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2013-2014 Season. Thank you for your help IPFW IVY Tech Purdue University College of Technology, Anderson GE Mentors Parents Spouses.

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1 2013-2014 Season

2 Thank you for your help IPFW IVY Tech Purdue University College of Technology, Anderson GE Mentors Parents Spouses

3 Game Design Committee Bill Malin Kris Kimmel* James Grim Mike Bierbaum Pete Marotti Rick Haynie *Rookie Member

4 2013-2014 YBOT Schools Howe* Leo North Side Northrop* South Adams* West Noble * New Team Anderson Prep. Academy Bellmont Bishop Dwenger Canterbury Carroll Dekalb Central

5 General Information

6 Youth B.O.T. Website Check often for rule changes and cancellations Submit questions via Game Q&A section of website Via email: Submit part requests Submit white papers

7 School Websites This year schools are encouraged to create a website on Please use this site to track your team and robot progress over the course of the season. We will use this site to get to know your team, and it will help us decide who should win the Technical Award. Details on how to create a website have been sent out to all school mentors.

8 MakerBot & Laser cut Parts YBOT has access to a MakerBot Replicator and an industrial laser cutter. If your team would like YBOT to make something for your robot please visit our website for complete details. Teams will be required to submit a sketch or cad file of the requested part and will be required to arrange for pickup. Please allow at least a week for fabrication.

9 Youth B.O.T. Tournament Rules

10 Tournament Structure The tournament will consist of 5 meets: 1 practice meet 3 competition meets 1 championship meet Teams must compete in competition to be eligible for the championship

11 Tournament Competition Dates January 11 th Practice day @ Carroll HS January 25 th 1 st competition @ IVY Tech February 22 nd 2 nd competition @ IVY Tech March 15 th 3 rd competition @ Anderson, IN April 26 th Championship @ IVY Tech

12 Practice Day Teams are encouraged to show up and run their robots. This helps YBOT test the field and for teams to test your robots. The field will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Teams that show up with a robot, and their robot drives on the field, will be able to drop their lowest score at the first competition Teams that show up and run scrimmage matches will be able to replace their lowest score at the first competition with their highest score from their scrimmage matches. A scrimmage match is a full match in which two robots compete against each other as they would in a normal competition match. A robot must be able to participate in each match of the game to qualify.

13 Competition Meet Layout 12:00 to 12:30 pm INTERMISSION 12:30 to 2:00 pm AFTERNOON ROUNDS 2:00 to 3:00 pm CLEAN UP 8:30 to 8:45 am SETUP 8:45 to 9:00 am DRIVER MEETING 9:00 to 9:15 am OPENING CEREMONIES 9:15 – 12:00 pm MORNING ROUNDS

14 Competition Meets Each student must complete a release form and submit it at the first competition. Forms can be found at Each team must complete an inspection form and team roster and hand it in prior to the start of each competition. Each team must be queued up and ready to compete before their match is scheduled to start. Teams will have minimum of 6 minutes between matches.

15 Competition Meets Competition Meets consist of a round-robin style tournament. Each team will compete against every team at each competition. If a team is unable to compete they will forfeit the match. The forfeiting team will receive zero points. The non-forfeiting team will receive no score if their robot is on the field and ready to run.

16 Competition Meets Teams which are unable to compete in a match may elect to push their match to the end of the day. Both teams must agree to push the match and report this to the scoring desk prior to the matchs scheduled start time. The pushed matches will be ran in scheduled order as time permits. If for any reason the match cannot be ran the requesting team will forfeit the match, including if either team must leave.

17 Competition Meets If a team fails to show up at the competition prior to their scheduled match it will forfeit the match if the present team has its robot on the field and is ready to start. If both teams fail to show at the start of the match both teams will forfeit the match. Each match will be ran till completion, unless the field controls fail and the referees deem it necessary to stop the match. No match will be re-ran unless the referees deem it necessary due to field failure.

18 Competition Meets All disputes must be presented in writing to the scoring desk for review. All disputes will be reviewed in the order they are received. All scoring changes will be announced by the MC If for any reason the meet cannot be completed the outcomes of each match for that meet will not be used in seeding.

19 Seeding Teams will be seeded after all competitions and before the final rounds at the championship Teams will be seeded as follows First by wins, then by ties, then by losses Next by average highest score truncated to the second decimal place Next by highest single match score Finally by coin flip Teams will be seeded using all the outcomes from each competition for the championship.

