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Darren Malkin Events Manager

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1 Darren Malkin Events Manager
VIP Hospitality Day Darren Malkin Events Manager

2 Autódromo Internacional Algarve
Opened October 2008 100,000 capacity Major Racing Weekends 2009 Rock One with James Morrison International DJ Fatboy Slim Algarve Historic Festival

3 Autódromo Internacional Algarve
2010 Repeat of 2009 plus new events World Touring Car Championship German Touring Car Championship (DTM) 2010 Top Gear filming new DVD Aston Martin car launch Mclaren Automotive International brand launching Jan 2010.

4 FIA & FIM Approval Max Mosley – FIA President at the track
F1 teams tested at the track in 2009 Virgin Racing F1 team are due to test at the track in December 2009 Will F1 come back to Portugal?

5 Facilities & Future Plans
A five-star Radisson SAS hotel 194 rooms and 160 apartments. Sports complex Karting track & 4X4 track Technology park The complex occupies an area of nearly 300 hectares, including a racing track offering 64 variations, the longest being 4,692 metres for Formula One competitions

6 2009 Visitors Michael Schumacher with Paulo Pinheiro
Flavio Briatore with Fernando Alonso

7 2009 Visitors Lewis Hamilton with AIA staff

8 10 year contract. Flexible payment terms
Hospitality Boxes 3 Types Grandstand - €14.5K – 10 people Pit Boxes - €22.5K – 16 people VIP Tower - €34.5K – 21 people 10 year contract. Flexible payment terms VIP Car Parking/Priority Parking at all events

9 Ownership Shared Corporate Private Personal use Opportunities for rental Sell on lease Sell on track days/events

10 Usage Events Concerts Private Track Days Corporate Entertaining Staff Motivation Office Meeting Room/Board Room/Think Tanks

11 Hospitality Market The corporate hospitality market in the UK alone is expected to reach £1.205 billion by 2014, which represents a cumulative increase of 24% compared with 2009. Corporate hospitality has become a key part of moral boosting and marketing, and it is expected it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

12 Trends In a recent survey of companies one-third of respondents (34%) said that they had increased their spending in the last year, while almost half (44%) felt that corporate hospitality was now an essential part of doing business. Chris Morris, sales and marketing director at All Leisure says that the main driver is that customer expectations are rising. Not content with offering their guests a few drinks, some prawn sandwiches and a complimentary ticket, his clients now expect "a total experience". His point is echoed by Simon Gillespie, sales and marketing director at Sportsworld, Gillespie says that in the 1980s, corporate hospitality was "purely a reward and a jolly", whereas now most buyers link it to direct business objectives. "And you can't keep rolling out the same product and expect prices to go up," he adds. “Corporate hospitality is much more a part of the mix now."

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