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SCOTT SATRAN Twenty Fifth Annual Memorial Tournament

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1 SCOTT SATRAN Twenty Fifth Annual Memorial Tournament
January 7th-10th 2010 RTMA Thunder HAFTR Hawks DRS Wildcats Frisch Cougars HANC Hurricanes Rambam Ravens NSHAHS STARS Magen David Warriors

2 Scott Satran “He cared about people – young, and old alike; he was able to relate to every age group. Scott was everyone’s buddy, confidante, and most of all, friend…” These words were spoken by Robbie Satran at the dedication ceremony of a Torah in his brother Scott’s memory at the Young Israel of Oceanside on November 19, 1989. Robbie’s words capture the essence of why it is so fitting that this tournament be named for and dedicated to Scott. To him the most important thing was people. This event brings together high school athletes from all over. He would have loved it! He would have loved the idea of meeting new people, of playing ball with them, and of becoming friends with them. Scott graduated from HAFTR in June, For most of his time here he was a cancer patient but never thought of himself as such. He didn’t allow it. He was one of the “kids.” He was on the basketball team as well as the hockey team while maintaining his studies because he knew he was going to go to college and he was right. After graduation, he attended Queens College where he won a position on the tennis team. On March 25, 1987 at the age of twenty, Scott died, leaving hundreds of people “young and old alike,” richer for having known him and poorer for not having known him long enough. Since this tournament represents friendship and sportsmanship, it is dedicated by HAFTR High School in the memory of Scott Satran, September 19, 1966 – March 25, 1987, HAFTR High School Class of ’84.

3 Schedule Thursday Night, January 7th (red indicates home team)
at LMS at HAFTR 7:00pm HAFTR vs. North Shore DRS vs. Magen David 8:30pm HANC vs. RTMA Rambam vs. Frisch Friday, January 8th (all games will be played at HAFTR Elementary School) 9:00am Davening in HAFTR Elementary School Gym followed by breakfast. 11:00am HAFTR vs. Magen David 12:30pm RTMA vs. Rambam 12:00pm HANC vs. DRS (at DRS) 2:00pm North Shore vs. Frisch 4:25pm Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat – Congregation Beth Shalom 5:30pm Seudat Shabbat (Beth Shalom Social Hall) 8:00pm Oneg Shabbat Home of Chanie & Jay Kestenbaum 11 Manor Lane, Lawrence

4 Saturday, January 9th 9:30am Shacharit at HAFTR Middle School 12:00pm Seudat Shabbat – Beth Shalom Social Hall 1:30pm Mincha 2:30pm Free Time 5:30pm Shabbat ends, Marriv wherever you’d like. Game Schedule at HAFTR at Brandeis 7:00pm Frisch vs. HANC Rambam vs. Magen David 8:30pm HAFTR vs. DRS RTMA vs. North Shore Sunday, January 10th 8:00am Shacharit – HAFTR MIDDLE SCHOOL followed by breakfast Semi-Final Games (all played at HAFTR except where noted) 9:30am Semis Tier 2 10:45am Semis Tier 1 12:00pm Semis Tier 1 Semis Tier 2 (*played at DRS)

5 Consolation and Championship Games – All games played at LMS
$5 admission for all spectators, includes one free raffle ticket. Raffle between championship games. $2 a ticket, 3 tickets for $5. Win a Flat Screen TV! 2:00pm 3rd Place Game Tier 1 (in the New Gym) 2:00pm 3rd Place Game Tier 2 (in Old Gym) 3:30pm *Tier 2 Championship Game (in the New Gym) 5:00pm *Tier 1 Championship Game (in the New Gym) 7:30pm – Trophies and All Star presentation

6 Rules & Regulations Rules All Minyanim are mandatory.
Please be respectful of your hosts’ homes. Follow your schedule and make sure to let your hosts know when you will be leaving and returning. Regulations Each team will play 3 games in a Preliminary Round. Best 4 records will be in Tier 1 Tournament. Next 4 records will be in Tier 2 Tournament. Playoffs All Semi Finals will be played Sunday morning. Both Consolation and Finals games will be played at LMS Sunday afternoon. Tie-Breaker If 2 teams have the same record going into Sunday morning, there will be two possible tie-breakers. The first will be head to head competition the second will be by points.  If more than two teams are tied head to head competition is eliminated. The tie-breaker will be as follows: The team that outscores their opponent in the 1st quarter will receive 3 pts. The team that outscores their opponent in  the 2nd quarter  will receive 2 pts. The team that outscores their opponent in the  3rd  quarter  will receive 1 pt. The team with the most points will go ahead of the other. Tie-breaker for the championship games will be 1st quarter of the playoffs.

