1-1. Hes a founding member of the Florida Statewide 3-1-1 Coalition and contributing editor for the ICMA Toolkit for local governments. Lorenzo has been married to Rosalyn for 28 years and they have two children: Jessica, 27 and Tamara, 25. In his spare time, Lorenzo enjoys playing bass guitar as an occasional member of the Low Bid Band. He also volunteers with the Every Kid Outreach Program in Eatonville. Lorenzo has been an Orange County Public School volunteer for 10 years and he mentors at the Life Center Church. Lorenzo was one of the YMCAs Central Florida Adult Achievers in 2003. *

7 Administrative Services Facilities Management

8 Mike was born in Orlando, raised in Georgia and graduated from Rising Fawn High School. He was awarded an apprenticeship certificate for carpentry by the State of Florida in 1984. Michael O. Pachico 25 Years Prior to joining Orange County, Mike built the large fountain outside Florida Mall. He also built 2 zeppelins for EPCOTs Journey Through Your Imagination. He also built the pyramids at the Mexico pavilion. Mike was hired in 1987 to work as a Carpenter with Facilities Management.

9 Mike Pachico - 25 Years He was Employee of the Month in October 1993. Mike obtained a certificate in blueprint reading in 1984, attended Asbestos Awareness Training in 1996, and earned a Teamwork Certificate for work completed at Corrections in 1998. Mike is a 4 th degree black belt and holds 11 state titles, 1 world championship and hes the undisputed Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion for the State of Florida with 64 fights, 59 wins and only 2 losses. He has taught Karate to boys and girls ages 6-12. Mike was a contender with American Gladiator, voted best jouster and hes worked as a bodyguard for many years. *

10 Administrative Services Department Office

11 John was born in Pittsburgh and has lived in Connecticut, Ohio and Indiana (His parents kept moving, but he kept finding them). John finally settled in Orlando in 1992. John D. Terwilliger 20 Years He graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, the Indiana Governors Executive Development Institute, the Harvard University Program for Senior Executives of state and local governments and he holds a Masters of Corporate Real Estate from CoreNet Global, a corporate real estate professional organization.

12 John Terwilliger - 20 Years John was hired by Orange County in 1992 as the Manager of Real Estate and was promoted to Director of Administrative Support (now Administrative Services) in 1996. He has been involved in all major land acquisitions since 1992, including Fire Rescue Headquarters, the Sheriffs Central Complex, the Convention Center expansion, IOC buildings and many major road projects. John was instrumental in the construction and renovation of the Medical Examiners Office, the Booking and Release Center, numerous fire stations, the Magic gyms and the OC Administration Center. On November 11, 2011 at 11:11 he married his beautiful bride of now 102 days – Clerk of Courts Lydia Gardner and acquired two great-children: Chris and Betsy and four grandchildren: Bebe, Courtney, Haden and Lucy. In his spare time, John enjoys – no really loves – golf, supports Butler basketball and spending time with his new wife. *

13 Community & Environmental Services Cooperative Extension

14 Celeste was born in Warrenton, PA and graduated from the University of Maryland in 1976. She moved to Central Florida in 1982. Celeste T. White 20 Years She was hired in 1992 to work at the Commercial Horticulture Extension with Orange Countys Cooperative Extension Office. She has received numerous awards on the local, state, regional and national level from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents.

15 Celeste White - 20 Years In 2010, Celeste received the Friends of Our Urban Forest Outstanding Professional from the Florida Urban Forestry Council. She was also the National Association of County Agriculture Agents Southern Region winner in Landscape Horticulture. Celeste has co-hosted the Orange TV production of Central Florida Gardening for 15 years. She has assisted with the development and revision of Orange Countys fertilizer and water conservation ordinances. She administers the Florida Green Industries Best Management Certification Program and the Pesticide Applicator and Testing Program. Celeste has one son: Dylan, 17. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, biking and Orange Countys natural resources. *

16 Fire Rescue Operations

17 David was born in Tifton, GA and moved to Central Florida in 1984. He graduated from Juanita High School in Kirkland, WA. He attended Western Kentucky University and graduated from Central Florida Fire Academy in 1986. David W. Oliver 25 Years David joined Orange County Fire Rescue in 1987. He was promoted to Engineer in 1995 and to Lieutenant in 2000.

18 David Oliver – 25 Years David was assigned to Special Operations after 9/11 and hes now the Senior Lieutenant in the program. He did two tours during the 1998 Brevard County brush fires. David has been assigned as the Brush Fire Coordinator since 2000. He has worked on standard operating procedures for special operations, confined space and evidence collection. David has trained recruits on VMR and works as a trainer with special operations. He has been married to Terri for 21 years and they have 3 children: Justin, Kayla, and Zachary. In his spare time, David enjoys music, working on the computer and watching his children grow up. *

19 Walter was born in Jacksonville and moved to Casselberry in 1973. He graduated from Lake Howell High School. Walter E. Thiebauth 25 Years Walter joined Orange County Fire Rescue in 1987 and became Paramedic certified in 1989. He was promoted to Engineer in 2001 and Lieutenant in 2004.

