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2 CF Triathlon 2008 CISM Triathlon Mission Statement: To develop, train and provide a full team of high level triathletes to represent Canadian values through participating in International events, and promote triathlon sport throughout the CF. CF Triathlon Mission Statement: To provide support and opportunities for military members to participate in the sport of triathlon.

3 Work group 2008 Date : 11 Jan 2008 Location : Halifax
Participants : LCdr Jason Lawton, Mr. Roy Hillier Lt(N) Jennifer Lawton Lt(N) Trevor Davies,Lt(N) Gord Roy LS Kharim Schliewinsky,Lt(N) Heather Galbraith Mr. Dave Harju,Lt(N) Greg Kerr Capt Michel Ouellet,

4 RDC 2008 First One Victoria 65 participants, Time trial 1500 m and 5 km Second camp Ottawa 18 paticipants, Guest Lt(N) Tony zezza Third Camp Greenwood 15 participants Time trial

5 Organization CISM Manager – LCdr Jason Lawton National Committee
CISM Manager – LCdr Lawton CISM Head Coach – Dave Harju CF Triathlon Developmental Head Coach – Capt Michel Ouellet Equipment Rep – Capt Stephanie Smit/2Lt Breanne Gibson TC Advisor – Maj Dan Mainguy AWAD Rep – Capt Lisa Francis Secretary/Comm Officer – LCdr Gord Roy RMC Developmental Coach – Lt(N) Trevor Davies

National Committee ISM Manager/CF Sports Director Regional Coaches RSDs Base Team Reps FSDs

7 Base Network Regional Rep Base Rep Base Rep Base Rep Base Rep Base Rep

8 Description Region Rep : Coordinate information between Base Rep and Sport director and keep a link with CISM Manager. Coordinate RDC with PSP Sport Director and National Sports Manager

9 Description Base Team Captain :
Coordinate activity with athlete and keep the PSP director up to date with team activity. Give technical support to athlete. Provide database to Region Rep including athlete’s profile, coach qualification and race result.

10 Status BASE STATUS NUMBER East Region Halifax/Shearwater (25)
Greenwood (4) Gagetown (3) Trident / operational In progress Investigation Capt Shane MacLeod Maj Denis Choquette 2lt Garrett MacFadyen Central Region Bagotville (4) Montreal/St-Jean (15) Ottawa (20) Kingston /RMC (12) Petewawa (20) Trenton/ North Bay (3) Valcartier (15) Operational CFSUTri Team/operational MWO Éric Bergeron Adj Maryse Ayotte Maj Kevin Klein//MWO JR Tremblay Lt(N) Trevor Davies Cpl Marc Prud’homme Capt Don Morison Lt Jean-Mard Dionne Pacific Region Victoria (14) Comox (3) 2Lt Jeff White TBD West Calgary (3) Edmonton Winnepeg 2Lt Self

11 Regional Developmental Camp
Central – Ottawa, Valcartier, St-Jean West – Victoria, Calgary East – Greenwood, Halifax

12 Battle Rhythm Aug – National Committee Meeting
Nov (Awards Banquet) – National Committee Meeting Feb-Apr – CISM Core Team Camp Apr-May – RDCs May – CISM Race Team Selection June – CISM Worlds July – CF Nationals

13 SCHEDULE 3-4 days TRAINING PROGRAM **** TIME can be different *****
DAY 1 (Wednesday) DAY 2 (Thursday) DAY 3 (Friday) DAY 4 (Saturday) DAY 5 (Sunday) 6:00 to 7:30 am Travelling day SWIM Coach Coach : 9:00 to 10:30 am Lunch Zone THEORY AEROBIC ANAEROBIC INSTR : WEIGHT -UPPER BODY - LOWER BODY INSTR : MARYSE AYOTTE Instr : TBA Lunch 10:30 Run 12 km 12:30 to 13:30 SWIM 11:30 13:30 LUNCH COACH : Tony Zezza 14:00 bike 50 km Nutrition 15:00 to 16:30 Mental Approach/ Motivation Instr : Brick : bike /run Bike : Interval DINNER 18:30 to 20:00 CISM PROGRAM - OBJECTIVE - GOAL - AMBASADOR INSTR: Michel Ouellet INTERVIEW -Profile -Social Contract INSTR: GROUP SECTION 20 :00 to ….. MOVIE Group Dinner

14 Budget Regional Development Camp 2009
Qty Elements Qty Elements Description Element Cost Sub-Total Basic Setup (Cf Triathlon program) 25 Room (2 persons) $95 $2,375 100 meal card $23 $2,300 5 Van 8 passengers (4 days rental) $300 $1,500 4 Pool session $120 $480 50 Shirts $15 $750 1 Guest Speaker Misc Total: $7,405 Pool availability *6:30 -8:00 am may


16 Core Team 12 Male/Women Open Category CISM Team previous year
5 Male/Women Master Category CISM TEAM previous year 8 Male/Women from National Championship Result 5 Male/Women from RMC 1-2 Special athlete under committee review

17 CF National Championship 2009
CF triathlon Championship 2009 The CF Triathlon program will held a race for the all athlete who would like compete with other military personnel. This Championship is another step to be part of the CF Triathlon program and a chance to qualify for the CISM selection camp in 2010. The main objective is to give the opportunity to all level of triathlete to compete in several distance with different level of athlete Details below: What: This race is open to military at the national wide range. All costs will be covered by the CF Triathlon program. Who: Any athlete who can meet the minimal standard for the Olympic and sprint distance. When: July 08 Where: Lac Leamy, Gatineau, QC. How : Athlete have to register on the website in the military category If you are interested to this race, please send a resume of your last season result and new result for this season. RSVP by 12 June 09. The CF Triathlon program will assist you in attaining your training goals.

18 CF Awards Dinner CF Triathlon Championships Awards Dinner
A CF Triathlon Championships Awards Dinner will be held at 1800hrs 11 July The location will be announced at the Championships briefing. The top 3 military male and female competitors in each category will be awarded medals. This dinner will be a chance to meet and socialize with CF triathletes from all levels.

19 Eligibility for Nationals
The athletes must have met the following standard at a sanctioned race during either the 2008 or 2009 seasons. The standards for eligibility are as follow: Male Female Olympic – 2:50 Olympic – 3:00 Sprint – 1:25 Sprint – 1:30 Participants wishing to be invited to the 2010 CISM camp and who have not competed previously with the CISM triathlon team must compete in the Olympic distance category. The top 5 male and top 5 female CF Olympic finishers will be invited to attend the camp. Previous CISM triathlon team members will be expected to compete in the Elite Sprint category to be eligible for the CISM camp and should indicate their CISM team status as their eligibility for the race when applying to their PSP staff.


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