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A grassroots program for the future of Yachting in Victoria.

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1 A grassroots program for the future of Yachting in Victoria

2 Victoria – the place to be - to Go Sailing & boating

3 In Victoria – the place to be - is At a club to - Go Sailing & boating

4 Welcome The Hon. James Merlino Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs

5 Background Context Yachting is in a very competitive environment Clubs are volunteer based community organisations Perception ( & reality ?) of clubs is neither accessible or affordable Membership is stable ? But insufficient data ! Limited national attraction strategies except training As a state we could be performing better Great Events – SM & SGW

6 The Grassroots Program Measured starting point Club Plans and Policies Capacity development – volunteers Club Based Promotion Go Sailing & boating Program Club Promotion eg Image, Hosting, prospect management, customer service, open days Statewide Participation Programs eg Tackers, Schools Teams, Women in Sailing, Sailability, Branding & Communications plan Statewide Promotion

7 Key Points Build the Grassroots capacity first –Promoting the sport & clubs follows About a planned future success –Club plans not just ad hoc training Need to measure = survey –Need to demonstrate performance –Build industry profile –Help clubs identify current status

8 Johnny Rodgers Program Manager

9 Agenda Background What YV is aiming to achieve Stakeholders & government departments Program Objectives Program Details Eligibility Next steps & future

10 Background THIS program, funded by the Victorian State Government, AIMS to help clubs increase participation, member performance, race management capability, and to increase success and unity in the club community. The involvement of yacht clubs and their volunteers was a fantastic success of the Volvo Ocean stopover. With the Surplus funds from this it has been recognised that the funds be distributed back to all yacht clubs in Victoria via Yachting Victoria – in the form of volunteer training Yachting Victoria has been working ON YOUR BEHALF with the State Government for more than 15 months to secure THESE funds and design this program

11 Benefits to Clubs No cost associated with training and accrediting club officials in Race Management, Coaching & Instructing including Power Boat & First Aid requirements Access to tailored Inclusion, Membership Protection & Risk management policies creating healthy & safe environments.

12 Yachting Victoria - Vision/Mission Vision - Sailing & Boating will be recognised as an enjoyable,accessible safe sport and lifetime recreation for everyone Mission - To have more people participating more successfully and more enjoyably, in boating and sailing at member clubs.

13 Yachting Victorias 7 Objectives Participation - Encourage the maximum possible number of people to participate in sailing and boating at member clubs. Strategic Representation - Ensure that the infrastructure is attractive to people and affordable & secure for all clubs Coaching & High Performance - Increase the success of competitive sailors

14 Yachting Victoria 7 Objectives Training - Maximise the number of people trained in and sailing at member clubs, & the number of volunteers supporting them. Competition Development - Increase safe participation in club based events and the expertise of member clubs in event and race management Service to member clubs - Optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of member clubs through the exchange of information and provision of services and advice Admin Secretarial & Governance - Ensure our YV admin is effective and efficient, & delivers proper governance and support.

15 Key Stakeholders All yacht clubs in Victoria Volunteers Local Government Yachting Victoria Sailors Instructors Coaches Race Officers State Government

16 Key Government Departments/Agencies Department of Victoria Community/ Dept Sport and Recreation Marine Safety Victoria Department of Sustainability & Environment / Parks Victorian Major Events Company VicHealth – (Health promotion fund ) Vic Sport - (Peak Sporting Body) Boating Industry Association (representing suppliers)

17 What can we improve ? Junior, youth & family, non traditional, participation Accessibility of clubs Image & Actual Community benefit Utilisation of clubs Achievements of Victorian sailors Capacity and capability for event management Unity of the sport Attract & support CLUB volunteers

18 Funding Victorian State Government will fund - $400,000 TO the program over 2 years 2007-2008 Funding exceeds total annual club subscription to YV Program is to be managed by Yachting Victoria Two stages 1.Survey and Race Officer Training & SURVEY – now 2.Instructor and Coach Programs and Club Support – subject to successful Stage 1

19 Other Options Yachting Victoria had several options as to how to apply the proposed funding available e.g –New premises for YV administration (vs role as a facilitator) –New Coaching Craft & other equipment (vs supporting clubs) –Promoting the sport - participation programs, media etc (vs building capacity to deliver this) –Increase participation through development of human resources

