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Legends and Lore… What Do You Know About the History of Gwinnett County? George Bagwell Gwinnett Tourism Awareness Program December 3, 2008.

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1 Legends and Lore… What Do You Know About the History of Gwinnett County? George Bagwell Gwinnett Tourism Awareness Program December 3, 2008

2 QUESTION: For what was the Runaway Brides house used in 1935?

3 ANSWER: A temporary schoolhouse after Duluth School burned.

4 They overlap enough to convince me that the foundations, at least, are true. You know how quickly rumors change. Word of mouth can distort truth in a very short space of time. But that does not change the essence of the story.

5 Four Step Test for Credibility (adopted from Cite a Site) Who…is the author. What…is their authority. Where…is the source. When…did this originate.

6 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 17 19 20 24 25 27 28 29 35 36 37 38 40 41 46 47 48 Q.E.D. 30

7 2. Along what geographical feature are 12 Gwinnett schools built?

8 HINT: Creekland MS, Dacula ES, Mill Creek HS, Osborne MS, Duncan Creek ES, Ft. Daniel ES, Freemans Mill ES, Peachtree Ridge HS, Hull MS, Duluth MS, Norcross HS, Peachtree ES

9 ANSWER: The Eastern Continental Divide…running from Fort Daniel to Fort Standing Pitchtree

10 3. What is the connection between Shiloh HS and Gone With the Wind?

11 HINT: Think of the Promised Land

12 ANOTHER HINT: Think of Thomas McQuire

13 ANSWER: Shiloh was the first stop for the Hebrews, in 1200 B.C., in their Promised Land. Margaret Mitchell frequently visited the Promised Land plantation.

14 5. How did Rockbridge ES earn its name?

15 HINT: There is also a Rockbridge ES in DeKalb County.

16 ANSWER: At the border between Gwinnett and DeKalb there is a rock bridge crossing in the summertime, across the Yellow River.

17 6. Where was Hull ELEMENTARY located ?

18 HINT: Named after Richard Hull, as in Hull Middle School.

19 ANSWER: Hull Elementary School was a six room school for African-American students located in western Gwinnett…prior to integration in 1966. It was located on the Hill in Duluth.

20 7.

21 7. Where was the Native American mound associated with the Chattahoochee Chiefs?

22 HINT:

23 Think old Milton County…think Stoney River Restaurant…think Cherokees…think Warsaw…


25 In the flood plain just across the Chattahoochee River on Pleasant Hill Road, in Fulton County.

26 8.

27 8. What has GCPS only Heisman Trophy to do with Will Rogers?

28 HINT:

29 George Rogers, from Duluth HS, won the Heisman Trophy, at the University of South Carolina in 1980.


31 9. How close did GCPS come to being the home school district for the capital of Georgia?

32 HINT: Railroad Survey of 1835

33 ANSWER: A site near the Atlanta Athletic Club was a finalist in the Railroad Survey of 1835 to determine the terminus of the railroad from Chattanooga.

34 10.

35 10. What is the irony involved in the name of Kanoheda ES and the school location?

36 HINT: The Creek Indians didnt like the Cherokee Indians.


38 Kanoheda is a Cherokee word for truth passed through generations yet the school is located in Creek Indian territory.

39 11. What were the names of the consolidated high schools that opened in 1958-59?

40 HINT: Geographical names were chosen…Central Gwinnett was one of them.

41 ANSWER: Central Gwinnett, South Gwinnett, North Gwinnett…and West Gwinnett.

42 12. Why was there no East Gwinnett HS opened in 1958-59?

43 HINT: Dacula is in East Gwinnett…

44 ANSWER: …and was supposed to be included in the attendance zone for Central Gwinnett. The community took legal action to stop this.

45 13. Which existing schools were closed during the consolidation in 1958-59?

46 HINT: Dacula High School and Lilburn High School were not closed.

47 ANSWER: Bethesda HS, Dacula HS, Duluth HS, Grayson HS, Lawrenceville HS, Lilburn HS, Norcross HS, Snellville HS

48 14. What happened to West Gwinnett HS in 1959?

49 HINT: Neighborhood rivalries were strong in those days.

50 ANSWER: Duluth seceeded from West Gwinnett HS, and Norcross parents petitioned a name change back to Norcross HS.

51 16. Where was Dacula MS originally located?

52 HINT: Where it is still located.

53 ANSWER: In the same building as Dacula ES.

54 17. What could have Collins Hill HS been named?

55 HINT: Another school now has this name.

56 ANSWER: Peachtree Ridge HS would have been a good name. Collins Hill is a part of the Peachtree Ridge.

57 18. Conceivably, what could have been another name for Peachtree Ridge HS?

58 HINT: It is located along the Eastern Continental Divide.

59 ANSWER: Several possible names come to mind…Suwanee HS, Juberville HS, Gilbert HS, Lebanon HS, Goose Creek HS,…and Bagwell HS.

60 19. Prior to desegregation (in 1966), where did African-American high school students attend school in Gwinnett?

61 HINT: It is still a school today.

62 ANSWER: Hooper-Renwick School, in Lawrenceville currently is adjacent to the GIVE Center.

63 20. What was the first GCPS to win a state athletic Championship?

64 HINT: The town took its name from Decatur, and Atlanta.

65 ANSWER: Dacula School won boys basketball championships in 1930, 1945, and 1975. The Dacula girls won a basketball championship in 1954.

66 21. What was the first GCPS to compete for a national athletic championship?

