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HISTORY The Gridiron Stadium Network (GSN) was formed in 2005 by a group of participating NFL teams that were looking for a way to combine their resources.

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2 HISTORY The Gridiron Stadium Network (GSN) was formed in 2005 by a group of participating NFL teams that were looking for a way to combine their resources to pursue incremental events and new business opportunities. Today, GSN consists of 9 NFL stadiums and 1 MLS stadium. GSN works to optimize opportunities to expand the use of its modern, state-of-the- art stadiums for new sports, entertainment, public and private events. GSN assists its participating stadiums in marketing their assets to attract concert promoters and event producers to bring their events to GSN stadiums. GSN has retained an entertainment booking consultant with expertise and relationships in the live events industry. GSN members benefit from the combination of having an advocate representing their stadiums in the industry, marketing outreach, and interaction between the members.

3 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Your Connection to the Concert and Live Events Industry! GSN provides its members with another voice to reach decision makers in the concerts and live events industry. By having an advocate reaching out to talent agents, promoters and event producers, GSN members not only benefit from the representation, but from the ideas and information that gets collected and shared among the members. This may include information or leads about a new tour or special event that is being put together, providing members the opportunity to participate in early conversations about routing, and hopefully, event days in their venue. Every stadium has unique attributes and every market has unique economic and competitive considerations. GSN members benefit from their interaction with other members and with Jeff Apregan of Apregan Group, an industry veteran, to help develop and employ marketing strategies that will give them a competitive advantage.

4 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS One-Stop Entertainment Booking Solution One of GSNs goals is to provide agents, promoters and producers, with a one- stop booking source where they can get basic information including venue avails, seating diagrams and building expenses. This provides a tremendous convenience to industry decision makers who often work outside the typical work week, and need information on an immediate basis. A Booking Resource GSN can provide your stadium with the expertise and resources to help you identify new booking opportunities, gather and evaluate the available research and to evaluate risk. Jeff Apregan / Apregan Group is able to provide strategic planning and consulting services which are available to all participating members. In addition, he can help to provide advice on employing booking strategies, deals, marketing plans, coordination of on-sales, production, and development of show budgets.

5 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Annual Meeting Each February, representatives from each participating team / stadium, meet to elect new officers and to discuss objectives for the coming year. Guest speakers are also invited to participate and past guests have included top representatives from CAA, CAA Sports, AEG Live, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Azoff Music, AVP (Pro Beach Volleyball) and Soccer United Marketing (SUM). Conference Calls Each month, the GSN Executive Committee schedules a conference call to discuss the needs and objectives of the entire group. In addition, an all-members conference call occurs once each month to discuss industry trends, new developments, specific booking opportunities and touring traffic.

6 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Special Events Booking / Operations Once a quarter, the group holds a Special Events Booking call for banquet managers, sales staff and concessions operators responsible for booking meetings, banquets, proms and any other type of functions. Once a quarter, the group also holds a call for stadium operations staff to communicate cost saving strategies, and share ideas that may result in greater efficiencies. Conference and Industry Functions GSN members and Jeff Apregan attend different industry functions and conferences throughout each year. These conferences provide an excellent opportunity for members to meet informally, and to interact with industry leaders. Some of the conferences attended by Apregan Group and the GSN members include Pollstar Live, International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA), and the Billboard Touring Conference. In addition, GSN delegates have attended special meetings in New York and Nashville to meet with specific artist representatives and sports agents.

7 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Marketing & Publicity GSN has made a focused effort to market its members stadiums to the live entertainment industry. GSN consistently advertises in Pollstar Magazines Facility, Talent Buyer, and Booking Agency Directories and in the Pollstar Live Conference Issues. GSN has also taken out full page ads in both Pollstar and Billboard Magazines congratulating Kenny Chesney, an artist that has played many GSN stadiums over the past several years. GSN has been a sponsor of the Billboard Touring Conference. GSN Website The GSN website provides general information about the group and its participating stadiums. The website can be found at

8 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Talent Buying Services By engaging the services of Apregan Group, members can get assistance with preparation of talent offers and talent negotiations. In addition, Apregan can assist with risk evaluation and the review and execution of performance agreements. Extended Network of Peers The interaction that has developed between individual GSN members has become one of the organizations greatest assets. Members are able to share information about events, operations, deals, expense savings, new revenue opportunities and much more.

