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Mature Workers Matter University of Adelaide 2 June 2011.

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1 Mature Workers Matter University of Adelaide 2 June 2011

2 MATURE WORKERS MATTER The typical aged care worker is female, born in Australia, aged 50, married, with at least 12 years of schooling + post school qualifications, working 16 – 34 hours a week. ACSA Our Clients and Our Workforce presentation


4 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Workforce Statistics 93% residential & 91% community workers are female (NILS, 2008). 60% residential care workers aged over 45 + & 70% community care workers aged 45 + Aust workforce 36.7% (NILS, 2008). HACC workforce 56% 45 + (HACC, 2006). 2/3rds residential and 60% of community workers are part-time. 29% are casual (more in community care) (NILS, 2008). 2/3rds residential & 3/4s community workers Australian born (NILS, 2008). 1 in 4 PCs & CCW and 1 in 5 RNs have to be replaced each year by their current employer (NILS, 2008).

5 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Particular Challenges for Mature Workers Very manual nature of work Majority of workforce made up of women Very high workloads Significant stress Sandwich generation People working longer


7 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Older Workers Rock Experienced Dedicated Outstanding work ethic Skilled Lots of us Empathy with residents/clients Loyal


9 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Attracted to work because they find working with clients rewarding. Very committed to high quality care – balance high work loads, complex client/carer issues, legal & regulatory responsibilities, internal & external reporting, human resource issues. Pay rate is lower than comparative industries which exacerbates feeling of being undervalued. Job satisfaction very important: Good team and management support (supportive work environment) Being valued by managers, clients and the community Good work conditions eg family-flexible work arrangements, ongoing learning opportunities, salary packaging, more time caring, autonomy, career pathways etc Enough staff to share work load reducing the feeling of pressure and stress (this was seen as more important than a pay rise in some areas)

10 MATURE WORKERS MATTER ACS Mature Workers Matter Project, funded by Employers Mutual Ltd. Project Purpose Build leadership capability around mature workforce matters Support the implementation of practical interventions to improve the working experience of mature workers Provide resources to keep workers in good health and free from injury


12 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Project Outcomes Web-based Resource Kit –E-learning module –Industry Case Studies –Champions Projects – progress reports –List of tools and resources Champions will –Participate in series of 4 Master Classes –Continue to meet for peer support –Implement and measure success of their projects –Offer mentor support to industry –Keep mature worker matters on the agenda

13 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Project Process Steering Group made up of key stakeholders Consultation with Senior Managers, HR staff, Supervisors/Coordinators and mature workers Series of 4 Master Classes Appointment of Industry Champions


15 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Consultation Findings Identified a Need For: More sophisticated understanding and application of flexible work practices Examination of job design and individual workability Exploration of different staffing models and organisation structures Implementation of career pathways and transition to retirement incorporating new roles such as mentoring, training, coaching etc Considering how technology can reduce manual handling risks Rethinking wellbeing programs and what incentives would increase uptake The important place of consultation and conversations

16 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Learnings So Far Although a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the topic, workload and nature of a not for profit industry means that commitment to attending a series of 4 master classes is problematic – overcome with flexible options Designing and implementing projects within the master class time frame difficult – alternatives offered Flexible arrangements often available but work culture not conducive Some interventions reliant on increased funding Need transformational change and thinking outside the square but sustainable change is more likely to happen incrementally


18 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Master Classes Decision makers - HR, OHS or Site Managers / Coordinators A community of 30 practitioners with 10 regularly involved Four three hour sessions over 5 month period

19 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Master Class Program 1 Why Mature Workers Matter 2 Return to Work Conversations 3 Flexible Work Practices 4 Work Organisation & Job Design


21 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Master Class Projects Mentoring projects Health & Wellbeing Manual handling Interviewing mature workers Job redesign

22 MATURE WORKERS MATTER Master Class content Case studies Projects detail Resources Podcasts, Checklists Champion profiles


24 MATURE WORKERS MATTER MOST IMPORTANT ADVOCATES FOR WORKING IN SECTOR ARE EXISTING WORKERS Look After Your Current Workforce And They Will Provide The Best Care Possible Look After Your Current Workforce And They Will Attract The Future Workforce

25 QUESTIONS ? THANKS FOR FUNDING FROM EMPLOYERS MUTUAL LTD Carol Mohan HACC Service Support & Development Officer Aged & Community Services SA & NT Inc Telephone: 8338 7111 Email:

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