20 Championship The championship will consist of two round-robin tournaments and double elimination tournament. The teams will be broken into two groups for the championship event. The first set will play a double round-robin tournament made of the top four seeded teams going into the championship. This group will be seeded into quarter-final rounds as the top four seeded teams. The second set of teams will play a round-robin tournament made of the remaining teams. The top four seeds from this group will seeded into the quarter-final rounds as the bottom four seeded teams. Each group will compete in a round-robin tournament and will be seeded as a group before the semifinal rounds.

21 Championship The final rounds will be made of a double elimination tournament. If a team is unable to advance to the double elimination tournament the next highest seeded team will advance into the tournament. If both teams are eliminated in the same round the next highest seeded teams will advance into their positions. If both teams tie for the win the match we be rerun until a winner is found.

22 Tournament Penalties Robots may be disabled and or disqualified If the robot is operating in an unsafe or malicious manner. If the robot or part of the robot leave the field during a match. If any part of a member of the team enters the field during a match. If a team fails to comply with rules contained in this document or instructions issued by Youth B.O.T. staff.

23 Tournament Guidelines The following items are not allowed at any meet. Flames, gas, fuel tanks, power tools, paints, glues, welding, soldering, or brazing. Compressors, except those that are hand or battery powered. Open toed shoes Unsafe acts of any kind Fighting, bulling, or any other displays of disrespect Please be respectful of our venues and clean up all debris created by your team or any other team. Please leave the venue better than we found it.

24 Tournament Safety Everyone is responsible for safety. Safety glasses and closed toed shoes must be worn at all times in the pits, at the field, or anytime you are performing work or your robot is running. Disconnect all power sources while working on your robot. Robots are only permitted to run wirelessly while competing during a match. All other times robots must be tethered. Please remove all jewelry, tie back long hair, roll up long sleeves while performing work or testing your robots. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in penalties.

25 Team Collaboration We love the community that has developed over the years. It make us proud to be a part of this processes. This competition is about learning new things and sharing the knowledge that teams have gathered. Youth B.O.T. is always looking for new ways to encourage teams to continue to collaborate. If there is anything we do to help with this please let us know. ~ yBOT

26 Technical Award The technical award is a judges choice award. It is awarded to a team who has shown great growth over the course of the tournament. The judges will use the following guidelines along with personal observations when making their decisions. Has the team attempted all game objectives? Has the team continued to improve their robot over the tournament? Has the team continued to improve themselves over the tournament? Has the team helped other teams both during and outside of the competitions? Does the team share their knowledge with other teams? Does the team conduct themselves in a professional manner? Does the team use good troubleshooting skills?

27 Competition Rules

28 Robot Construction Material can be no thicker than ¼ Teams may laminate ¼ or less material together to create a thicker piece of material. No bolts/screws thicker than ¼ O.D. and related hardware No bearings larger than ¼ I.D. Up to $300 total on non-VEX wheels, sensors, and other electronics. No glass, liquid, particulate or living materials can be used on the robot

29 Robot Controllers Teams must use one VEX Cortex robot microcontroller and up to two VEX Cortex transmitter. Teams can not use VEX Pic microcontroller. Teams may use one Arduino controller if controlled by the VEX Cortex microcontroller.

30 Robot Controllers Please read the operators manual before you use the microcontrollers. The VEX controllers have limitations and maybe damaged or cause unexpected behavior is misused. Please take the time to understand its limits.

31 VEX net Please read the operators manual before you use the microcontrollers. The VEX dongles must be kept two inches away from metal material. Failure to do this may result in unexpected behavior. The dongles can be relocated using a USB extension cable.

32 Robot Batteries Up to two 7.2V batteries or battery packs not exceeding 3000 mAh, maybe used on each robot. Up to two 9V back up batteries maybe used. If using rechargeable batteries please read the instruction manual and follow all recommendations. Some batteries require full discharging and/or slow charging to extend their life. Not following the manufactures suggestion may cause unexpected behavior and/or damage the batteries. No other batteries maybe used.

33 Other Electronics All unaltered VEX electronics can be used. Non VEX sensors maybe use when included in the $300 sensor/wheel/electronics total. All other electronics must be submitted via whitepaper and approved before it can be added to the robot and must be included in the $300 sensor/wheel/electronics total.

34 Teams are allowed to use non-VEX electronics and/or modify VEX electronics. Teams will be required to provide a whitepaper for approval one week PRIOR to competition. Teams will not be allowed to use any non-vex electronics and/or modify VEX electronics unless the whitepaper is approved. Whitepapers are to be submitted to Please visit for examples of past whitepapers. Whitepapers

35 WARNING!!!!!! Youth B.O.T. cant verify how all modifications will affect your robot. These modifications may cause your robot to act in an unexpected manner. Modifications may also harm your robot components. It will be the teams responsibility to test compatibility to the field. Youth B.O.T. is not responsible for any damage caused by modifications teams have made to their electronics. Proceed at your own risk.

