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1903 World Series Ed Luteran Bob Sproule Exposition Park Map.

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2 1903 World Series Ed Luteran Bob Sproule

3 Exposition Park Map

4 Where was Exposition Park?

5 Best Team in Baseball from 1900 - 1909 Pirates: 859 – 478 Cubs: 814-517 (42 GBL) Chicago (AL): 744-575 (106 GBL) Boston (AL): 691-634 (162 GBL)

6 Key Things to Remember! Pirates won at least 90 games in every year but 1904 Pirates batters won seven of nine batting championships (Honus Wagner – 6) Seventeen 20-game winners Two World Series Four NL pennants Finished 2 nd three times; 3 rd and 4 th once

7 Post-Season Play Prior to 1903 First world series occurred in 1884 between the NL and AA teams. There was a one-season NL Playoff in 1892 – Boston vs. Cleveland Temple Cup Championship Series between 1894 and 1897 Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph Championship Series in 1900

8 Who were our guys? Ginger Beaumont – Centerfield Fred Clarke – Left Field Tommy Leach – Third Base Honus Wagner – Shortstop Kitty Bransfield – First Base Claude Ritchey – Second Base Jimmy Sebring – Right Field Ed Phelps & Harry Smith – Catcher

9 Who were their guys? Patsy Dougherty – Left Field Jimmie Collins – Third Base Chick Stahl - Centerfield Buck Freeman – Right Field Freddie Parent - Shortstop Candy LaChance – First Base Hobe Ferris – Second Base Lou Criger – Catcher

10 First Three Games in Boston Game One – October 1, 1903 Pirates won (7-3) Scored 4 in the 1 st inning Jimmy Sebring hit the first World Series home run (also had three hits and four RBI) Deacon Phillippe made the 1 st of 5 pitching starts in the Series Phillippe defeated Cy Young

11 First Three Games in Boston Game Two – October 2, 1903 Boston won (3-0) Bill Dinneen hurled a three-hitter and the first of two shutouts Patsy Dougherty hit two homers; also had three hits Pirates pitcher Sam Leever lasted just one inning Attendance: 9,415

12 First Three Games in Boston Game Three – October 3, 1903 Pirates won (4-2) Deacon Phillippe won his second game Bostons Tom Hughes left in the 3 rd Pirates never lost the lead after the 2 nd After three games, Pirates had 22 hits (Leach and Sebring each had five)

13 Back to the Burg! Game Four – October 6, 1903 Bucs win! Phillippe started for the third time in four games Tommy Leach had three RBI Beaumont and Wagner led the Bucs with three hits a piece Pirates scored three runs in the seventh to secure their win

14 Back to the Burg!! Game Five October 7, 1903: Boston wins 11-2 Boston scored six runs in the 6 th and four runs in the 7 th Patsy Dougherty led Boston with three hits and he and Cy Young drove home three runs each Attendance way up for Game 5!

15 Back to the Burg Game Six – October 8, 1903 Boston won 6-3 Boston built a 6-0 lead after 7 innings Bill Dinneen won his second game for Boston Every Boston batter had a hit except for one Beaumont had four wasted hits for the Bucs

16 Back to the Burg Game Seven: October 10, 1903 Boston wins (7-3) Boston scored a pair in the 1 st, 4 th and 6 th innings Phillippe lost to Young – his first in the L column for the series Catcher Lou Criger drove in three for Boston Only Young and LaChance failed to hit for Boston

17 Exposition Park

18 The Clincher Game Eight: October 13, 1903 (Boston won 3-0) Bill Dinneen pitched for Boston Hobe Ferris drove in all three runs on two hits Phillippe pitched five complete games Dinneen and Young pitched 69 or 71 innings for Boston Jimmy Sebring led all batters with 11 hits and a.367 average

19 The Clincher (cont.) Chick Stahl led Boston with 10 hits and a.303 average Pirates hit just.237 in eight games. Boston hit.257 Only three home runs hit during the entire series.

20 The Scene….

21 Stats, Stats, Stats Pittsburgh Kitty Bransfield:.207 Claude Ritchey:.111 Honus Wagner:.222 Tommy Leach:.273 Fred Clarke:.265 Ginger Beaumont:.265 Jimmy Sebring:.367 Ed Phelps:.231 Boston Candy LaChance:.222 Hobe Ferris:.290 Freddy Parent:.281 Jimmie Collins:.250 Patsy Dougherty:.235 Chick Stahl:.303 Buck Freeman:.281 Lou Criger:.231

22 Stats, Stats, Stats Pitching Records Pittsburgh Phillippe: (3-2, 3.27 and 44 IP) Leever: (0-2, 6.30, 10 IP) Kennedy: (0-1, 5.14, 7 IP) Boston Dinneen: (3-1, 2.06 and 35 IP) Young: (2-1, 1.59 and 34 IP) Hughes: (0-1, 9.00 and 2 IP)

23 Home Plate

24 Cy Young

25 The Game In The Flood


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