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Famous French Champions

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1 Famous French Champions
Dominique Chauvelier and the marathon Athletics by Aymane and Yann Gymnastics by Camille Football by Andy Basketball by Mathilde Tennis by Mickael Rugby by Tom

2 Our meeting with Dominique Chauvelier
Dominique Chauvelier is a strong man because he is athletic. He is a runner. It's his passion ! He participated in many marathons and so he is very experienced. He participated in Olympics. -He started running at the age 13 and his banker's career at the age of 18. He then took a nice vacation to be able to have more time to concentrate on the marathon.

3 When he came, he described a week at the time when he was also a banker working part time. He ran in the morning and worked at the bank in the afternoon ! (or sometimes the opposite) In total he ran 193 km in a week to train for the marathons ! His record on the marathon is two hours and eleven minutes,

4 His marathon record is 2 hours 11 minutes and 24 seconds,in Milan in Italy in According to him, to reach a high level you need: 9 hours of sleep, a good hydration and a good food balance. He ran 95 marathons. At the end he signed autographs !!!

5 An athletics champion Christophe Lemaître

6 Christophe Lemaître is a French sprint champion.
He was born in Annecy on July 11th, 1990. He specializes in 60m, 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay.

7 Christophe has a nickname : L'éclair blanc (the white lightning).

8 He discovered and started athletics in sports festival of Bellay in 2005.

9 His 100m record is 9,92 seconds in Albi (France) on 29th July, 2011.
His 200m record is 19,80 seconds in Daegu (South Korea) on 3rd September, 2011

10 Christophe Lemaître won the French junior championship of 60m in 2007.

11 Christophe Lemaître is fantastic for his young age. Yann and Aymane

12 Women's artistic gymnastics..
Gymnastics is an individual sport. There are four apparatus (see the photos on your left). There are gym competitions for all the levels.

13 Men artistic gymnastics....
also exist for men. It is not the same apparatus for them (see photos on your left) There are six apparatus.

14 Emilie Le Pennec Émilie Le Pennec She was born 31 December
1987 .She participated in 2004 Olympic games in Athènes. She was the first French Gymnast to win an individual Olympic medal in women's artistic gymnastics.Her speciality is the asymetric bars.

15 Emilie Le Pennec.

16 Emilie Le Pennec. Emilie Le Pennec injured herself in
2004 : she got a wound in the calf.She had to put an end to her career. In 2012, she started working as a physiotherapist in Paris.

17 Thomas Bouhail.. Thomas Bouhail was born July 3, 1986. He is
a French gymnast of Algerian descent. He won a Silver medal in vault at the 2008 Summer Olympics. His speciality is vaulting.

18 Thomas Bouhail..T

19 Thomas Bouhail... His dream has come true : he became the first French world champion of the history of gymnastics in 2010 on vault. Unfortunately on December 24th, 2011, he was injured during practice. He couldn't take part in the Olympics of London.

20 Ribéry an amazing footballer

21 Franck Ribery is a French international footballer, born 7 April 1983 in Boulogne-sur- Mer in the Pas-de-Calais. He holds the position of attacking midfielder in the club Bayern Munich and French team.

22 Ribéry has played at Galatasaray, Olympic of Marseille and Bayern Munich.

23 In 2011, Franck Ribery was the best paid French sportsman with 11
In 2011, Franck Ribery was the best paid French sportsman with 11.4 million euros in revenues. December 16, 2011, he was sentenced by the Luxembourg court to pay three million euros commission to his former agent, the Marseille team .

24 . Franck has been married since 2002, and has three children.

25 Basketball is a team sport. There are 5 players,
Basketball has existed since 1936. Basketball is a team sport. There are 5 players, the aim is to put the ball in the basket. Basketball is a wonderful sport...

