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PVRC Contesting Seminar WRTC: A Celebration of Contesting Presented by Bob Cox, K3EST.

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1 PVRC Contesting Seminar WRTC: A Celebration of Contesting Presented by Bob Cox, K3EST

2 WRTC: The Idea The first ever World Radiosport Team Championship can only be described as one of the most exciting and most significant events to take place in Amateur Radio contesting. The gathering of 44 of the worlds top contesters yielded not only world-class competition, but also immeasurable international goodwill and enduring friendships. After we worked for nearly two years to get them here, the arrival of the Soviet delegation on the Tuesday before the contest was very emotional. To make it even more special, we obtained official permission from the FCC for the UA, LZ, HA and OK teams to operate (despite the lack of reciprocal operating agreements) just five days before their arrival.

3 WRTC 1990: Seattle

4 The WRTC was conceived originally as an event that would "finally level the playing field" for contest ops from around the world. The need to really find out "How do I stack up with my peers in the hobby?". Well, to be able to answer that question, a group of "propagationally-disadvantaged" hard-core contesters from Seattle and Portland, decided to do something about it, and planned the event that was supposed to give everyone a fair shot at winning. Unfortunately most of these "suffering sevens" ended up on the committee, not in the action….K7SS.

5 WRTC: 1990 Seattle The WRTC, first held in Seattle, WA in 1990, pits two-person teams comprised of some of the world's top operators in a head to head competition. To emphasize operator ability, each team runs the same amount of power and operates from stations having similar terrain and antenna systems and located in the same geographical area.

6 WRTC: 1990 Seattle Twenty-two teams operated in the first WRTC competition which was held in Seattle, WA in 1990.

7 WRTC: 1990 Seattle As many of the radio sportsmen and guests talked together about the future of radiosport contesting, two things became clear. One, that this event should take place again. Whether there is some kind of special event (like the Olympics, Goodwill Games, expos, etc) shouldnt be the deciding factor, but it may offer a stage or backdrop for the competition. This event was too important not to happen again and the Committee hoped that another group will pick up the baton for the second WRTC.

8 WRTC 1990: Seattle Referees: L-R: K3EST, OH2MM, UW3AX

9 WRTC: 1990 Seattle UA1DZ

10 WRTC 1990: Seattle I2UIY, F2CW, JJ3UHS, K3EST, JM3JOW.

11 WRTC 1996: San Francisco

12 WRTC: 1996 San Francisco The Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) and the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) announced today that the site of the 1996 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC-96) will be relocated from Washington, D.C. to the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. The competition, which will run in conjunction with the IARU HF World Championship, will remain the weekend of July 13 and 14, 1996.

13 WRTC: 1996 San Francisco WILD CARD TEAMS Wild-card teams provide an opportunity for contesters who are not residents of Invited Countries, and for residents of Invited Countries who are not otherwise selected, to participate in WRTC-96. Applications for the Wild-card Team Leader positions, along with a statement of the applicant's qualifications, must be sent directly to the WRTC-96 Team Selection Committee. Wild-card Team Leaders will select Partners from the same continent. The Wild-card selection process will begin after the national selection process is completed.

