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The Tenshamithrewd* Open Sports Quiz * 10 sharp or Mitesh is screwed Question setters: Eashan Ghosh Raghuram Cadambi Varun Rajiv.

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1 The Tenshamithrewd* Open Sports Quiz * 10 sharp or Mitesh is screwed Question setters: Eashan Ghosh Raghuram Cadambi Varun Rajiv

2 Answers

3 1. Australia beat Israel; FIFA World Youth Championship, 1991 AC Milan beat Inter Milan; UEFA Champions League, 2003 Bahamas beat British Virgin Islands; FIFA World Cup qualifying match, 2010 Three anomalous instances of what?

4 The Away Goals Rule

5 ** 2. This band have been mostly inactive in the last decade (Fools Day, released a couple of days back being their first piece of new music, with reformed original lineup, in something like six years), but were one of the pin-ups of the Brit Pop movement of the 90s. One of their most recognized tracks is the second single of their self-titled 1997 album, which was licensed all over the place. This tracks first and most notable appearance came as the title music for something that has a sporting connection (and hence theyre in this quiz). Name the track ( ½), and where featured (½).

6 Song 2 by Blur; Fifa 98/Fifa Road to World Cup 98.

7 3. Recent research by The Guardian has revealed that a combined reading of Genesis 12:15 and 23, Acts 8:28, Psalm 80:13, Isaiah 41:7, Jeremiah 50:25, Samuel 11:16, Chronicles 5:2, Daniel 3:20, Numbers 13:33, Job 3:9 and Proverbs 13:23 and 23:11 indicates that fans of Scottish First Divisioners Queen of the South are perhaps best served bragging about their run to the 2008 Cup Final than a historical uniqueness that theyve heretofore held on to tightly. Why?

8 The Guardian has supposedly found more football club names mentioned in The Bible, after it was thought that the Dumfries club were the only football club referred to in The Bible

9 4. Connect.

10 Controversies concerning the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Christopher Shaw (top left) wrote Five Ring Circus and started the No Games 2010 movement Hudsons Bay Company (top right) was criticised for associate-sponsoring the Vancouver Games Manning Park (bottom) was where the snow for the venue, Cypress Mountain, came from

11 5. The X is an arena in central Tokyo, Japan. While synonymous with large-scale rock concerts – including where the Beatles made their Japanese debut, it was originally built for the judo competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics: its name, rendered in English is Martial Arts Hall.

12 Nippon Budokan.

13 6. Left led to Right being called X. Man on right, X?

14 Hermann Maier Herminator

15 7. Conflicting sources trace the usage of the word ______ to either the English sport (and I use the term really lightly) of bowls (circa 1599) or to card games (circa 1744). Given that the use of _____ in sport is so far removed from its ordinary English usage, theorises that the term may have referred to two bowls ______ against each other (a fatal error in bowls) or to the metaphorical meaning of ______ referring to a situation where a defeat would _____ out the hopes of the losing team. What term?

16 Rubber

17 8. Statement by Stephan Ross, majority owner of Z, in August 2009: We are thrilled to have X and Y join the Z as limited partners. They are among the most admired athletes in the world and have become global ambassadors for their game. Their addition to our ownership group further reflects our commitment to connect with aggressively and embrace the great diversity that makes South Florida a multicultural gem. Other such multicultural owners include Jimmy Buffett, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. X, Y, Z?

18 X: Serena Williams Y: Venus Williams Z: Miami Dolphins

19 9. This ground has hosted a solitary Test match (Ind v Pak), which saw Zia-ul-Haq cross the border to watch as part of his Cricket for Peace initiative. The Test was notable for Younis Ahmeds 17-years-in-the- making Test comeback and the third golden duck of Sunil Gavaskars career. The game was drawn, ironically due to heavy rain and Pakistans request not to use sawdust to cover wet patches on the wicket. The first ODI at the ground saw the same Indian eleven that beat the West Indies to win the 1983 World Cup play Pakistan. The ground has since hosted two World Cup matches, in 1987 and 1996, the West Indies losing to England in the former and beating Australia in the latter. What ground?


21 Sawai Man Singh Stadium Jaipur

22 10. Connect.

23 Richard Burns Travis The Boy With No Name (left) was dedicated to Burns Jeremy Clarkson (centre) ran a special edition of Top Gear dedicated to Burns, despite his usual indifference to celebrities The RB320 (right) was named in Burns memory by his rally team Subaru

24 11. He is the ugliest ****ing thing I have ever seen. I have watched Lord of the Rings and films with strange looking people, but for a human being to look like he does is pretty shocking. – X, on Y. As it turned out, on November 7, 2009, X beat Y by a majority decision of 116-112, with both tied at 114 on the third sheet, thereby becoming the first person to overcome a seven stone weight handicap to win a world title. X, Y?

