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UT CHATTANOOGA Department of Athletics BUDGET PRESENTATION February 9, 2006 Presenters: Steve Sloan, Director of Athletics Matthew Pope, Associate Director.

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1 UT CHATTANOOGA Department of Athletics BUDGET PRESENTATION February 9, 2006 Presenters: Steve Sloan, Director of Athletics Matthew Pope, Associate Director of Athletics Laura Mincy, Associate Director of Athletics/SWA

2 Value of UTC Athletics Athletics is generally considered the Major Marketing Tool for most Division I Universities. Seven (7) out of every ten (10) times UTC is mentioned in the media, its about our Athletics programs. The Athletic department is a Major Link to alumni, friends of the University and the community in general by fostering the spirit of pride and fellowship that athletics can develop. Athletics exhibits the best example of what Diversity and Leadership should be in that Race, Creed or Color are not a factor in athletic competition. Everyone is treated equally. Athletics creates gathering places for Alumni & Fans. The top three Universities in the US (Harvard, Stanford and Yale) sponsor over 100 varsity sport programs combined. Athletics generates revenue not only for UTC, but also creates an economic impact for the City of Chattanooga and surrounding communities.

3 Capital Projects A new Athletic Strength & Conditioning/ Basketball Practice facility (a 5 donor project) is moving forward. A new Mens & Womens Golf Short-game practice facility is in process. New carpet has been donated for the McKenzie Arena 4 th floor offices and is awaiting installation. We renovated two 4 th floor classrooms to create new office suites that accommodate our womens soccer, tennis and golf programs.

4 Current Events The UTC Athletic department hosted the NCAA I-AA Football Championship for the seventh time (UTC received a two year extension on the Finley Stadium contract). We will again host the Womens Southern Conference Softball Tournament. We will host the 7 th annual Porkys Open (nets ~$75,000 annually). We will again host the Football scrimmage this spring at the Allan Jones Estate (netted ~$160,000 over the past three years)

5 Points of Interest Mens Basketball won the SoCon Tournament and advanced to the NCAA tournament. Womens Basketball has won seven straight SoCon regular season championships with six straight post- season tournament appearances. Softball has won eight (8) of the last nine (9) SoCon regular season championships. Footballs recruiting class is ranked 11th in the nation by; last years class was ranked #4 by and #1 the year before that. Wrestling won the Southern Conference tournament and produced two All-Americans, both with 5 th place finishes at the NCAA tournament. Hosted both Mens and Womens Southern Conference Basketball tournaments as well as a NCAA Womens basketball Regional.

6 Points of Interest (continued) UTC won the Southern Conference Commissioners cup (Best Southern Conference Mens Overall Program). UTC finished 1 st & 2 nd in the last two years when both mens and womens programs are combined. Womens Track program produced one Outdoor Track All- American. Athletics continues to be fiscally responsible with the generation of revenues and the expenditure of funds allocated. Corporate Partners have increased from over 50 last year to approximately 60 this current fiscal year. The GOMOCS.Com web-site continues to be a visible Public Relations tool. Last calendar year, we received a total of 12,050,576 hits (3 million hits more than 2004) or an average 35,653 hits per day (also an increase of over 2004 by 10,000 hits per day).

7 Academics Highest Team GPA goes to Womens Track with a 3.324. Five programs had Team GPAs of 3.0 or higher The 2005 Dale May Award for the Male & Female Varsity Senior posting the highest cumulative GPA went to Ian Mayne and Lannie Marchant (Both Track athletes). 18 student-athletes were named to the Fall 2005 TIAA- CREF All-Academic team. 14 student-athletes earned perfect 4.0 GPAs, up 3 over last year. 75 student-athletes made Deans List, up 9 over last year. 99 student-athletes are on ADs honor roll, up 1over last year.

8 Academics (continued) Increased tutoring budget, hired a full-time Assistant Academic Advisor and created an LD/At-Risk internship. We have implemented a Mocs Card swipe system to monitor student-athlete usage and attendance. Our Academic Advisor has made strides to establish/enhance relationships with various academic programs in order to increase the probability of student success. We will continue to partner with university departments such as admissions, records, financial aid, housing and dining services among others to enhance institutional effectiveness.

9 Athletics Value & Benefits We will continue to maximize student opportunities through scholarship offerings. 74 walk-on student-athletes (51 in-state and 23 out-of-state). They are paying UTC ~$540,552 in tuition alone (~18% of then entire GIA budget). If they all live on-campus and also pay the $500 minimum meal requirement then UTC has also received $310,060 in additional revenues. (not to mention book costs) Marketing should again generate approximately $300,000 this fiscal year. Athletics partnership with Memorial Hospital continues to enhance athletics training and marketing opportunities. Student-athletes are involved in various community projects (The Susan G Komen Race for the cure; Blood Assurance; Food Bank collections and Community Kitchen volunteering) Internship opportunities continue to be offered to students from the Department of Health & Human Performance.

10 Title IX Issues UTCs Gender Equity Plan (2003-2008) From the 2002 analysis of the state of UTCs compliance with Title IX, there were 20 areas identified as problems. A 5-year Gender Equity Plan was formulated to address those areas. At this time last year, we still had nine issues to address and rectify. To date, all issues have been addressed and corrected with both policy and the implementation of the new student athletic fees.

