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Seeding with TaekwondoData. Creation of the Index: Home SEARCH ATHLETE RANKING LIST OF RESULTS DESCRIPTIONS CONTACT A. General 1.TaekwondoData can be.

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1 Seeding with TaekwondoData

2 Creation of the Index: Home SEARCH ATHLETE RANKING LIST OF RESULTS DESCRIPTIONS CONTACT A. General 1.TaekwondoData can be accessed on the internet, free of charge, at

3 2.2 ranking systems are in operation under the tab RANKING these being: Season-Ranking points will be halved at the change of each year; Career-Ranking the sum of all points accumulated throughout a career; A. General Important: Only season ranking points will be used for pool list seeding.

4 3.In order to create a world wide comparable ranking system, TaekwondoData enters only the results of continental championships and not continental games. 4.No Tournament or Fight points will be rewarded, at least for the time being, for Olympic qualification tournaments. A. General

5 5. It is possible to call upon the Season Ranking results for each specific weight class of worldwide competitors. It can also limit and filter certain continents. These filters are shown as the following: Welt Africa Asia Europe Oceanic Panamerica A. General

6 6.For 181 countries Career Rankings have been created and these can be filtered into male female regardless competitors. A. General

7 7.Each participant who partakes in a championship is rewarded for their participation with a certain number of points, these are known as Tournament points. This ensures that each competitor is rewarded in the ranking for their participation, even if they are defeated in their first fight of the competition! 8.A higher number of points are rewarded to those placed in medal positions. These tournament points also include those for their participation in the competition. (see list: Tournament and Fight Points); A. General

8 9.The list containing all Tournament and Fight Points can be found in TaekwondoData in PDF format under the tab Details. 10.Alongside Tournament Points, competitors will be rewarded Fight Points for successes achieved. The reason for this being that each win should be positively reflected in the ranking. The amount of Fight Points rewarded is dictated by the status of the tournament. (see list: Tournament and Fight Points) A. General

9 11.In the case of a BYE entry, no Fight Points can be rewarded. 12.At the change of each year the total number of Ranking Points achieved will automatically be reduced by 50%. The newly calculated total will be rounded up or down to the nearest hundred after the decimal. 13.If the points stand sinks below 0.100 the competitor will automatically deleted from the Ranking List. A. General

10 1.Ranking Lists are currently being created for Senior (male and female) and for Junior categories. 2.There is currently no Cadet category. 3.The Junior U-21 category begins with ages 18 up to 21 and can therefore be carried forward into the Senior category. B. Ranking

11 4. As a result of the markedly reduced participation at the European Championships in the Junior category, it has been decided that only half the number of Tournament and Fight points can be rewarded. 5.Youth Ranking Points will also be accepted in the Career Ranking list. For this reason, the point distribution will be halved. (see list: Tournament and Fight Points); B. Ranking

12 6.At the change of age category from Junior to Senior it is not possible to carry forward any ranking points which have been won at the Junior Championships. 7.In the case of a Junior (15-18 years old) competing at Senior level, Ranking Points awarded in either Junior or Senior category will be valid for both Ranking lists. B. Ranking

13 8.Youth competitors will be deleted out of the Junior Ranking lists automatically at the turn of their 18th birthday, and by the end of the year at the latest. In the case of Cadets this will be deleted at the age of 14 yeas old, again, at the latest at the turn of the year. B. Ranking

14 9.Participants competing at an A-Class-Tournament or at a Master-A-Class-Tournament which are representing a non-European country will also be rewarded the relevant Ranking Points. 10.Non-European competitors participating at an A-Class Tournament or Master-A-Class-Tournament will also be seeded for the competition. The seeding will be based on their World Ranking position. B. Ranking

15 11.The number of participants to be seeded in each category will depend upon the size of entries, these being: more than 3 competitors 2 seeded more than 8 competitors 4 seeded more than 32 competitors 8 seeded more than 64 competitors 16 seeded 12.To enable transparency and traceability the positions of the seedings will noted by the users in the Pool Lists by the users of the Pool Management system. (e.g. #3 or Nr.7) B. Ranking

