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Former World Amateur Sumo Champion & Guinness Book of World Record Holer Actor, Motivational Speaker

2 Sumo’s International Ambassador Manny Yarbrough
Emanuel Yarbrough Height: 6 feet 8 inches Weight: 720 pounds

3 Emanuel Yarbrough “AKA Tiny” recognized worldwide as “International Sumo’s Greatest Ambassador, was born and raised in Rahway, New Jersey. He started his career in college as a football player and as his popularity grow so did his body size. However his talent and his workout style did not go unnoticed. A friend of his introduced him to Judo and he was immediately interested. After serious consideration he started to train and he evolved very quickly in the sport. He achieved in a short time his first black belt and started to compete. With his success in Judo, his weight started to claim and he was approached by another friend to perhaps consider Sumo Wrestling. It did not need much discussion till Emanuel started to train as a Sumo Wrestler and his talent was more than ever visible that he found his calling. His career as a Sumo Wrestler started to evolve and matured into a serious sports career and to become the Sumo Amateur World Champion.

4 The sport and his accomplishment opened many doors for Emanuel from acting to celebrity appearances. With his Sumo Career he also gained fame for his weight and size he had accumulated and with that also came the struggle of staying healthy. His fame accelerated worldwide when he was placed in the Guinness book of World Records as the largest living athlete in the world. His fame and recognition still kept him the same man he was as when he started a caring and kind man with a big heart, especially for children. Emanuel continued on his path of success and he was invited around the world to appear on television talk shows. He is one of a few athletes who have traveled the world not only on his fame as an athlete but also as an Ambassador of a sport. Emanuel is one of a few celebrities who have appeared worldwide on more talk shows than other celebrities and his experiences reaches from acting to motivational speaking to simply being a man with passion for life and still faces his addiction to food every day. Emanuel’s popularity opened the opportunities to be featured on all major American talk shows and profiled in major magazines, newspapers and radio shows around the world.

5 Emanuel’s incredible deep voice and smooth talking gained him the reputation as a smooth talker. He is an aspiring radio talk-show host with many public and Internet radio talk shows in the United States and Europe under his belt. Emanuel has been a regular guest radio host on WBAI New York-Light Show. His worldwide fame gave him the opportunities for extensive appearances on commercials for companies such as Smart Beep, Pure Water Company in DC, two television commercials in Japan for Air conditioner and an amusement park. One of his greatest television achievements has been being the finalist for the “Weakest Link”, and being featured in the special documentary “Sumo East & West” produced by Ferne Perlstein. His talent as an actor has not gone unnoticed and he has had the opportunity to prove it in various international movies, such as “Hart and High Season” with Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers and the HBO Special OZ. Emanuel even acted in one major Bollywood movie called “Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi”, with famous Indian lead actor Akshay Kumar. But his acting career did not stop there. He went straight to Germany to act in the German movie “Sumo Bruno”, featured at the International European Film Festival. His next acting job took him back to Japan to work on the movie “Legend of a Devil”.

6 Emanuel’s love for writing opened up the opportunity to participate as Advice Columnist for the art magazine “Giant Robot Magazine” and contributing writer for the online magazine “No Strings Attached E News”. His fame got him featured in the Howard Schatz celebrity athlete’s book published in Recognized worldwide as “International Sumo’s Greatest Ambassador”, Yarbrough has given Sumo clinics and made personal appearances in Japan, India, Canada, France, Poland, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, and Martinique, as well as, many states throughout the USA. In 2004 he became a board member of the Sumo Kids Foundation in NY and recently accepted the offer to become an active staff member and to be the acting worldwide Ambassador to help and support the organization. He is excited to be part of such a wonderful organization and hopes to make a difference in every child’s life. He continues to travel and makes celebrity appearances and helps to raise money for various children charities.

7 In October 2007 he traveled to India for a celebrity wrestling match and to keep it moving he accepted an invitation to participate as the celebrity sumo champion to wrestle the current American Champion. His love for children brought him to Virginia in April 2008 to participate in the wrestling matches for the Roland McDonald House Fundraiser. The following month he was invited to open up the Bulgarian Sumo Championship and continued to the next projects which included a roll in the newest Mickey Rourke movie “The Wrestler”; Toure of MTV newest reality show “I Try Everything Once” being his Sumo Teacher, a sumo-part in the movie “Morning Glory with Diane Keaton June 2009 and being featured in the Discover Health special “Extreme Bodies” was a year to remember with the latest venture that brought Manny to Rome, Italy to be on the incredible talk show C’e Posta Per Te with Maria De Filippi.

8 He keeps himself busy by making celebrity appearances for the Virtual Video Awards in New York, The Black Ships, Rodney Hampton’s Celebrity Golf Tournament and Jason Williams Radio Talk show to be a co-host for a solid week. Never wanting to stop he signed up with the unique and famous talent agency Ugly New York and was immediately placed in a commercial for In the fall of 2008 he co-hosted for one year the online radio show Usmile radio and No Strings Attached E News. As of today he holds the record in the Guinness book as the largest living athlete in the world.

9 Appearances and Interviews Nightline, CNN Showbiz Today, Fox and Friends in the Morning, Good Morning America, 20/20 Nightly show, ESPN “Cold Pizza” talk show”, Extra Entertainment Show, MTV-TRL Teen show, MTV-Spring break, ABC World News, and a number of local television shows around the country. TV Azteca Channel 13 Late night Talk show Mexico City. Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Regis and Kelly, Steve Harvey Show, Roseanne, Late Night with David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Oddville, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jimmy Kimmel Show, Conan O’Brian, Japan’s variety entertainment talk show “Senma’Derby”, BBC London “Bad Ass Television”, Italy RAI television “The Roma Sports Talk Show”, Italian Entertainment Talk show “Ciao Darwin”, German television talk show Thomas Gottschalk, German RTL Morning Show and the German talk show Stern. Emanuel has been profiled in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Village Voice, Philadelphia Inquirer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Rolling Out Magazine and the Arizona Republic. He has been written about in Japan’s Van Van Sumo, Pacific Friends and Sumo World Magazine. Additional profiles include GQ, Sports Illustrated, Code, Jet Ebony, Manifest, Hemispheres, Giant Robot and Vibe Magazine in the U.S.

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13 Contact Information PAL ENTERTAINMENTS Marsh End, Low Street, BROTHERTON, North Yorkshire, WF11 9HQ (Postal ONLY) Or


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