11 ASSESSMENT OF GENDER EQUITY Accommodations of Interest and Abilities: Three-Part Test: Only one of the following parts has to be met for an institution to be in compliance with Title IX. Part 1. Whether intercollegiate level participation opportunities for male and female students are provided in numbers substantially proportionate to their respective undergraduate enrollments; or Part 2. Where the members of one sex have been and are underrepresented among intercollegiate athletes, whether the institution can show a history and continuing practice of program expansion, which is demonstrably responsive to the developing interests and abilities of the members of that sex; or Part 3. Where the members of one sex are underrepresented among intercollegiate athletes, and the institution cannot show a history and continuing practice of program expansion, as described above, whether it can be demonstrated that the interest and abilities of the members of that sex have been fully and effectively accommodated by the present program. Athletic Financial Assistance (scholarships) Percentage of scholarships should mirror percentage of athletes. Other Program Areas (Laundry List) The Provision of Equipment and Supplies; Scheduling of Games and Practice Times; Travel and Per Diem Allowances; Tutoring; Coaching; Locker Rooms, Practice and Competitive Facilities; Medical and Training Facilities and Services; Housing and Dining Facilities and Services; Publicity; Recruitment of student-athletes; and Support services

12 Title IX Issues (continued) New Student Fee Allocations: Administration (4 new positions/salary equity/3 new internships)136,404.00 Mens Cross Country/Track ($25,000 to build back operations) 25,000.00 Tutoring Athletics (2 New positions/ tutoring payroll) 97,800.00 Athletic Compliance ($2,000 for operations) 2,000.00 Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance for womens sport programs 14,640.32 Womens Sports Operations increase (less Womens Golf) 72,000.00 Womens Sports Recruiting increase (less Womens Golf) 13,500.00 Womens Sports Team Travel increase (less Womens Golf) 14,500.00 Womens Golf ($35,000 for Head Coach Salary) 35,000.00 Womens Golf ($10,500 for employee benefits) 10,500.00 Womens Golf operation 29,500.00 Womens Golf Recruiting 5,000.00 Womens Golf Travel 47,242.00 Grants-in-Aid Mens Cross Country/Track 16,418.00 Grants-in-Aid for Womens Sport Programs117,500.00 Other Scholarship additions (Plus-One/Summer School/Medical)162,995.68 Grand total of New student fee allocations$800,000.00

13 Chronic deficits still exist in mens sport programs and in administrative areas due to the previous flat or reduced fiscal year budgets. (These deficits include team travel, recruiting, and functional operation expenses) Athletics is annually charged with raising real revenues to offset the $225,000 in debt service for both Finley and Frost Stadiums. Issues in Athletics

14 Issues Facing Athletics (continued) Approximately $15,000 needed for necessary professional development opportunities. Technology issues such as Sports Information statistics programs and upgrades for surplused computers that Athletics now houses totaling about $50,000. While the cost of tuition, housing, meals and books annually increase, we receive a state allocation that offsets the percentage increase in tuition only.

15 New Fees Needed for FY2007 If an additional $15 student athletic fee were assessed it would yield approximately $240,000 in new operational funds. Some FY2007 funding issues: Womens Tennis Salary equity 4,250.00 Athletic Training Office re-organization 10,000.00 Mens Tennis Salary accommodation 16,000.00 Womens Basketball 3 rd Assistant Coach to full-time status 5,915.00 Marketing Salary equity 4,900.00 Football Team Travel (7 away games in 2006) 65,000.00 Mens Basketball Team Travel increase 15,000.00 Wrestling Operations increase 20,000.00 Mens Golf Operations increase 20,000.00 Mens Tennis Operations increase 15,000.00 Mens Cross Country/Track operations increase 15,000.00 Tutoring (additional full-time position for Olympic Sports) 23,660.00 Coaches Show production cost increases 10,000.00 Security (UTC Police) cost increases 7,500.00 Sports Information Operations increase 10,000.00 Marketing Operations increase 10,000.00 Additional Grants-in-aid increases (mens sports,admin) 73,690.00 Grand total of New student fees needed$325,915.00

16 3 year Comparative Data Program NeedsFY2006-2007 FY2007-08 FY2008-09 Womens Salary 10,165.00 Mens Salary 16,000.00 Admin. Salary 38,560.00 Mens Travel 150,000.00 15,000.00 12,000.00 Womens Travel - 15,000.00 15,000.00 Admin. Travel - 7,500.00 5,000.00 Mens Recruiting - 20,000.00 8,000.00 Womens Recruiting - 20,000.00 9,000.00 Mens Operations - 15,000.00 15,000.00 Womens Operations - 15,000.00 15,000.00 Admin. Operations 37,500.00 30,000.00 30,000.00 Mens Sport GIA 73,690.00 10,000.00 15,000.00 Womens Sport GIA - 10,000.00 20,000.00 Admin. GIA - 5,000.00 15,000.00 Grand Total Need$325,915.00162,500.00159,000.00

17 Summary If UTC wishes to continue to operate a Division I Athletics department, then we must consider: 1.Athletics as a major marketing tool for UTC. 2.Athletics as a major link to UTCs many constituents. 3.Athletics in representing the best example of diversity and leadership in a collegiate setting. 4.Athletics for generating an economic impact for itself, the University, Chattanooga and the surrounding communities. 5.E&G funds being vital in funding the operations and instruction at UTC, the advancement of additional student athletic fees is the only way to continue funding Athletics.

18 It is not the critic who counts; nor the man who points out how he strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. -Theodore Roosevelt April 23, 1910

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