16 13.In the case of A Class Tournaments only medal winners will be rewarded with Tournament Points, these being as follows: 7 Points for 1st Place 5 Points for 2nd Place 3 Points for 3rd Place 14.A Class Tournament winners and their oppositions will be recorded in the fight results and awarded the relevant points, however other wins within the tournament will not be rewarded with Fight Points. B. Ranking

17 15.Tournament and Fight Points at Master-A-Class- Tournaments will be distributed as follows: 21 Points for 1st Place 14 Points for 2nd Place 7 Points for 3rd Place 1.5 Points for all participants 1.0 Point for each win 16.As of 2012 all participants and their opponents competing at a Master-A-Class-Tournament will be entered into the results of TaekwondoData. B. Ranking


19 1.Rankings must be composed of the previous weight category points (pre 2007), the new category (since 2007) and those from the Olympic weight groupings. For this reason weight groups have been developed to incorporate the 3 categories (see extra); 2.To enable the possibility of a successful competitor participating in another weight class to be seeded fairly in the pool lists, 50% of their achieved points will be rewarded to the next higher of lower weight class. C. Weight Classification

20 3.Ranking points successfully won in a category (Tournament and Fight Points) will be rewarded in that category. The neighbouring weight classes, above and below, will also be rewarded 50% of these points. The neighbouring ordinary (ie non-olympic category) weight classes will be credited with 50% of the value of these points achieved. 4.This 50 percent rule has been developed to enable successful athletes to compete in differing weight classes and to be seeded within accordingly. C. Weight Classification





25 1.The objective of the seeding of the pool lists is to ensure that, within each individual weight category, the most successful candidates do not meet each other immediately in the first rounds of the competition. 2.TaekwondoDatas ranking list will be used to seed the following ETU tournaments: a) European Championships Seniors b) European Championships Juniors c) European Championships Juniors U-21 d) ETU-A-Class-Tournaments e) ETU-Master-A-Class Tournaments D. Seeding with TaekwondoData

26 3.Always enter the TaekwondoData-Fighter-ID when registering online. D. Seeding with TaekwondoData

27 4.The athlete and trainer are responsible for this entry and the correct registration, including TaekwondoData Fighter ID number. 5.Again, trainer and athlete are also responsible to ensure that all successes and fights won are wholly and correctly entered into the database of TaekwondoData. It is requested that any changes to be made should be shared punctually by using the form Contact. 6.No changes can be made throughout the duration of a tournament. D. Seeding with TaekwondoData

28 1.A ranking system must be so created that it is possible, at any time, to control and check the points within. Only through this is it possible to discover any mistakes and enable their correction. 2.It is possible to check the current ranking points and their calculations through TaekwondoData. This is only possible when all successful entries and fight wins are correctly entered into the system. E. Transparency

29 3.To do this the screen showing a particular athlete must be called up through SEARCH ATHLETE then by clicking through Rivals and results it is possible to view all the fights participated in by this athlete and their results. E. Transparency

30 4.The list Tournament and Fight Points will show how many Tournament Points they have achieved and how many Fight Points per win were awarded. E. Transparency

31 5.Under the tab Athlete Search and Successes you see entered number of Tournament and Fight Points. E. Transparency

32 6.To check the total Ranking Points click on the tab Athlete search to find the desired competitor. Under Ranking it is then possible to view this total within the weight class. For example: In the class up to 68 kg Servet Tazegül has 169,344 points.

33 E. Transparency

34 1.The competitor should check their personal page that all successes and fights are registered. Any incorrect entries must be reported immediately to TaekwondoData through CONTACT. 2.National and Club trainers are responsible for checking that their Fighters are registered with their TaekwondoData Fighter ID at tournament registrations. F.

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