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Intercollegiate Athletics 5-Year Academic Action Plan.

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1 Intercollegiate Athletics 5-Year Academic Action Plan

2 A Message from the Director of Athletics Dear Bobcat Fans, The mission of Ohio Athletics is to inspire, develop and support students in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. Each day our coaches, administrators and staff focus on assisting student-athletes to achieve their dreams and aspirations, both in the classroom and in competition. It is an appropriate time for Ohio Athletics to develop desired outcomes that will guide our decision making over the course of the next five years. The expectations for Ohio Athletics are at an all-time high and as a department we are excited to pursue the tremendous opportunities that are in front of us. We are pleased to share the following presentation outlining pertinent information related to the strategies and outcomes associated to Intercollegiate Athletics in the Five-Year Academic Action Plan. We are extremely proud of and continue to celebrate our recent success in the classroom and in competition. Our vision for an even greater future is dependent upon all of us working together. There are so many important roles in achieving and sustaining a championship program. We sincerely appreciate you taking time to review the following information. We value your comments and look forward to receiving feedback as we focus to ensure Ohio Athletics successfully contributes to the mission of Ohio University. Together, we can continue to enhance the environment in which todays student-athletes will indeed become tomorrows leaders. Sincerely, Kirby Hocutt

3 Mission The mission of Ohio Intercollegiate Athletics is to inspire, develop, and support students in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. Core Values Integrity Positive Attitude Focus Accountability Professional Conduct Continuous Improvement

4 A pioneering institution of higher learning and world-class research for more than 200 years, Ohio University provides an exceptional and distinctive educational experience. The Universitys rich and distinguished history reflects its dedication to building a diverse and welcoming educational environment. An important component of this unique environment is Ohio University's Intercollegiate Athletics program. This program provides a unique opportunity for our students to represent our University. Our student-athletes achievements also provide a window through which the world can view our universitys exemplary academic programs and scholarly achievements. Because Intercollegiate Athletics is so important to the mission of Ohio University, we will continue to pursue opportunities that will lift our athletic and academic programs to new heights of excellence. Ohio President Roderick J. McDavis

5 Intercollegiate Athletics Position Statement Ohio University is committed to operating its intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with all Federal, State of Ohio, NCAA and Mid-American Conference regulations. We are committed to protecting the safety and welfare of our student-athletes. We will provide the resources for student-athletes to achieve their dreams and aspirations in the classroom and in competition. We will provide a quality experience for student-athletes to train and compete while they represent Ohio University. We will serve as a source of pride for Ohio University while providing a national audience with a window into the benefits of our Institution and the community of people who work and study here. We will provide a laboratory for practical education experience. We will provide access to higher education opportunities for aspiring students. We will create an environment that involves and connects people to that which is larger than themselves. We will create champions as well as hope and inspiration in ourselves, our student-athletes and our community.

6 Goal: Enrich Environment Objective: Lift our Athletics Programs to New Heights of Excellence STRATEGY 1 Enhance service to OHIO student-athletes providing a quality learning environment to achieve their dreams and aspirations in the classroom and competition OUTCOME Lead the Mid-American Conference in Graduation Success Rates

7 According to the latest figures released by the NCAA, Ohio University student-athletes who entered school between 1997 and 2000 posted a Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 83 percent. The national Division I institutional average is 77 percent. Each Bobcat team scored at or above the national average in their respective sport, with four of the teams scoring a perfect 100 percent (Mens Golf, Womens Golf, Field Hockey and Womens Swimming and Diving). The NCAAs Academic Progress Rate (APR) report shows that every one of our teams scored above the NCAA requirement score of 925. In fact, for the second straight year, the volleyball and men's golf programs scored a perfect 1,000 and were recognized among the nation's top 10% in their sports. Overall, 11 teams scored above their sport's national average for Division I. This past Spring Quarter, Ohio's student-athletes excelled in the classroom. 311 student-athletes achieved a 3.0 GPA or above and 176 achieved a 3.5 GPA or above. In addition, 117 student- athletes made the Dean's List. For the school year, the Ohio Men's Basketball had the highest Academic Progress Rate (APR) and Graduation Success Rate (GSR) in the Mid-American Conference (MAC). Last year, 16 student-athletes earned Academic All-MAC honors, and one student-athlete earned the esteemed honor of Academic All-American. Academic Achievements