20 Go Sailing & boating – Program Objectives Increase our capacity to deliver major events through the development of Race Officers Increase the performance of Victorian sailors through the development of Club & Class based Coaches Increase participation at clubs through the development of Instructors – to enable participation programs and increase club accessibility

21 Role of Yachting Victoria DEVELOP AND Manage the program Report to Sport & Recreation Victoria and Yacht Clubs Support clubs by delivering –Frameworks for club management –Programs for participation, coaching, officiating –Train the trainers

22 Eligibility All Clubs and their current & potential officials who –Complete YVs Survey of the current position a our sport –Have already, or will adopt the management framework & policies –Adopt the Go Sailing & boating branding –In the case of Instructors are a YA Training Centre All individuals need to be endorsed by their clubs Special recognition of –Regional Victoria –Inclusion programs – Sailability For attaining or upgrading qualifications

23 A planned approach Club Committees consider whether to play Survey will benefit the club Where are you now at ? Where do you want to be ? Clubs are at different positions with different needs

24 A Planned approach (cont) A plan for the future. Do you want to ? –Race Management improvement –Increased training to attract new members –Improve members sailing performance –Meet community expectations Target program participants –Community volunteer program ? –Young people, females, all abilities

25 Project Timing Stage One – the preliminaries –Race Officer training (In Progress) –Certificate IV in training (train the trainers at YV) –Club Survey (12/2/07- 1/5/07) –Present REPORT to Government for further funding (1/7/07) Stage Two – the program –Instructor & coach development (1/6/07?? BEFORE 1/07?) –Support for clubs to implement plans & policies (1/11/07) Stage Three – the PROGRAM Report –Performance review and report – (2008)

26 Benefits to Clubs Development of Race Management capacity – With the advent of events such as Geelong Skandia week, Sail Melbourne, World Championships for 5 Olympic Classes, National class championships for more than 12 classes. –2008 will need every resource available to be able to run all events to the best to their ability. –Opportunity for all Race officers to be involved in what may the biggest summer of Yachting that Australia has ever seen. –Increased event capacity of your club for the future

27 Improved Sailor Performance Qualified Coaches –Open to Clubs & Olympic & International Classes –A Coach for every club & class linked to YV programs – NCAS Level 2 has become the YA Club Coach –Feeding into the Victorian & Australian Sailing teams

28 Increase Participation and new memberships Instructors –Increase participation at clubs through the development of qualified instructors –To enable participation programs and increase club accessibility –Convert participation into new members (revenue)

29 Comply with Government Regulations and Community Expectations Policies = Duty of Care –Inclusion – including people of all abilities –Membership protection – against harassment, discrimination and inappropriate behavior –Risk management – identifying all risks to members and the public and minimizing them –Healthy Environment – non smoking, healthy eating, responsible alcohol Note : All of the above is especially logical for those clubs working with children Adopt ready made policies Receive training and support

30 What happens from here ? Complete the Survey of YOUR CLUBS current position ín the sport, in conjunction with Yachting Victoria Indicate the number of volunteers ( ) from your club that will commit to becoming accredited – each course to include completion of the following: –First Aid –Power Boat Handling –Risk Management/Membership protection/Inclusion Adopt the GO Sailing Branding Adopt the management framework & policies

31 The Future = Statewide programs Tackers Boating Education for Kids Sailability Schools Teams Racing Women in Sailing Branding Communications plan – including media (all funding & resource dependent )

32 Expression of interest Fill out the expression of interest and leave it on your seat. Questions

33 Conclusion

34 The YV Team Competition & Events – Sail Melbourne Rod Austin Vikki Maloney January 2008 – –Sail Melbourne Olympic Classes ( World Cup ? ) –Finn, 470, 49er 29er World Championships –Asia Pacific Laser & Tornados Championships –Australian Youth Championship –Skandia Geelong Week

35 The YV Team Training Heather Cameron Ian Wall Michelle Pickford

36 The YV team Coaching Mark Jackson Jane Moffat ( Coach & Race Officer support) Bunny Warren (YA National Youth Coach)

37 The YV team David Vickers Sam Watson –Serving club officials and committees Johnny Rogers –Go Sailing & boating program Manager = Club Development Officer = Sports Development Officer

38 Conclusion Thanks for attending Please consider this program for your club Contact Johnny Communicate widely & enthusiastically ( Club use of Crown Land meeting @ 8pm)

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