36 Robot Limitations Robot Size No larger than 16x16x12 at start of a match. Robot Weight There is no weight restriction this season Stored Mechanical Energy Stored Mechanical Energy Gizmos must be in the relaxed state at the start of the match.

37 Robot Competition Rules Team Colored Lights Teams must leave a 4x4 space on top of their robots with a 2x2 piece of hook Velcro. The light must be clearly visible. Lights must be oriented in the upright position. The light is not included in the size of the robot. Robot Transmitters Must be connected to field control boxes at the start of each match Partner controllers must be connect to the main controller. Only referees may disconnect transmitters during the competition.

38 Robot Construction Please build your robots to handle the rigors of game play, including contact with the field and other robots. Please use caution when coming in contact with other teams and the field. Remember to be a good sport! YBOT is only a game. Please take precautions to mitigate entanglement issues. Please remove all sharp edges from the robot.

39 Robot Inspection Team Self Inspection Sheets must be completed and handed into the scoring desk prior the start of each meet. Team Self Inspection Sheets Self Inspection Sheets can be found at Robots must meet Youth B.O.T. guidelines. Teams must bring list of purchased parts and receipts to every meet. Robot must be sized in its largest starting configuration. Only one robot per team may be registered at each meet – No back-ups

40 Robot Inspection Self Inspection If any team feels another team is in violation of the current game rules they may institute a challenge. All challenges must be submitted in writing to the scoring desk. The judge will gather both parties and check for the rule violation. If the judge finds the challenged team in violation, 5 points will be subtracted from their average score at the end of the day. If the judge finds the challenged team is not in violation, the challenging team will have 5 points subtracted from their average score at the end of the day.

41 2013-2014 Game

42 We at Youth B.O.T. are always looking for ways to improve our games. One issue that has plagued us for years is testing our game before kick-off. For obvious reasons we cant have students test our field and adults are poor drivers. So we thought we could program a robot to drive like a high school student. This proved to be a very challenging task. After many years of hard work we succeeded in creating a robot that acted like a high school student and TOBy was born. First a little history

43 We soon grew to regret this decision. TOBy acted just like a teenager. He stopped doing what he was asked. He slept in to all hours of the morning. He hung out at Starbucks and the mall. He started to rebel. TOBy soon grew too smart and powerful and we tried to shut him down, but he escaped into the world and is now in charge of the game. Since escaping he learned how to travel to alternate universes and began conquering other worlds. So far he has conquered ten worlds in multiple universes. He is currently focused on 4 more worlds in this universe -- including our own. TOBys story

44 Since TOBys escape we have perfected our own worm hole generator and have located the conquered worlds. We need your help to rescue the conquered worlds from TOBy, uncover his current location, and secure the worlds in a stable orbit around nearby stars. We think since TOBy is programmed to think and act like a high school student that if our teams work together they will be able to out-smart him. You are our last hope. YBOT needs your help



47 The Field

48 Teams will rescue the worlds from the evil robot, TOBy, by pressing their lit worm hole generator button to activate their teams worm hole. After a worm hole is established, a world will be delivered to the corresponding button. Teams can also navigate the game field and collect worlds TOBy has not yet conquered. Teams can then earn points by pinging the galactic network revealing TOBys location for 1 second and racing to a designated network tower. Teams must work together to trace TOBys whereabouts through the scrambled network. Teams then race to secure their rescued world in a secure orbit around their teams stars. Game Overview

49 Field Components Globes 2-7/8 Foam Globe 12 Game Globes 2 Autonomous Globes Weighs.8 oz

50 Field Components Worm Hole Generators Located at mid-field 20x20x51.5 Constructed of 80/20 and PVC pipe Each tube holds 5 globes Capable of delivering globes to corresponding button. Please note due to constant changes to the field conditions we cannot guaranty the globes will always hit the button. This should be considered part of the game.

51 Field Components Worm Hole Generator Button Located directly in front of each teams drivers station Each team will have one WHGB Lighted button at the base

52 Field Components Network Trace Towers Located on the sides and ends of the field Towers can belong to either team Yellow and Blue or Red or Green lighted buttons at the base

53 Field Components Space Debris 6.25x6.25x7.5 empty cardboard boxes. 2 stacks of 3 located on both sides of the Worm Hole Generator. Weighs 4.1 oz Non-scoring obstacles.

