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Atlantic District Player Development Program. Mission Statement The Atlantic District Player Development Program will Identify, Select and Develop the.

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1 Atlantic District Player Development Program

2 Mission Statement The Atlantic District Player Development Program will Identify, Select and Develop the MOST QUALIFIED PLAYERS at their respective birth years. Our cadre of professional coaches is dedicated to providing a challenging and competitive environment which will afford short term enrichment and long-term development for each player who earns and maintains the privilege of being be involved with the program. The Player Development Program is an eight year development and advisory process, for players aged 12-19, which includes a variety of training opportunities and competitive events.

3 What We are… While our overall goals are many, our primary responsibility is to identify and develop players for USA HOCKEY National Player Development Camps.

4 What We are… USA HOCKEY National Player Development Camps, for players aged 14-17, afford players the opportunity to train and compete with the best 200 players from across the nation and potentially earn a spot on a USA HOCKEY National Team (at 16/17) and potentially the USNTDP.

5 What We are…Programs differ slightly by age: At 13, we select 40 players who we train and develop before dividing into two equal teams that participate in a Regional Camp and Tournament at Kent, OH. At 14 & 15, after selecting our top 20 players to attend the National Camp (Festival Team), we offer development opportunity for players as members of our District Team. All players train together, but the District Team attends a regional Festival at Kent, OH. At 16 & 17, we select our allocated amount of players who attend the National Camp at Rochester, NY

6 How it works… USA HOCKEY uses draft format for all National Player Development Camps. What that means is we send our top 20 players from the Atlantic District who are ranked and equally dispersed with players from all across the nation. (Red Team, Green Team, etc..)

7 How it works… For our District Teams we enter the regional festival, hosted by Mid-Am, as a team and compete against the following other district teams: Mid-Am Massachusetts Pacific Michigan Southeast

8 What We are… While our primary goal is on-ice development, our program strives to help improve our players off the ice the well. Our focus includes: Physical testing/evaluation Proper Nutrition Age appropriate weight training Off ice Plyometrics Character Mentor & Advise Video/Classroom Team Building Alumni Seminars

9 What We are… In order accomplish our lofty goals the Atlantic District Player Development Program works very hard to attract the finest pro, college, junior and prep school coaches from across the nation.

10 StaffTeam AssociationStaffTeam Association Jim HuntUSA HOCKEYSteve MackellMalvern Prep Gump WhitesideHoly Ghost PrepBen WestonUniversity of Rhode Island Billy RigaQuinnipiac UniversityMatt GreasonUS National Team Graham JohnsonHamilton CollegeBen BarrUnion College Matt LindsayPrinceton UniversityGreg MarinariDrexel University Dustin DePalmaNJ Junior TitansJeremy HallTeam Comcast Dave CrandellNJ Devils YouthJim WardConnecticut College Mike WintersNJ BanditsJerry MarksPhiladelphia Jr. Flyers Ross FitzpatrickPhiladelphia Flyers ScoutBob ToyNJ Bandits Joey BalanceWilliam PattersonJustin StanlickNJ Wildcats StaffTeam AssociationStaffTeam Association John RileyPhiladelphia Flyers/USNTDPJohn DinorciaNJ Devils Youth Steve MandesBrunswick SchoolJustin FriedmanRamsey High School Rick BennettUnion CollegeChris BarclessMercer Chiefs Chris BaudoGunnery SchoolDale ReinhardtHoly Cross College Rich McKennaWesleyan CollegeJohn StevensLA Kings Assistant Coach Toby HarrisNJ HitmenMatt HerrKent School Matt DennehyNH MonarchsSteve GreeleyLA Kings Scout Keith PrimeauTeam ComcastPat FerrillTeam Comcast Paul LosikNJ RocketsTommy PrevilleNJ Avalanche Jon BatesVancouver Canucks ScoutBryan MountainNortheastern University Jared WaimonTrinity CollegeJoey VincentNJ Bandits 2010 AAHA Tryout Festival Staff ***1 NHL Coach; 4 NHL Scouts; 7 Division One NCAA Coaches….. 4 Division Three NCAA Coaches; 3 NE Prep Coaches; 2 USNTDP Coaches/Scouts