14 WRTC: 1996 San Francisco 1. Defending Champs K1AR* + K1DG* 2. Team Argentina LU6ETB + LW9EUJ 3. Team Australia VK5GN + VK2AYD 4. Team Belgium ON6TT + ON4WW 5. Team Brazil PY5CC + PY0FF 6. Team Bulgaria LZ1SA + LZ2PO* 7. Team Canada #1 VE3EJ + VE3IY 8. Team Canada #2 VE7NTT + VE7CC* 9. Team Czech Rep. OK1CF + OK2PAY 10. Team Finland OH2IW + OH1JT 11. Team France F6FGZ + F5MUX 12. Team Germany #1 DK3GI + DL1IAO 13. Team Germany #2 DL5XX* + DL1VJ 14. Team Hungary HA0DU + HA0MM* 15. Team Italy #1 IN3QBR + IT9TQH 16. Team Italy #2 IT9BLB + IT9VDQ 17. Team Japan #1 JE1JKL*+ JH7WKQ 18. Team Japan #2 JH4NMT + JE3MAS 19. Team Japan #3 JH4RHF + JA8RWU 20. Team Japan #4 JH7PKU + JO1BMV 21. Team Lithuania LY2IJ + LY1DS 22. Team Poland #1 SP6AZT + SP9FKQ 23. Team Poland #2 SP9IJU + SP9HWN 24. Team Russia #1 RV1AW + RW1AC 25. Team Russia #2 UA3DPX + RZ9UA 26. Team Slovenia S59A + S56A 27. Team Spain #1 EA4KR + EA1AK 28. Team Spain #2 EA7TL + EA9KB 29. Team Sweden SM3DMP + SM3CER 30. Team UK G3OZF + GI0NWG 31. Team Ukraine UT4UZ + UT1IA* 32. Team USA #1 K1KI + K3UA 33. Team USA #2 K3LR + WA8YVR 34. Team USA #3 K4BAI + KM9P 35. Team USA #4 K6LL + N2IC 36. Team USA #5 K8CC + K5GO 37. Team USA #6 KF3P + KR2J 38. Team USA #7 KR0Y* + K1TO 39. Team USA #8 N6TV + K7SS 40. Team USA #9 W2GD + W0UA 41. Team USA #10 WX3N + K5ZD 42. Team Yugoslavia YU1RL* + YT1AD 43. Wildcard #1 5B4ADA + S53R 44. Wildcard #2 9A9A + 9A3GW 45. Wildcard #3 DJ6QT* + DJ2YA 46. Wildcard #4 I2VXJ + I4UFH 47. Wildcard #5 K4UEE + N6IG 48. Wildcard #6 NP4Z + WC4E 49. Wildcard #7 RU3AA + RV3AJ 50. Wildcard #8 UN2L + UN4L 51. Wildcard #9 WN4KKN + N6TR 52. Wildcard #10 ZS6EZ + ZS6NW

15 WRTC 1996: San Francisco S5 Team at SF

16 WRTC 1996: San Francisco L-R: DK3GI, K6NA,K6KM, VE7CC

17 WRTC 1996: San Francisco L: K1TO, JH4RHF (4U1VIC)

18 WRTC 1996: San Francisco L: K6LL, K8CC

19 WRTC 2000: Slovenia




23 WRTC: 2000 Slovenia Argentina LU7DW & LW9EUJ Asiatic Russia UA9BA & RN9AOLU7DWLW9EUJUA9BA RN9AO Belgium ON4WW & ON6TT Brazil PY5CC & PY1KN Canada 1 VE3EJ & VE7ZO Canada 2 VE7SV & VA7RR Croatia 9A9A & 9A3GW Czech Republic OL5Y & OK1QM European Russia RA3AUU & RV1AW Finland OH1EH & OH1NOA France F6BEE & F6FGZ Germany 1 DL2CC & DL5XL Germany 2 DL1IAO & DL2MEH Hungary HA3OV & HA3NU Italy 1 IK2QEI & I2VXJ Italy 2 I5JHW & I5NSR Japan 1 JM1CAX & JO1RUR Japan 2 JH4NMT & JK3GAD Japan 3 JA8RWU & JH4RHF Lithuania LY1DS & LY4AA Poland SP8NR & SP9HWN Slovakia OM3BH & OM3GI Slovenia S50U & S51TA Spain 1 EA3NY & EA3KU Spain 2 EA7GTF & EA7KW Ukraine UT5UGR & UU2JZ United Kingdom G3SXW & G4BUO Yugoslavia YT1AD & YU7NU Florida Contest Group WC4E & W0UA Frankford Radio Club N3AD & N3BB Mad River Radio Club K9TM & N2IC North Coast Contesters K8NZ & W2GD Northern California Contest Club N6IG & K4UEE Potomac Valley Radio Club K3NA & N6TV Society Midwest Contesters K9ZO & K7BV Southern California Contest Club K6LA & K5ZD Yankee Clipper Contest ClubON4WWON6TTPY5CCPY1KNVE3EJVE7ZO VE7SVVA7RR9A9A9A3GWOL5YOK1QMRA3AUURV1AWOH1EHOH1NOAF6BEEF6FGZDL2CCDL5XLDL1IAODL2MEHHA3OVHA3NUIK2QEII2VXJI5JHWI5NSRJM1CAXJO1RUR JH4NMT JK3GAD JA8RWUJH4RHFLY1DSLY4AA SP8NRSP9HWNOM3BHOM3GI S50US51TAEA3NYEA3KUEA7GTFEA7KWUT5UGRUU2JZ G3SXWG4BUOYT1ADYU7NUWC4EW0UAN3ADN3BB K9TMN2ICK8NZW2GDN6IGK4UEEK3NAN6TVK9ZOK7BVK6LAK5ZD K1ZM & N2NT WRCT-96 Winners K1TO & N5TJ Slovenia Contest Club S59A & S58AK1ZMN2NTK1TON5TJ S59AS58A Wild-card teams : Europe 1 LY3BA & LY2BM Europe 2 UT4UZ & RW1AC Europe 3 9A3A & 9A2AJ Europe 4 OE2VEL & DL6RAI Europe 5 DL6FBL & DL1MFL USA 1 KQ2M & W7WA USA 2 K4BAI & K6LL USA 3 K1AR & K1DG Asia 1 RZ9UA & UA3DPX Asia 2 5B4WN & 5B4LP North America VE3BMV & VE3KZ South America PP5JR & PY2NY Africa ZS6EZ & ZS4TX Oceania VK4EMM & VK4XYLY3BALY2BMUT4UZRW1AC9A3A 9A2AJOE2VELDL6RAIDL6FBL DL1MFLKQ2M W7WAK4BAIK6LLK1ARK1DGRZ9UAUA3DPX 5B4WN5B4LPVE3BMVVE3KZ PP5JRPY2NYZS6EZZS4TXVK4EMMVK4XY