8 2006 Academic Graduation Success Rate Ball State90% Bowling Green86% Miami84% Toledo83% Ohio82% Buffalo82% Kent State80% Northern Illinois79% Central Michigan79% Western Michigan76% Temple70% Eastern Michigan69% Akron67% Ohios 2007 NCAA Student-Athlete Graduation Success Rate – 83%

9 Ohio student-athletes have expressed a desire to receive more programming in personal and professional development. Through implementation of the CHAMPS Life Skills Program, Ohio student-athletes will be provided with instructional materials and supplemental resources to support their development in five areas: academics, athletics, personal development, career development and community service.

10 The mission of the NCAA is to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the campus educational program and the student-athlete as an integral part of the student body. With this in mind, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was created to support the student-athlete development initiatives of NCAA member institutions and to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the context of higher education. In the process of achieving this mission, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program will: Promote student-athletes' ownership of their academic, athletic, career, personal and community responsibilities. Meet the changing needs of student-athletes. Promote respect for diversity and inclusion among student-athletes. Assist student-athletes in identifying and applying transferable skills. Enhance partnerships between the NCAA, member institutions and their communities for the purpose of education. Foster an environment that encourages student-athletes to effectively access campus resources. Encourage the development of character, integrity and leadership skills. Participating institutions in the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program are provided with instructional materials and supplemental resources which support a student-athlete's development in five areas: academics, athletics, personal development, career development and community service. CHAMPS Life Skills

11 Measuring Success Success will be measured in annual graduation rates and communication feedback from student-athletes surveys regarding effectiveness of the materials provided through the CHAMPS Life Skills Program.

12 Goal: Enrich Environment Objective: Lift our Athletics Programs to New Heights of Excellence STRATEGY 2 Continue to focus on strengthening our constituent relationships with all stakeholders resulting in increasing resources OUTCOME Provide operational resources ensuring a high quality student-athlete experience

13 Focusing on strengthening relationships will pave the way to advance Ohio Athletics. Constituent Relationships Student-Athletes and Parents Coaches and Staff Community Members Corporate Partners Donors Media Event Employees Event Ticket Holders Faculty and University Administration Fans and Alumni MAC Faculty Athletics Representatives NCAA and Conference Representatives President and Board Members Prospective Student-Athletes and Parents Sports Medicine Team Students Visiting Teams, Coaches and Staff

14 Success Outside Generated Revenue Corporate Sponsorship increased 35% Football Season Ticket Sales 3-year increase of 110% Mens Basketball Season Ticket Sales increased 50% Ohio Bobcat Club Fundraising increased 75%

15 Measuring Success Success will be measured in financial support, providing the appropriate support systems and facilities for each intercollegiate athletics program to consistently compete for championships.

16 Goal: Enrich Environment Objective: Lift our Athletics Programs to New Heights of Excellence STRATEGY 3 Retain and recruit talented coaches and staff OUTCOME Regularly compete for the top Mid-American Conference institutional awards (Reese and Jacoby Trophies)

17 Reese Trophy Winners (since 1958) Miami 23 Ohio 9 * Ball State 4 Bowling Green 4 Eastern Michigan 3 Western Michigan 3 Kent State 3 Central Michigan 2 Jacoby Trophy Winners (since 1983) Ball State 5 Kent State 6 Western Michigan 5 Bowling Green 4 Central Michigan 2 Miami 2 Ohio 2 ** Reese and Jacoby History *Reese Trophy recipient 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 **Jacoby Trophy recipient and

18 Success will be measured in annual Mid-American Conference championships and standings. Measuring Success

19 Todays Student-Athletes, Tomorrows Leaders! GO BOBCATS!

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