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WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET Brett C. 4/4/05 Comm120.

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2 WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET Brett C. 4/4/05 Comm120

3 - (1960-70)Chevy Camaro -502 Big Block Engine/5 speed manual Transmission -Black leather Interrior

4 Brick house 10 bedroom 15 bathroom 2 kitchen 5 family rooms Library Gym,basketball,tennis court Two bowling lanes Swimming pool


6 WIFE: Intelligent Funny Perseverant Loyal Respectful Trustworthy Honest Affectionate Ambicious True Blue Kids: Not Until Ready

7 Comm 120 Circuit Analysis I E E 210 English 120 Mechanics for Engineers E M 202 Philosophy 125 Digital Systems compe 270 Chemistry 120,141 Computer Oragnization compe 271 Geography120 Physics 140,240 Posc120,121 Anthropology 130 Math 180,280,281,285 Music 110 Spanish120,122 CSIS 296

8 SDSU ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING B.S. 131 Units Comp. & Stat Methods Circuit Analysis II Fund. Of EE Upper Div. EE Elective Elec. & Mag. Fields Elec. & Energy Conv. EE Signals & Systems Analysis of Design of Electrical Circuits 2 EE Labs Elec. Material & Design 2 Professional Electives

9 7 Wonders of the world

10 EVENTS Super Bowl World Cup World Series Heavy Weight Fight Kentucky Derby Lacrosse Championship Presidential Inauguration Nextel Cup NBA Championship Olympics

11 Always working Hobbies Fishing Lacrosse Exercise, Weight Train Extreme Sports Politics, Reading

12 Engineer Management Business Owner Long Not Paycheck to Paycheck Enjoyable Diverse successful SUCCESS



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