7 Previous Champions and Most Valuable Players
1986 – HAFTR – Joel Haims – HAFTR – Andy Friedman 1987 – YULA – Elisha Rothman – Girl’s Tournament 1988 – Miami – Josh Dobin – HAFTR – Eli Mishaan 1989 – HAFTR – Saul Fiedler – HAFTR – Joey Mograbi 1990 – HAFTR – Andrew Sosnay – HAFTR – Moshe Kalaie 1991 – YULA – Noam Geft – HAFTR – Kevin Goldschmidt 1992 – HAFTR – Jacob Rosenberg – HAFTR – Ariel Nassim 1993 – HAFTR – Neil Bronstein – RTMA – Chaim Rothstein 1994 – HAFTR – Reuven Zackheim (BHA) – HANC – Mark Guttman 1995 – HAFTR – Jonathan Kestenbaum – HANC – Richie Hochauser 1996 – BHA – Dani Gorlin – HANC – Steven Ritholtz 1997 – Flatbush – David Ash – HAFTR – Matthew Zborowski

8 Team Rosters NSHAHS Stars HAFTR Hawks HANC Hurricanes Rambam Ravens
Fiskus Jacob Foreman Jeremy Haft Andrew Ludwig Max Birnbaum Solomon Kamelhar Ben Khalili Daniel Shmuel Matthew Zinn Jon Rafi Berger Mgr. Ron Ganulin Coach Abramowitz Josh Borgen Joey Daniel Jonny Dector Elliot Gindea Mikey Gorbacz Joey Grosser Dovie Grossman Jeremy Kestenbaum Ben Kestenbaum Yoni Kuritsky Max Rosenberg Shelby Schwartz Adam Shamama Jonathan Tepperman Josh Weichselbaum Jonathan Jordy Scharf Mgr. Joey Hoenig Coach Steve Kuritsky Coach Bacon Hillel Banilivy Sammy Daitch Alex Fellus Josh Kirshblum Daniel Klein Jack Levine Dov Lewinter Jason Ritholtz Benjy Schrier Kevin Segal Eytan Stein Jared Steinmetz Jonah Zimilover Jordan Elliot Steinmetz Coach Jason Steinmetz Assist. Coach Bernstein Jacob Dubow Gabe Fuchs DJ Giller Jason Gutterson Gabi Hacohen Azariah Olenick Alex Rhine Kevin Rosenthal Eliyahu Rosenthal Yosef Tanzman Josh Thall Zak Zagari Daniel Judah Rhine Coach

9 Team Rosters Frisch Cougars RTMA Thunder Magen David Warriors
DRS Wildcats Anhalt Alex Apsan Daniel Chehebar Joe Baradarian Ariel Cohen Rafi Chrem Jeffrey Ari Elberger Heshy Doueck Ezra Davidoff Gabe Friedman Mordechai Guindi Mark Douck Yaakov Greenspan Yakir Hamadani Yossi Hyman Joel Heller Yehuda Kassab Ike Langer Jason Jooyandeh Avi Khodari Joey Lubat Kluger Michael Levy Peyser Menashe Prawer Joshua Maimon Charlie Potash Eytan Rosenbaum Mizrahi Richie Schulman Judah Safrin Salem Stein David Slomnicki Evan Setton Jacob Ben Sohn Shalom Webber Chaim Spirn Eric Shehebar Alan Weitzen Marc-Alain Tannenbaum Yechiel Tawil Sol Tropp Yitzchak Jacob Herenstein Mgr Varley Morris Dweck Coach Alec Borenstein Assist Coach Waldman Joseph Sammy Tawil Avi Borenstein Head Coach Weiner Jordan Wenig Zafarani Moshe Alexander Robert Hoenig Asst Coach Zvi Goldberg Gellman Nathan Gettenberg Eitan Ginsburg Jordan Golombeck David Hirsch Shimmy Kaminetsky Binyamin Kasnett Nechemia Kellner Jacob Kirsch Eli Mendlowitz Yitz Pasterneck Adi Rhine Sammy Rosenberg Shalom Thomas Wesley Weitz David Zwickler Binyamin Jared Solomon Coach

10 HAFTR would like to thank all of its sponsors for helping to make the Satran Tournament successful.
Alisa Weichner Robby Berman Linda & Ben Brofman Paula & Marc Bruh JV Elite Jenny & Joey Hoenig Linda & Ben Kaufman Annette & Rob Satran Diane & Ed Satran Barbara & Alan Weichselbaum Stacey & Charles Zrihen Friends of Scott Satran from HALB’s 1980 Graduating Class Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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