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Partnership Presentation 2011 Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

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1 Partnership Presentation 2011 Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

2 Introduction and History 1995 Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd. The team was founded in 1996, racing 100cc TKM karts competitively at club level, including race wins, until late 2002 when the team took a sabbatical for a few years until 2006 in order to focus its attentions on other exploits. In this time the team acquired a Ducati 748 which has seen action on a few of the countrys major tracks including Donington, Croft and Silverstone. In 2006 the team took the plunge into Karting once again, this time in the Rotax Max class. The 125cc liquid cooled 2 stroke engine produced a great deal more power than the 100cc air cooled units used in the TKM class, and coupled with softer tyres and a stiffer, more robust chassis, the result was much faster racing. Racing has continued at various levels from early 2006 until 2009. 2006 also saw the birth of the teams latest acquisition; a 7 litre, 600bhp Ultima GTR. Ordered in the second quarter of 2006, the team has been constructing the vehicle in various stages. 2006

3 Introduction and History 2010 Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd. In 2010, the Team entered into the 2010 Time Attack championship with the Lotus Exige S2. Running in the 3 Litre and Under Naturally Aspirated (NA) class, the team will be competing alongside other Lotus models, BMW's, Porsches, TVR's and a wealth of highly Modified Japanese cars including Mitsubishi Evos, Nissan Skylines, Toyota Supras and Subaru Imprezas amongst others. The Team also bought a Westfield Aerorace in 2010, taking two 2nd places in its first outing at Rockingham in the UK Westfield Championship, and then took class wins in the Scottish Sports and Saloon Car Championships on its second outing. The Ultima GTR has recently been completed and is currently competing in the Britcar British Endurance Championship in the 2011 season.

4 The Team Richard MacGregor - Team Principal Jonathan MacGregor - Technical Director and main driver Dr Charlotte Edwardson - Nutrition and Fitness Consultant Alicja Sanderson - Hospitality Manager 6 other regular crew Customer drivers Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

5 2010 Season Achievements In 2010 the Team had a very successful season including the following highlights: The Team became a limited company and undertook its first commercial operations Purchased a Westfield Aerorace, and took two 2 nd places at the UK Westfield Championship in the cars first outing, holding the fastest lap for the majority of both races Took two class wins at the Scottish Sports and Saloon Car Championships using the Westfield Aerorace, breaking the Croft lap record for a Westfield Championship specification car Ran a Lotus Exige in the UK Time Attack Championship, consistently running mid pack, despite having the lowest powered car in the competition by some margin The Teams website reach over 500 hits per week for the first time in April 2010website Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

6 2011 Season MacG Racing are currently competing in the Britcar British Endurance Championship, front running in the premier GT class, against cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Lotus, Moslers, Dodge Vipers, TVRs and Aquilas The car is transported to and from events on an open trailer behind the Teams support vehicle, maximising exposure for sponsors. Statistics show that this gives 101 views per mile travelled. Last year the Team did over 3000 miles travelling to and from events, equating to over 300,000 views from travel alone. The standard Ultima GTR holds the world record for a production car 0-100-0 mph, as well as completing the Top Gear Test Track in 1:09.9secs (9secs quicker than a Ferrari Enzo!). The MacG Racing Ultima is highly modified and adapted for full race use. MacG Racing have agreed to advertise for Loros and attend charity days such as Donington Day where time permits in order to support the Charities Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

7 Website Information MacG Racing and our website is well known within the car and trackday domain as a good resource for technical information, currently receiving between 70 and 400 visits per day as shown in the chart below (each point is a day) Technical articles released periodically and race reports written after events MacG Racing have Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels, as well as a presence on Pistonheads, which achieved a traffic rank in the top 200 websites in the UK in 2010 Copyright 2011 MacG Racing

8 2011 Season TV Coverage In 2011 the Team will be entering the British Endurance Championship in the Ultima GTR. The championship has 9 rounds, the full 2011 calendar can be viewed These are televised events on satellite TV on Motors TV and ESPN Motors TV reaches over 18 million homes across 30 countries in Europe TV coverage is a 30 minute or a 1 hour highlight show, typically repeated 5 times in the fortnight after the event. Viewing times for the first round of 2011 were as follows, which is typical for each round: Round 1 - Silverstone 19:45 8th May 2011 15:30 10th May 2011 13:30 11th May 2011 01:00 19th May 2011 Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

9 Web and other Exposure The Britcar British Endurance Championship is not only covered on TV as mentioned in the previous slide, but it receives significant coverage from a multitude of websites Websites who cover the series include,,,, as well as the enormous number of motoring forums, blogs, team, driver, circuit and sponsors websites and rank in the top 5 motorsport websites Electronic media and exposure opportunities are growing at an exponential rate The prestigious Britcar 24hr race receives further coverage, including full write-ups in mainstream press such as the Daily Telegraph, Autosport and other motoring magazines. The 24hr race also previously received coverage on a Topgear Special Frequently successful cars have been modelled in computer games for platforms such as the Playstation, Xbox or PC, further increasing exposure for sponsors Copyright 2011 MacG Racing

10 Other Partnership Benefits Besides the exposure opportunities MacG Racing offer their partners, we offer benefits such as: The glamour of being associated with a GT Motorsport Team running in an exclusive British Championship in which the worlds most exotic cars compete Corporate entertaining at race days, where you will have exclusive access to the pit garages and pit lane, normally only available to Team members Corporate events, where MacG Racing give high speed passenger rides to customers, suppliers, shareholders etc. Direct networking opportunities within the motorsport industry, and an association with fast paced, harsh, rough and technologically advanced environment that is endurance racing Public relations opportunities in local and national press, as well as in the motorsport media Cars and drivers can be made available for trade shows, exhibitions or advertising to add glamour and maximise impact for the company Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

11 Partnership Opportunities Partnership opportunities are available at various levels depending on the level of exposure the company would like and the budget available The following slide describes some of the benefits of working with MacG Racing Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

12 Partnership Opportunities Partnership benefits can include, but are not limited to the following: Car is branded in Company Logo and identity in prominent positions, e.g. – side pods/panels, nose, rear wing, roof (where applicable) and rear of car Drivers overalls, mechanics overalls, teamwear displays company logo/identity Company logo appears on Team website with direct links back to the Companys page Drivers thank main partners in interviews and press conferences Free admission to events and hospitality provided, invitations to high speed passenger rides and experiences on trackdays Opportunity for car and driver to be available for promotions, corporate events, product launches, trade shows and adverts as previously mentioned Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

13 Contacts Contact details are as follows: Team Principal: Richard MacGregor Email: Tel: 01347 868755 Mob: 07885 207237 Technical Director: Jonathan MacGregor Email: Tel: 01347 868755 Mob: 07764 612983 Head Office: MacG Racing Ltd, Sandhill Cottage, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PQ VAT Registered Company Copyright 2011 MacG Racing Ltd.

14 Thanks for your time, we look forward to working with you successfully in 2011! Copyright 2011 MacG Racing

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