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Vicki Putson Regional Manager – Yorkshire & Humberside Karen Buck Netball Development Officer – North Yorkshire.

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1 Vicki Putson Regional Manager – Yorkshire & Humberside Karen Buck Netball Development Officer – North Yorkshire


3 The New Plan Your Game Your Way ENs 2020 strategy Whole Sport Plan 13-17 Submission to Sport England to fund certain areas of the plan. £25.3m (the 3 rd highest award to a sport and a massive 35% increase on our 09-13 award) Sport England will hold us to account for overall participation increases Across the country (not just membership increases) Learning from successes WSP 09-13

4 The New Plan Utilising participant insight 12,000 involved in the PCA consultation Local auditing 9 x regional road shows to test proposals Developing sustainability Post 2017 the landscape will change We must use the next four years to prepare. Our aim is to make EN more self reliant. That is our challenge! Need to be smarter about how we sell the sport and create revenue streams Vital that we develop strong local, regional and national partnerships

5 X England Netball Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals VISION Your Game, Your Way MISSION To establish England Netball as a top performing, financially sustainable National Governing Body that promotes Netball for Life and develops more world class athletes STRATEGIC GOAL 1 Grow participation in the game by an average of 10,000 participants per annum STRATEGIC GOAL 2 Deliver a 1 st Class Member and Participant experience STRATEGIC GOAL 3 Establish England as the number 1 team in the world by winning the World Netball Championships STRATEGIC GOAL 4 Lead an effective and progressive infrastructure enabling all involved in the netball experience to collaborate as one team aligned behind one dream

6 Netball in 2017 A product and offer of choice for every participant 40,954 introductions 108,000 members Extended influence Good governance – rated green Employer of choice Place in World Netball Championship final A more commercial approach Ahead of the rest top performing NGB

7 X RESEARCH PCA RESEARCH Motives Expectations Aspirations Needs Capabilities MOO Research SPORTING LANDSCAPE PARTICIPANT DEVELOPMENT MODEL SEGMENT PROFILES PRODUCT BRANDING ROUTE TO MARKET SEGMENT STRATEGY RIGHT PEOPLE RIGHT ORGANISATION RIGHT FACILITY IMPLEMENTATION Activating the Participant Development Model Returners Profile (WHO) Women Predominantly returners to the game Not in education, core market currently 25-44 years Have had a lifestyle transition 43% have children 64% Full time employment Confidence barrier to activity Requirements (HOW) Back to Netball (traditional, mums) Pay and play, no commitment Key Drivers (WHY) Always enjoyed playing netball To get fit To have fun Environment (WHERE) Community based provision Indoor Leisure centre and schools Netball 7s Routes to Market Back to Netball o Traditional o Mums (day) o HE o Workplace Implementation NDOs NDCCs Right People BACK TO NETBALL Right Route Local authority facilities Local educational facilities Local workplace facilities Right Facility England Netball Appointed partner organisation eg DC Leisure Right Organisation 10,000 new participants 1 st Class service World Champions

8 X High5 Netball High 5 is the recommended 5-a- side version of the 7-a-side game for 9–11 year olds. It gives every child the chance to experience and enjoy every position, as well as off-court roles. Netball 7s Netball 7s is the traditional 7-a-side form of the game. Caged Netball Caged Netball is the fastest and most furious form of netball played today. Games are played inside in high-tension netted courts, so the ball never goes out of play, creating a faster paced game. Netball Fitness FitNet is a circuit-based fitness class designed specifically to enhance the skills required for netball. Netball Skills Netball Skills is an adapted version of the game designed for children under the age of 9. The aim of this form of the game is to develop key netball skills such as throwing and catching as well as spatial awareness without complicated rules. FastNet FastNet is an exciting, fast-paced game that is a relatively new form of netball. A number of innovative rule changes have been introduced to the traditional game in order to challenge the fitness, technical ability and tactical awareness of teams.

9 X ADULT CASUALS RETURNERS ASPIRING TO PERFORM HOOKED ON NETBALL Back to Netball Netball Now IntraMural Leagues Club / Team FitNet Festivals Workplace Leagues KEY: Segment targeted Segment potentially benefiting EXISTINGEXISTING WSP YEAR 1WSP YEAR 1 WSP YEAR 2WSP YEAR 2 Boarders = Pilot Fill = Launch

10 X MINIS TALENTED YOUTH / DEVELOPING EXCELLENCE I NETBALLERS YOUTH CASUALS KEY: EXISTING Boarders = Pilot WSP YEAR 1Fill = Launce WSP YEAR 2 WSP YEAR 3 Netball Now School Curricular / Extra-curricular Sessions School / College Curricular / Extra-curricular Sessions Community Clubs (Junior U11 section) Community Club (Junior section) Community Club (Junior & Senior) FE Institution Satellite & County Academy Regional & Performance Academy Introduction to Netball Holiday Camps / Playdays Holiday Camps Satellite Clubs (PL4S)

11 Local Picture Karen Buck Netball Development Officer North Yorkshire

12 North Yorkshire – Current Landscape Part time Netball Development Officer (17 ½ Hours) Support from Yorkshire Regional Coordinator 54 Affiliated Clubs / Teams 9 Clubs with CAPS status: Elvington, Haxby, Hi-Lites, Millers, Osbaldwick, Harrogate Phoenix, Rawcliffe, Ripon Rockets, Rufforth 8 B2N Projects engaging 114 new participants

13 North Yorkshire EN and NY County Netball Association currently writing a 4 year plan NDO targets integrated Joined up approach Circulated to CSP / partners April 2013

14 North Yorkshire - Priorities Increase capacity at clubs Facilities a big issue Lack of Accessibility Develop the Volunteer base Current ones at capacity Grow the number of Junior clubs Competition Structure at U11s Develop Back to Netball and Pay and Play Opportunities Income generation?

15 Thank you for listening Questions?

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