67 HINT: …it wasnt Parkview HS.

68 ANSWER: Duluth School won the 9 th Congressional district boys basketball championship, and would have gone to the nationals in the 1930s…

69 22. Prior to 1990, what schools won state athletic championships?

70 HINT: Duluth School has been a finalist seven times…

71 ANSWER: Lawrenceville School won a baseball championship, as did Duluth School…and the aforementioned Dacula School championships.

72 24. What was the major obstacle in Duluth to the 1937 school consolidation?

73 HINT: Cotton was king!

74 ANSWER: Duluth did not want their tax dollars used to fund education in the poorer sections of Gwinnett in those days…Snellville in particular!

75 25. Who shot the school superintendent in the early 1900s?

76 HINT: Another school superintendent.

77 ANSWER: The Lawrenceville School Superintendent shot J.A. Bagwell, the Gwinnett School Superintendent.

78 27. Near which school was Barbara Jane Mackle buried alive in 1969?

79 HINT: She was buried alive in a box and kept alive for ransom.

80 ANSWER: Berkeley Lake ES, in 1968.

81 28. During one year in the 1990s, which school was located in the city with the highest per capita income in the WORLD?

82 HINT: They all had lake front homes.

83 ANSWER: The City of Berkeley Lake was a retirement community.

84 29. What is the basic geologic structure near Chesney ES (near Gwinnett Place Mall)?

85 HINT: Could their mascot be the Sand Crabs?

86 ANSWER: The valley was a huge sand pit.

87 30. Which two Bond Referendums failed? For what reasons?

88 HINT: Football was not king!

89 ANSWER: A referendum in the 1970s would have purchased the land where Gwinnett Place Mall is located…for a community stadium….and in 1990…because of…

90 31. What is the significance of the name of the street (Castor) adjacent to Beaver Ridge ES?

91 HINT: Castor is a Spanish word…

92 ANSWER: …for Beaver. There is a creek nearby where lots of beavers once built their dam.

93 32. Which schools did Berkmar HS replace in the 1966?

94 HINT: The two communities were bitter rivals. It took 10 years to decide on a location, and a school name.

95 ANSWER: Bethesda HS, recently returned from the Central Gwinnett Cluster, and Lilburn HS, which was its own cluster.

96 33. Where was Lawrenceville MS originally located?

97 HINT: Not on Hi Hope Road across from the county lock up.

98 ANSWER: On the hill in downtown Lawrenceville, near the water tower.

99 34. Where is the oldest gymnasium located?

100 HINT: Several schools qualify.

101 ANSWER: Probably Bethesda ES. Dacula MS is a candidate, as is the Suwanee Training Center.

102 35. Why is Buford an independent school district?

103 HINT: Lawrenceville City was also until the 1940s.

104 ANSWER: These two cities represented the militia districts in Gwinnett…two in one county is a no-no.

105 36. How were several school buildings built between the World Wars?

106 HINT: FDR to the rescue…a Democrat!

107 ANSWER: The Works Program Administration (WPA) built at least Bethesda School, and Duluth School (replaced in 1970.)

108 37. What unusual event occurred in the fall of 1953, at two schools, at least?

109 HINT: What is the name of the GCPS News Show?


111 ANSWER: Someone shot a 16mm color film at Duluth School (Nov. 4, 1953) and possibly Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Grayson and/or Harmony Schools.

112 38. Why are there so many creeks in the Mill Creek Cluster?

113 HINT: Think Question #2.

114 ANSWER: The Mill Creek Cluster straddles the Eastern Continental Divide…therefore there is a lot of water drainage in this area.

115 39. For what was the Suwanee Bus Barn originally used?

116 HINT: They didnt win any championships.

117 ANSWER: It was the gymnasium for Suwanee School…and the home to at least one concert.

118 40. What is donkey basketball?

119 HINT: Not quite as good as selling ice creams.

120 ANSWER: Participants played basketball while astride, and riding, donkeys. It was used as a fund raiser in the 1960s.

121 41. How is the geology of the land around McConnell MS related to that of the State of Maine?

122 HINT: Dont take this question for granite!

123 ANSWER: A geological thread of granite runs along the Appalachians to the state of Maine…Stone Mountain included.

124 43. What is the oldest school building in the district?

125 HINT: Opinions vary.

126 ANSWER: Some of the buildings remain from 1931 at Bethesda School and Dacula School.

127 45. Which cluster took legal action in 1958 to prevent consolidation?

128 HINT: Actually, three considered…and one followed through.

129 ANSWER: Duluth and Lilburn thought about it…but Dacula followed through.

130 46. What is the real name for Peachtree Elementary School?

131 HINT: The answer lies in Bolton, Georgia…and in Question # 2.

132 ANSWER: Pitchtree Elementary School. Named after a fort that stood at the confluence of the Chattahoochee River, and Pitchtree Creek.

133 47. Why are there several mills in the area?

134 HINT: Freemans Mill, east of the Alcovy; Woodards Mill on Ivy Creek; the Dutch Mill in Duluth.


136 ANSWER: A natural fall line occurs in this area…associated with the Eastern Continental Divide…and earthquakes. Water wheels in grist mills work best near a water fall.

137 48. Should Creekland MS be grouped in the Mill Creek cluster?

138 HINT: Think Native Americans, not water.

139 ANSWER: A Creek Indian village was located dangerously close to the national boundary with the Cherokee Indians.




143 Legends and Lore…

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