54 Field Components Star and Orbit Located at the corners of the field. Light color will designate scoring team. Orbit 12.375 x 6.25 x 1.5 outside dimensions 3.25 x 12 x 1.5 inside dimensions Max of 4 globes per orbit

55 The Game 2 minutes 10 seconds per match 20 second autonomous mode 55 second memory/speed mode 55 second strategy mode Robots may start anywhere on their teams side of the field. Robot cannot extend over or touch any field component except the carpet and white field striping. Robots must start no larger than 16x16x12.

56 The Game Only the drive team may be in their designated driving area during the match All drivers and coach must be behind the autonomous line at the start of the match and for the duration of autonomous mode or receive a penalty. Robots MUST stop ALL motion at the end of the match or receive a penalty.

57 Field Setup The field will start with 5 globes loaded into each Worm Hole Generator and 4 globes positioned on top of the blue and yellow buttons located on the sides of the field. There will be 3 stacked space debris boxes located on both sides of the Worm Hole Generator. All Field lights will be off.

58 Autonomous Mode Rescuing the worlds 0-20 seconds At the start of the match all field buttons will light. Teams must race to be the first team to toggle their Worm Hole Generator Button to receive 1 bonus point and 1 globe and the buttons light will go out. After 1 second the 2 nd place teams button will light and they will have up to 5 seconds to toggle their button. If successful they will receive 1 globe and their buttons light will go out and 1 second later the opposing teams button will light. If unsuccessful their buttons light will go out and the opposing teams button will light. This game play will continue until all globes have been rescued or 20 seconds have elapsed. Buttons will not light while they are pressed.

59 Autonomous Mode Rescuing the worlds (cont.) Teams may also use the field lines and button lights to race and rescue the worlds located on top of the blue and yellow buttons on the side of the fields. Teams will have until the end of autonomous mode to rescue the globes on the referees side of the field. If untouched the globes will be removed after autonomous mode and will belong to TOBy.

60 Memory/Speed Mode Locating TOBy 21 – 75 seconds After Autonomous mode is over the drivers can take manual control of their robots. TOBy, holding the upper hand, will start with all of the points. This score represents the number of scrambled nodes he is hiding behind. Teams will be required to work together to reduce his score and locate his current position. The field will flash all of its lights and two random mirrored towers will light, one of each teams color for 1 second before going dark. If the random tower is one of the side towers a button color will also light. Teams must toggle the correct button to score points. Then teams will race to toggle the correct buttons on the Network Towers in order to track TOBys whereabouts. The teams receive the points awarded to the tower with their colored lights.

61 Memory/Speed Mode Locating TOBy (cont.) The first tower to have its correct button toggled will receive 3 points and TOBys score will be decremented 3 points. The second tower to be toggled will receive 2 points and TOBys score will be decremented 2 points and the cycle will repeat. Both towers correct buttons must be toggled in order to repeat the cycle. When the correct button is toggled the towers light will light indicating the team that will receive the points. This mode will continue until TOBys score is 0 or 75 seconds has elapsed. Like the you, TOBy can improve between each competition, so TOBys starting score may increase between each meet.

62 Strategy Mode 76 – 130 seconds After Memory/Speed Mode the corner lights will light in a random mirrored pattern. Two lights for each team will be lit. Teams will race to place their rescued globes into the orbits at the base of the Star Towers. Each Orbit can hold no more than 4 globes. Teams will receive 2 points per scored globe in their stars orbits as designated by the Star Towers light color. A globe is scored when it is fully contained by the orbit and touching the carpet. Globes cannot touch its scoring teams robot. Any un-scored globe is worth two points for TOBy.

63 End of Game All robots must stop at the end of the match Students will wait until the referees have scored the game and given the go-ahead before taking their robots. Field will be scored as it sits after robots have stopped all motion Robots may need to be moved to score the game. Care will be given not to disturb the field during robot removal When entering and exiting the field DO NOT step on any field components. This may cause damage to the field.

64 Scoring Points from the Memory/Speed and Strategy mode, along with any bonus points will be added together and will become the teams final score. The player (including TOBy) with the highest points will WIN the game and have its final score calculated into its tournament average. The player with the next highest points will receive a LOSS and have its final score calculated into its tournament average. The player who has the lowest score will receive a LOSS and have 0 points calculated into its tournament average. If two players tie for the highest points they will both receive a TIE and have its score calculated into its tournament average. If two players tie for the lowest points both will receive a LOSS and will have its final score calculated into its tournament average.

65 Penalties Any team receiving a penalty will have 5 points deducted from their final score for that match. Any team receiving 3 penalties will be disqualified for that match. A referee may stop a match at anytime. Teams may not pin another robot for more than 3 seconds. After 3 seconds both teams must leave the area by at least 3 feet.

66 Rules and Drawings All rules, field drawings, and CAD files can be found at Contact YBOT using for additional information.



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