24 WRTC 2000: Slovenia Left to right: P43P, KT3Y, 9A2AA, G4BUO, S56MM, N5KO, VK2IA, YL2KL, AI6V, JE1JKL, OK1FUA, S50A, OK2RZ, OH6DO

25 WRTC 2000: Slovenia





30 WRTC: 2002 Finland

31 WRTC 2002: Finland The WRTC2002 Management Team Jouko Häyrynen, OH1RX--Organizing Committee Chairman Jari Jussila, OH2BU--Events Chairman and Domestic Publicity Martti Laine, OH2BH--Competition Co-Chairman Pasi Luoma-aho, OH2IW--Competition Co-Chairman Jukka Kulha, OH2MA--Site Design and Management Veijo Kontas, OH6KN--Wireless and Web technology Merja Veisterä--Financial Controller and Treasurer Ari Korhonen, OH1EH--Competitor Correspondence and International Publicity Timo Klimoff, OH1NOA--Competitor Correspondence and Webmaster Risto Lund, OH3UU--Logging and Scoring Management

32 WRTC: 2002 Finland Italians were wondering how the low band conditions are when it is this light outside at the midnight. Alberto IV3TAN, Ben DL6FBL, Fabio I4IFH & Stefano IK2QEI

33 WRTC 2002: Finland L: N2NC, 9V1YC

34 WRTC: 2002 Finland Another team Finland together with Trey. Left to Right: Tomi OH6EI, Trey N5KO and Kari OH2XX.

35 WRTC: 2002 Finland

36 Team Argentina operated from my station site! Left to right: Claudio LU7DW, Roman RZ3AA (referee) and Lucas LU1FAM. They used the call sign OJ1C.

37 WRTC 2002: Finland Lunch under the big tent. L-R:N6TV, K3NA, K1DG, K1EA

38 WRTC: 2006 Brazil WRTC 2006 8 - 9 July, 2006 Florianopolis Brazil Teams compete within the IARU 2006 HF Championship. Start: Saturday 08-July-2006 1200 UTC End: Sunday 09-July-2006 1200 UTC

39 WRTC: 2006 36 National Teams 13 Allocated Teams 1 Previous WRTC 2002 Winners 15 MS Teams A total of 65 Teams. 50 Teams will take place in the WRTC while the MS will consist of 4 members running HP.

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