26 Tony Parker He is William Anthony Parker II. He is 31 (years old).
He was born on 17 May 1982 in Belgique. He plays as leader... He is an international French athlete since 2000 and he led the French team to the European title in Europe championship 2013, «It's the best player ». He is the first French player who has become a NBA champion. He is also the vice-president and shareholder of the french club ASVEL in Lyon-Villeurbanne. He was also married with famous american actress Eva Longoria during 3 years and 6 years relation... Tony Parker

27 Boris Diaw He is Boris Babacar Diaw-Riffiod. He his 31 (years old).
He was born on 16 April 1982 in Cormeille-en-Parisis near Paris. He plays in the championship of American basketball (the NBA). He got an indivibual distinction by being indicated NBA Most Improved Player. Player NBA having the most progressed during the In , he competed for the NBA Finale with Spurs of San Antonio with a staff which account two other French, Tony Parker and Nando de Colo. He is also the president of JSA Bordeaux Basket.

28 Joakim Noah He is Joakim Simon Noah.
He is 28. He was born on 25 February 1985 in New York. A French basketball player (with Swedish and American nationalities). Noah plays for Bulls of Chicago in the National Basketball Association championship. He was double university champion NCAA in 2006 and 2007 in Florida He is also a member of the French team. He is 2,11 m tall, for 105,2 kg and plays at the post of pivot and of strong winger.

29 A game of basketball... Basketball is practised in 2 teams of five players on the ground with maximum 5-7 replace following according to countries and championship... A match takes place during 4 periods of 10 min according to rules FIBA. The purpose of every team is to mark more points than his opponent by marking baskets and by preventing the opposite team from scoring.

30 Tony Parker and Boris Diaw play for the team of San Antonio and French team.
have been a very good team for 3 years. Tony Parker

31 number 9 in the French team.
Their number. Tony Parker wears number 9 in the French team. Boris Diaw wears number 13 in the French team. am

32 French Team.

33 FRENCH TENNIS Jo-Wilfried Tsonga:
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a professional French tennis player since 2004. He is the son of the former French professional handball player ,the brother of a French professional basketball player. His best ranking is 5th in ATP. .

34 JO-WILFRIED TSONGA Jo-Wilfried Tsonga won his first tournament in 2008. He is currently 8th in the ATP. He won 10 tournaments and played 18 finals in his career. He aslo won 4 tournaments and played 8 finals double.

35 MAJOR CHLEMS His best results are : - final in Australian Open.
- semi-final in Wimbledon. - quarterfinal in US Open. - semi-final in Roland Garros.

36 HIS RESULTS BY SEASONS In 2004 he was 163th in the ATP.
In 2008 he was 6th because he won two finals and played one other final. In 2009 he was 10th because he won three finals and played no other final . In 2010 he was 13th because he has neither played nor won final. In 2011 he was 6th because he won two finals and played four other finals. In 2012 he was 8th because he won two finals and played two other finals.

37 What he won ! In 2008 : he won the tournament in Bangkok and Paris Open. In 2009 : he won the tournament in Johannesburg, Marseille et Tokyo. In 2010 : he didn’t win anything In 2011 : he won in Metz and Vienne. In 2012 : he won the tournament in Doha and Metz. In 2013 : so far, he has won the tournament in Marseille and Metz.

38 Thierry Dusautoir -The life of the king - His clubs
Official site: http/ -The life of the king - His clubs -World Cup rugby that has played Thierry Dusautoir -The coronation

39 The life of the king His name is Thierry Dusautoir He is 31 years old
He is 1m88 tall and weighs 100 kg He was born on November 18, 1981 in Abidjan (Cote D'Ivoire) He has a French father and an Ivorian mother He got married July 6, 2013 with his wife Sofia And he also studied to become an engineer

40 His clubs

41 World Cup rugby that has played Thierry Dusautoir
He played two World Cup with the French team in He may have played in this edition but took the time to win and become one of the best player of the team in all the games he played or and then in 2010 he became captain for the first time and then keeps this grade and still is despite the injuries he suffered

42 The coronation In 2011 after the defeat in the final against New Zealand 8- 11, Thierry Dusautoir was elected best player of the tournament. It has been a great joy despite the defeat in final.

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