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CCIW Orientation 101. Topics CCIW Overview Facts and Figures Conference Bylaws of Note Business Partners/Ball Contracts Additional Information Resources.

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1 CCIW Orientation 101

2 Topics CCIW Overview Facts and Figures Conference Bylaws of Note Business Partners/Ball Contracts Additional Information Resources

3 College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW) Conference office on North Central College campus in Naperville, IL Conference office staff Chris Martin, Commissioner Mike Krizman, Assistant Commissioner/SID

4 College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW) Coordinators of Officials Ken Maziarka, mens basketball Al Raya, womens basketball Jim Lapetina, football Steve Siomos, mens & womens soccer Justin Basovsky, volleyball Art Hill, softball Don Umland, baseball

5 CCIW Governance Council of Presidents –Ultimate conference authority –Meet in person twice a year –Act on all conference matters –Review all conference meeting minutes and approve budget –Augustana CEO Steven Bahls, current committee chair Faculty Representatives Committee –Report directly to CEOs –Responsible for all academically related issues –Meet in person twice a year

6 CCIW Governance Athletic Director Reports –Group of individuals to whom ADs report –Meet in person or via conference call routinely –Involved in athletic and non-athletic issues to support CEOs & ADs Athletic Directors Committee –Responsible for all day-to-day activities –Meet in person five times a year Other groups – sport specific coaching groups; Sports Information Directors; Student-Athlete Advisory Council

7 CCIW Eight full conference members –Augustana College –Carthage College –Elmhurst College –Illinois Wesleyan University –Millikin University –North Central College –North Park University –Wheaton College No changes since 1991-92 One associate member –Rose Hulman Institute of Technology – mens & womens swimming (since 2007)

8 CCIW Facts and Figures Founded on April 26, 1946 21 conference sponsored sports –Fall – football, m/w soccer, w tennis, w golf, volleyball, m/w cross country –Winter – m/w basketball, m/w swimming, wrestling, m/w indoor track –Spring – baseball, softball, m/w outdoor track, m golf, m tennis 45 national championship teams in 11 different sports Guided by CCIW mission statement and sportsmanship statement

9 CCIW Mission Statement Student-focused approach – highest priority on the overall educational experience of the student-athlete Broad based programs – offering meaningful competition and championships in numerous sports Fairness and equity – Similar approach to funding, staffing and overall support of male and female athletes and sports teams National stature – Develop and strengthen itself to be a premier conference in Division III.

10 CCIW Sportsmanship Statement The Colleges and Universities of the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin believe that good sportsmanship is an integral component of intercollegiate competition. The College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin wholeheartedly embraces the NCAA position that in order for good sportsmanship to prevail, coaches, student-athletes and fans must display respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsibility before, during and after all athletic contests. The College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin encourages fans to enthusiastically support their team, recognize the outstanding performance of opponents and always exhibit good sportsmanship in their words and actions.

11 CCIW Bylaws of Note Sportsmanship policy –Honesty, integrity and fair play expected at all times –Public derogatory comments of conference office personnel, games officials or other persons related to CCIW not permitted at any time –Penalties include suspensions, letters of reprimand Intra-conference transfers –One calendar year must elapse between student-athletes last participation in athletics at previous school

12 CCIW Bylaws of Note Minimum GPA eligibility requirements –1.50 GPA after first term of enrollment –1.75 GPA after one year of enrollment –2.00 GPA after two years of enrollment and beyond Minimum credit hour requirements –To compete in a second season – 24 semester hours or equivalent towards graduation –To compete in a third season – 48 semester hours or equivalent towards graduation –To compete in a fourth season – 72 semester hours or equivalent towards graduation

13 CCIW Bylaws of Note Outside Competition Rules –Practice only permitted in nontraditional segment except in: Womens golf and womens tennis Mens tennis – two dates of competition Mens Golf – five dates of competition Volleyball – one alumni date of competition m/w soccer – one alumni match Softball – one DH against alumni team Baseball – one DH of seven inning games against alumni team

14 CCIW Bylaws of Note Foreign Tours –Must be formally approved by the conference commissioner –Tracking form on CCIW web site Eligibility Committee –The committee has the authority to waive the application of CCIW bylaws in situations in which the rule(s) presents an unintended hardship to the student-athlete –Consists of three faculty representatives

15 CCIW Partners Travel/Hotel Partners –La Quinta Inns and Suites – 15% discount on all rooms when using ID code CCIW –National Car Rental – Guaranteed maximum rates on all cars and free Emerald Club members when using Contract ID# 5002623 –All WorldWide Travel – Discounted prices and group rates/discounts available. Holly Gampa is main contact ( or 215/953-0917) CCIW Apparel available for purchase – visit for information and

16 CCIW Ball Partners Ball Partners – Must be used in all CCIW competition Wilson Football expires 12/13 ; M/W Basketball expires 6/13; M/W Soccer expires 12/12; M/W Tennis expires 6/14 Kelly Smith 630/462-1468 (football, soccer, basketball) Lisa Goldberg 773/868-1799 (tennis) Diamond Baseball expires 6/14 Andrea Gordon 562/598-9717, ext. Worth Softball expires 6/13 Denny Helmig 314/819-2885 Rawlings Molten Volleyball expires 6/14 Tae Kim 800/477-1994, ext.

17 CCIW web site features: –Compliance Corner for FAQs about legislation/rules –Calendar of events for current year & future schedules –Stats, standings, tiebreaker procedures and honors –Historical information and records –Sport specific sports guides and media guides –Championship and tournament programs –Key administrative forms, including hardship waiver and transfer permission forms –Contact information for coaches and other athletic administrators

18 Additional Information Sports Specific Sports Guides –Contain all sport specific rules, regulations and championship information –Can be found on the CCIW web site

19 CCIW Honors All-conference teams are selected in nearly all CCIW sports. Academic all-conference teams are also selected. Additional honors are given for CCIW Man of the Year, Woman of the Year, Merle Chapman Leadership Award and Jack Swartz Academic awards. See for more

20 CCIW Player of the Week Sports in which POW are nominated by school SIDs with input from coaches but chosen by CCIW SID: –Baseball –Softball –M/W Basketball –Football –M/W Soccer –Volleyball –M Golf Sports in which POW is nominated & chosen by head coaches in particular sport: –M/W Tennis-Track and Field/Cross Country -W Golf –M/W Swimming-Wrestling

21 NCAA and CCIW Resources NCAA -- CCIW -- Chris Martin, Commissioner or 630/637-5693 Mike Krizman, SID or 630/ School web sites

22 Orientation 101

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