9 BUSINESS PEOPLE IN A CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT Apregan Group, Inc. In 2006, GSN retained the services of Jeff Apregan (Apregan Group), a concert industry veteran, as a booking advocate for the group. Today, Apregan interacts daily with members and is a resource for any member needing his help. On an ongoing basis, he is communicating with industry leaders to pitch GSN stadiums for their consideration and to help identify new programming opportunities. Additional information about Apregan Group can be found at

10 A FRIEND IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS Jeff Apregan For thirty years, Jeff Apregan has produced, promoted and managed live entertainment events throughout the world. From 70-city tours to one-time extravaganzas, he has produced events in venues ranging from clubs to coliseums. In 1993, he founded Apregan Group, a company which provides a variety of entertainment consulting services including strategic planning, talent buying, tour promotion and marketing, event budgeting and risk assessment. The company specializes in the development and execution of entertainment programs and initiatives for artists, venues, organizations and corporations. Jeff Apregan is the Tour Director for Neil Diamond and is actively involved in Mr. Diamonds global touring operations. In addition to his role with GSN, he is the managing partner for Venue Coalition, an organization which provides consulting and supplemental programming for approximately 50 medium and small market arenas in North America. Information about Venue Coalition can be found at

11 JOINING GRIDIRON STADIUM NETWORK GSN is a non-profit association that is operated by its members through an executive board that is selected and established by its members. Annual membership begins on March 1st of each year and continues through the end of February. Membership Parameters GSN does not guarantee events to its members nor will it obligate its members to take an event or activity GSN will not set policies or procedures, or determine deal or cost structure arrangements for members with outside parties unless directed to do so by an individual member or members. Members are not obligated to take on financial risk Members may promote events in-house, co promote or do strictly rentals Membership Fees Please contact Jeff Apregan at (805) 494-0020 to discuss

12 CONCERT EVENTS Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen Dave Matthews Band Eagles George Strait Kenny Chesney Madonna Metallica The Police Rolling Stones U2 Vans Warped Tour

13 SPECIAL EVENTS Wrestlemania 23 World Cup / CONCACAF Soccer NCAA Final Four & Frozen Four World Championship Boxing Barack Obama – 2008 DNC ESPN X-Games Superbowl XL, XLI, XLIII & XLIV Feld Motorsports, MonsterJam & Supercross NFL season kick-off experiences

14 TESTIMONIALS Gridiron Stadium Network is an invaluable resource and partner in putting together successful National tours. -Doug Clouse, Sr. Vice President, AEG Live Touring Membership in the GSN has greatly impacted our presence with agents, managers and promoters. We are very pleased with our return on the investment with the GSN. -Kelly Urquhart, VP of Events, Detroit Lions and Ford Field Since joining GSN, the Ravens have been successful in attracting top notch sporting events and special events to M & T Bank Stadium. The contacts and expertise that the Apregan Group brings to GSN is has proven to be invaluable to us. Additionally, the discussions and interaction between member stadiums at our annual meeting and on our monthly conference calls provides me and the Ravens with knowledge and insights that would not be possible had we not become members. -Roy Sommerhof, VP Stadium Operations, Baltimore Ravens

15 GSN CONTACT INFORMATION Executive Director Jeff Apregan / (805) 494-0020 Executive Committee Members Roy Sommerhof (Chairman): / (410) 986-5220 Andy Gorchov (Vice Chairman): / (720) 258-3035 Jimmie Sacco (Co-Treasurer): / (412) 697-7145 Mickey Farrell (Co-Treasurer): / (813) 350-6507 Sarah Elswick (Secretary): / (206) 381-7558

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