25 X: WBO Champion David Haye Y: Ex-Champion Nikolay Valuev …and Hayes got a point

26 12. Xs other sporting claims to fame include being home to X Union Club 72 (to be renamed X Football Club from July 2010), a cycling race that takes its name from the river Sarthe (on the banks of which X lies) and, more recently, as Jo-Wilfried Tsongas birthplace. X, greater sporting claim to fame?

27 Le Mans, the Le Mans 24 Hour Race

28 13. 1984–88: San Lorenzo o Games 122, Goals 0 1988-91: Zaragoza o Games 79, Goals 1 1991–2000, 2003-04: Vélez Sàrsfield o Games 347, Goals 48 2000–02: Strasbourg o Games 52, Goals 1 2002–2003: Peñarol: o Games 14, Goals 4 Whose club record?

29 José Luis Chilavert

30 14. Logo of which event?


32 15. This term has been most famously associated with Wisła Płock in Poland, SK Brann in Norway, Karşıyaka SK in Turkey, FC Volendam in Holland, Bofoakwa Tano in Ghana, Arminia Bielefeld in Germany and Birmingham City in England owing to the fact that these clubs hold records that are bittersweet at best. Term/record?

33 Term: Yo-yo Club Record: Most relegations and promotions

34 16. Much like Michael Schumacher in his prime, many have argued that P is too great to bother with rivalries. But he has done so anyway. His rivalry with Sete Gibernau in particular was widely touted to be the result of mutual animosity. However, his hatred for Q has been inexplicably vilegoing to the extent of replacing Qs name with Xs when referring to Q on his website right from the late 1990s, even though P and Q did not cross paths in a competitive sense until 2000. P, Q?

35 X: Valentino Rossi Y: Max Biaggi

36 17. That X headed the sporting reform of his country is difficult to believe. Despite his undeniable brilliance on the field, he's not necessarily considered particularly wise off it. The law, named after X, sought to modernize the country's sports industry. Salient features include: - forcing professional sports clubs to observe business law and pay tax within two years. - allows clubs to organise their own leagues, breaking the monopoly of official organisations. - applying labour laws to athlete-club relationships. Who?

37 Pele

38 18. There are differing opinions about his contribution to the development of the game of cricket in India. Recent writers suggest that he was perhaps the greatest missionary that the game of cricket has ever seen, and almost single-handedly responsible for the growth of the game in India. However, contrary views persist. They suggest that the game was well established among the natives before his arrival. Furthermore, in 1890, he rejected a petition signed by over 1,000 locals to relocate European polo players to another ground so that the locals could use the area for cricket matches. It was only in 1892 that he granted a parcel of land to the newly formed Mahomedan Gymkhana for a cricket field, adjacent to land already used by the Parsi Gymkhana. This memorial stone to him at Lord's says the following: "I don't see how we can refuse these applicants; but I will steadfastly refuse any more grants once a Gymkhana has been established under respectable auspices by each nationality, and tell applicants that ground having been set apart for their nationality they are free to take advantage of it by joining that particular club." He also lends his name to an prestigious cricket trophy. Who?

39 Harris Shield

40 19. What method well-known to sports fans was used for the first time in a rugby union match in the Heineken Cup semi-final which saw the Leicester Tigers beat the Cardiff Blues 27-26 on May 3, 2009?

41 The Penalty Shootout

42 ** 20. X exploded onto the golfing scene with a three-stroke win over Bruce Lietzke at the PGA Championship, compiling a 69-67-69-71 weekend, without a practice round, having only got an eleventh hour entry when Nick Price dropped out. He thus became the second-ever PGA Rookie of the Year, on account of being the first rookie to win a major since Jerry Pate won the US Open fifteen years previously. He then gained infamy by claiming on The Howard Stern Show that he once hit a 806-yard drive on the airport runway at Los Angeles. His career has since been in chronic decline and he remains the only eligible two-time major winner never to have played Ryder Cup. Who?

43 John Daly

44 21. Born out of a backroom deal by politicians Hale Boggs and Russell Long with then-Commissioner Pete Rozell, X was named after the most famous song to originate from the city (and the genre associated with it). Xs announcement was pushed to November 1966 to coincide with an appropriately named holiday and Xs colours were instituted as a play on the citys reliance on the oil industry. X, song?

45 X: New Orleans Saints, Superbowl XLIV Champions Song: When the Saints Go Marching In

46 22. Born on March 2, 1944 in Tunisia, Xs World Cup career spanned five matches including an appearance in a Round of 16 match between Denmark and Spain. However, all these distinctions faded into irrelevance due to what X claimed was an adverse reaction to the treatment X was receiving for a latent haemorrhoidal condition which caused Xs medium- distance vision to suddenly become unfocused, causing X to miss Y. X, Y?