11 How we Operate… Basic schedule for all birth-years (93-97) in 2010: Open Tryout – April, at Lawrenceville School (for all registered players) Tryout Festival – May, at Iceline, West Chester, PA Evaluation Camp – June, at Lawrenceville School Development Camp – July, at Lawrenceville School National Festival – July, at Rochester, NY (Festival Team ; Players 1- 20) Regional Festival – July, at Kent, OH (District Team; Players 21-40)

12 Our program will manage the following activities during : Our program will manage the following activities during : Y.O.B.Age # PlayersVenue 1998s1340Quebec Peewee Tournament (Two Teams – Philadelphia and NJ based on area code) 1998s1340 Regional Festival at Kent State University (with Mid-Am, SE, and Massachusetts) 1997s1440National 14 Festival - Rochester, NY(Players 1-18 = 10f, 6d, 2g) Regional 14 Festival at Kent State ( players vs. Mass, Pacific, Mich, SE) 1996s1540National 15 Festival - Rochester, NY(Players 1-18 = 10f, 6d, 2g) Regional 15 Festival at Kent State (players vs. Mass, Pacific, Michigan, SE) 1995s1615National 16 Festival – Rochester, NY (Allocated 8f, 5d, 2g) 1994s1715National 17 Festival – Rochester, NY (Allocated 6f, 3d, 1g) s American HS Showcase Tournament (Team Phila. and NJ for HS Jrs /Srs)

13 How it works… One of our most powerful tools is the display of LOYALTY and COMMITMENT from our distinguished alumni. In addition to regular appearances at training camps, we annually schedule forum discussions for our alumni to speak and interact with our younger players. These lively discussions provide our burgeoning players the opportunity to seek information and advice from young men who have recently travelled the same road they are currently on.

14 Evolution of the program… The Player Development Program, as it is presently constituted, was created in 1995 and has grown remarkably in the past Fifteen Years: During the early years, from (think AHAUS), players aged 16 &17 years attended a SINGLE DISTRICT TRYOUT and ONLY 1-4 players were afforded the opportunity to attend a USA HOCKEY National Development Camp.

15 Evolution of the Player Development Program…. When USA HOCKEY realigned nationally in 1995, The Atlantic District allotment grew to 10 players (or ½ A team) and we shared our entry at the National Festivals with the Southeast District. Those teams, most years, were non-competitive.

16 Evolution of the program… Fifteen years later, after winning multiple festival medals, including an undefeated gold medal team in 2004 (1988s), our program consists of 11 Teams and provided opportunity for over 600 PLAYERS in 2010.

17 Evolution of Atlantic District Player Development Program… Regional tryout camp 1-4(or less) players selected to attend National Festival at the 16/17 year st Atlantic District Select 15 Team (1980s - Atlantic/Southeast) st Atlantic District Select 16 Team (Atlantic/Southeast) st Atlantic District Select 17 Team (Atlantic/Southeast) st Atlantic District Select 14 Team (Atlantic District Only) st Atlantic District Medal at Select 17 Festival (Bronze Medal -1982s) st Atlantic District Medal at Select 16 Festival (Bronze Medal -1985s) st Atlantic District Select 13 Team (1988s) st Atlantic District Gold Medal (1988s Undefeated Champions) st Atlantic District Championship at Chicago Showcase (Team NJ) (again in 2010)

18 What We are….. As evidenced by our impressive Alumni list, consistent placement on the USNTDP, success at the National Festivals, placement on USA National Teams, recent draft picks, and the personal & team achievements of our alumni, our mission statement has truly started to manifest itself.

19 Chris Lawrence (Havertown, PA), and Chris Snavely (Lancaster, PA), both three year participants in the Player Development Program, won the 2007 NCAA Championship as members of the Michigan State Spartans. Lawrence who currently works for the Flyers, was Captain of the team NCAA CHAMPIONS!!

20 Back to Back……2008 NCAA Champs! Colby Cohen, Kevin Shattenkirk and Luke Popko were all members of the 2008 National Champion B.U. Terriers.

21 Since 1999, our program has had 24 players chosen in the NHL Draft, including first round picks in four of the last FIVE years. Additionally, over 25 players have played professionally in the AHL, ECHL, CHL, and European Pro Leagues.