20 Walter Thiebauth – 25 Years Walter started his career at Station 41 in Killarney, moved to Station 50 in the Holden Heights area, and is now serving the citizens of Zellwood. He spent two years in the training division and hes a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Walter has been married to Kim for 9 years and he has two children: Analyse, 14; and Adalyne, 6. In his spare time, he enjoys boating and outdoor fun with his family. *

21 Mark was born in Lowell, MS and moved to Winter Park in 1970. He graduated from Winter Park High School, received his Fire Certification from Seminole Community College and his EMT Certification from Valencia Community College. Mark A. Ratta 25 Years He was hired by Orange County Fire Rescue in 1987 and became Paramedic certified in 1988. In 1991, Mark obtained his certification as a Paramedic Instructor.

22 Mark Ratta – 25 Years Mark is both an instructor of Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. He was one of the first members of the Orange County Fire Special Operations Unit. Mark was promoted to Lieutenant in 2001. He has received numerous letters of appreciation and recognition for his outstanding service. Mark is married to Celia and has three daughters: Victoria, Elisabeth, Rachel and one son: Ethan. He is a member of St. Patricks Catholic Church in Mt. Dora. Mark enjoys traveling with his family, woodworking and model trains. His biggest accomplishment was to quit smoking in 2009. *

23 Andrew was born in Ocoee and graduated from West Orange High School. He worked with the Killarney Fire Department after high school for 1 ½ years under the CETA Program. Andrew J. Horan 30 Years Andrew attended the Fire Academy located near the airport in 1979 to obtain his Fire Standards. He obtained his EMT certification in 1981.

24 Andrew Horan – 30 Years Andrew was promoted to Engineer in 2004. He was a Rescue Driver Instructor in 2008. Andrew has been stationed at several Orange County Fire Stations over the course of 30 years. He has been married to Lynne for 24 years and has two children: A.J., 21, attending UCF for Criminology; and Ashley, 16, who is home- schooled. Andrews hobbies are hunting, fishing, family and church. *

25 Growth Management Building Division

26 Lenroy was born in Antigua, West Indies and moved to the U.S. in 1973. He graduated from All Saints Secondary School in Antigua. Lenroy Sylvester Hastings 20 Years Lenroy obtained his journeyman license in plumbing in 1979, and became a Master RF Plumbing Inspector/Reviewer in 1997. He holds a CFC State Plumbing License. He was hired by Orange County in 1992 to work at the Building Safety Division of Growth Management.

27 Lenroy Hastings – 20 Years Lenroy started with Orange County as a Plumbing Inspector and was promoted to Plans Examiner in 2005. He worked for 13 years as a Plumbing Inspector, and 7 years as a Plans Examiner. He has been married to Deborah for 35 years and they have three daughters: Altarsha, Shelitha, and Ayana. He enjoys volunteering his services to various charities and his community and helping those less fortunate. In his spare time, Lenroy enjoys antiquing. *

28 Public Works Roads and Drainage

29 Leonard was born in Detroit, MI and moved to Orlando in 1984. He graduated from St. Ladislaus High School and attended Wayne State University and Valencia Community College. Leonard Anthony Malecki - 25 Years Lenny is a State Certified Commercial License Examiner and holds an inactive Real Estate License. He was hired in 1986 to work at the Public Works Water Management Office.

30 Leonard Malecki – 25 Years Leonard was originally hired as a maintenance person, got promoted to Trades Helper on the spray crew, Foreman on the tractor, hand, fence, construction, drainwell and pump station crews. He became the Senior Foreman of the MSTU, Citizen Response Coordinator, Contract Administrator and hes now serving as the MSTU spray crew Foreman. Leonard was instrumental in serving in the Public Works Field Operations Center for the 2004 hurricanes. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, playing pool, and riding his Harley Davidson. *

31 Awards Presentation Office of Accountability Information Systems and Services: Lorenzo Williams20 Years Administrative Services Facilities Management: Michael Pachico25 Years Department Office: John Terwilliger20 Years

32 Awards Presentation Community & Environmental Services Cooperative Extension: Celeste White20 Years Fire Rescue Operations: David Oliver25 Years Walter Thiebauth25 Years Mark Ratta25 Years Andrew Horan30 Years

33 Growth Management Building: Lenroy Hastings20 Years Public Works Roads and Drainage: Leonard Malecki25 Years Awards Presentation

34 Employee Service Awards February 21, 2012

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