47 Ali Bin Nasser (X), the referee who missed Maradonas Hand of God goal at the 1986 World Cup (Y).

48 23. X was convinced to make a return to the ring by his boss, who travelled to Paris personally and offered to pay for Xs back surgery in 1988. X agreed, but, approaching the time of surgery, doctors became frantic because they had never put a person of Xs size under anesthesia before and had no idea how much to use. No solution presented itself until the doctors asked X if he was a drinker and how much it took to get him drunk. Known for his legendary drinking exploits, X replied, it usually takes about two litres of vodka just to make me feel warm inside. And thus was a solution found. The gas-passer was able to extrapolate a correct mixture for X by analyzing his alcohol intake. It was a medical breakthrough and the system is still used to this day. X?

49 André the Giant

50 24. Kevin Garnett recently said that X he gets calls as if hes Micheal F****** Jordan!, thats why! Phil Jackson says, As far as the calls that he gets on the floor, I think a lot of the referees are treating him like a superstar; he gets to the line easy and often. Even so, the facts speak for themselves. This season, he has led the league in scoring to become the youngest ever scoring champion. Who?

51 Kevin Durant

52 25. X holds 17 Grand Slam doubles titles, including three with Nicole Provis and one each with Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Martina Návratilová and John McEnroe. Like with many players whove been active in both formats throughout their careers, Xs doubles titles make people forget his singles achievementsfour titles (including one over Ivan Lendl at Philadelphia in 1993), five finals (including one as recently as October 1998) and semi-finals at the 1996 Australian Open. On January 26, 2010, X was inducted into his countrys Tennis Hall of Fame with full bronze statue and all. X?

53 Mark Woodie Woodforde

54 26. Of film X, the director Ken Loach said We wanted to deflate the idea of celebrities as more than human. And we wanted to make a film that was enjoying the idea of what you and I would call solidarity, but what others would call support for your friends really, and the old idea that we are stronger as a team than we are as individuals. Accepted for competition at Cannes last year, Loach courted controversy (not unlike the titular chappie) by withdrawing his film from the Melbourne International Film Festival, citing a campaign to target events that are in receipt of financial support from the State of Israel – which was the Israeli embassy giving a director the proverbial bus fare to attend the fest. Anyway, either name the film for a point, or the sporting villain/hero it features in its title for ½ a point.


56 27. The history of the origin of this trophy is a checkered one. Two names were put forward for this tournament. One, in tribute of X; and the other, by flatterers of Y. These two rival groups set about their business and even prepared two separate trophies. By vote, however, it was decided that it would be named the Y trophy. On the day of the final, Y himself was called to present the trophy named in his honour. However, in an act of almost rare generosity, Y handed over the X trophy. The name has stuck.

57 Y – Willingdon X – Ranji

58 **28. The setting: Athens 2004, 200m freestyle final. The prominent competitors - X, Y and Z. X was desperate to prove his detractors wrong after a shock defeat to Y the last time they met, when he was heavily favoured to win. Y, the sport's quiet, unassuming competitor was out to show that his victory over X was no fluke. Despite this not being his favourite event, Z… was around. X came first, Y came second, and Z, surprisingly, came fifth. Thus ended the 'race of the century'. Id.

59 X – Ian Thorpe Y – Pieter van den Hoogenband Z – Michael Phelps.

60 29. Daniel Weinstein has been recognised by the magazine Best Lawyers in America as one of the, um, best lawyers in America for alternative dispute resolution every year from 2006. He served as a judge at the First District Court of Appeal and at the California Supreme Court during the 1980s. He has since served as the US Special Representative to Bosnia and mediated cases such as Enron, Shinsei Bank and Parmalat. His most notable recent failure caused great consternation in the sporting world. Why?

61 Weinstein was appointed as mediator between the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao camps to resolve their dispute regarding blood testing prior to their much- anticipated fight, which later fell through

62 30. An excerpt from an article by Peter Roebuck written in 1992, from his book It Takes All Sorts: X may be the best thing since thick-cut marmalade. He is seventeen, wears a tiny, defiant goatee beard, a shadow of a moustache, has a pale face, and feet that skim across the turf. Already, he is a batsman of intuition, power and confidence, and a glint in his eye that belies his origins in Laucenston, the country cousin of a country cousin. By sixteen, he was working as a groundsman and a cricketer, representing his home state at the junior levels. He recognizes that both good and bad springs from his birthplace, where he says that you can get noticed more easily. He admits all this in the quiet, matter-of-fact voice of a bloke who cant stand the fuss but is not afraid of making the treacherous step between promise and fulfillment. He can certainly bat. His teammates call him Sachin after Tendulkar, and one says that he is easily the best cricketer in his country for his age group. Who?

63 Ricky Ponting.

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