22 1998 – Tyler Scott, 283 rd – NYI 1999 – Rob Fried, 77 th – Florida Panthers 1999 – Tyler Kolarik 150 th – Florida Panthers 2000 – Art Femenella, 188 th – Tampa Bay Lightning 2000 – Dennis Packard, 219 th – Tampa Bay Lightning 2002 – Tim Cook, 142 nd – Ottawa Senators 2002 – Steven Werner, 83 rd – Washington Capitals 2003 – Patrick OSullivan, 56 th – Minnesota Wild 2004 – Chad Kolarik, 199 th – Phoenix Coyotes 2004 – Christian Jensen, 289 th – San Jose Sharks 2005 – Nick Foligno, 28 th – Ottawa Senators 2006 – Bobby Sanguinetti, 21 st – New York Rangers AAHA Player Development Program NHL Draft Picks 2007 – James vanReimsdyk, 2 nd – Philadelphia Flyers 2007 – Kevin Shattenkirk, 14 th – Colorado Avalanche 2007 – Colby Cohen, 42 nd – Colorado Avalanche 2008 – John Carlson, 28 th – Washington Capitals 2008 – Justin Daniels, 62 nd – San Jose Sharks 2008 – Drew Daniels, 194 th – San Jose Sharks 2009 – Kyle Palmieri, 28 th – Anaheim Ducks 2009 – Alex Velischek, 123 rd – Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 – David Kolimatis, 126 th – Los Angeles Kings 2010 – Jimmy Mullin, 118 th – Tampa Bay Lightning 2010 – Kenny Agostino, 140 th – Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 – Nick Luukko, 179 th – Philadelphia Flyers

23 David Sloane (Ambler, PA), a three year participant in our program, who played at Colgate, became the first Alum to go through our program and play in a regular season NHL game. David, who signed as a free agent, suited up for the Flyers on April 9, 2009 at Madison Square Garden. NHL Players

24 NHL ENTRY DRAFT James vanReimsdyk an 89 from Middletown, NJ was the 2 nd overall pick by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

25 NHL ENTRY DRAFT Kyle Palmieri 91 (Montvale, NJ) was chosen by Anaheim 26 th overall selection in 2009

26 2007 NHL DRAFT Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen selected in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft Kevin Shattenkirk - New Rochelle, NY 14 th overall Pick Colby Cohen - Villanova, PA 43 rd overall pick

27 Stanley Cup Champions! Chicago Showcase participant George Parros, a 1979 Birth year, who played for the NJ Junior Devils, Delbarton School, and Princeton University, won the Stanley Cup as a member of the Anaheim Ducks in 2007.

28 Stanley Cup Champions! Middletown, NJ native Mike Haviland, who coached multiple festival teams for the Atlantic District early in his career, won the Stanley Cup as an Assistant Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010.

29 Misconceptions… The Player Development program IS NOT an All-Star Team… The Player Development program IS NOT a select Team… The Player Development Program DOES NOT pre-pick the teams… The Player Development Program IS NOT in competition with ANY organization in the District. The Player Development Program IS NOT for everyone… While we promote players and attend high profile venues, DEVELOPMENT, NOT EXPOSURE, is our goal.

30 What We Are …. The Player Development program attracts top quality college, prep school and Junior coaches to work with our athletes. The Player Development programs goal is to provide advanced, elite training for the most qualified players in the Atlantic District…. The Player Development Program evaluates and selects players based on their entire body of work, including history in our program and regular season team contribution, as well as personal physical development…. The Player Development Program WANTS to work in concert with all organizations in the district --- and we WANT to have representation from each program!!! Get involved! The Player Development Program is open to all players and coaches! Get involved! The Player Development works tirelessly to select the BEST PLAYERS regardless of what organization they are from.

31 Participation… In addition to inviting all USA HOCKEY registered players to tryout for our program, we work closely with the Coaching Education program and strongly encourage you, our youth and High School coaches, to become involved with the Player Development Program. While our primary purpose is to develop players, we have a sincere interest in working with the Coaching Education Program and helping to advance you, our district coaches, which will ultimately afford more player development.

32 If you would like to become part of the coaching staff please feel free to contact Director of Player Development John Riley. Contact Information John Riley –Director of Player Development Phone:

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