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Hurling Review Group Shane McGill P.J. Dolan Denis Carr Gus Brennan Eamon Potts Michael OGrady.

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1 Hurling Review Group Shane McGill P.J. Dolan Denis Carr Gus Brennan Eamon Potts Michael OGrady

2 Terms of Reference To analyse and review the current club league and championship programme and to make recommendations for the running of future competitions. To propose the wording for the new regulations/bye-laws covering promotion and relegation in league and/or championship competitions

3 2005 league/championship final stages Groups of 8: Semi-final: 1 st and 2 nd Quarter-finals: 3v6, 4v5 Promotion: 2 finalists Demotion : 7 th and 8 th Groups of 10 Semi-final:1 st Quarter-finals:2v7, 3,6, 4,5 Promotion: 2 finalists Demotion: 9 th and 10 th.

4 2006 hurling season- senior and intermediate At present 36 teams- 8 senior A, 10 senior B, 10 intermediate A, 8 intermediate B, We propose 3 groups of 12, senior A, senior B and intermediate. Divide each 12 into 2 groups of 6[ even and odd numbers] Each team plays 5 games – one round only

5 Top team in semi-final, 2 and 3 in quarter-final Winner only promoted Team 6 in each group to play- off, loser relegated Scoring difference to count [ what about walkovers? No league championship game until Dublin senior hurlers finished.

6 Junior 1-8 League Championships As 2005 groups of 8 - except Winner only promoted Last team relegated Top 2 teams in League final Cup competitions at start of season

7 Formation of groups of 12 Groups to be decided from final positions in the 2005 league championships

8 Senior A- 2006 group No relegation from 2005 group 4 teams qualifying for semi-finals from Senior B group to be promoted

9 Senior B group No relegation, remaining 6 group B teams and promote 6 teams from Intermediate A The 6 Intermediate teams will be the 4 semi-finalists and the next 2 teams with the highest points.

10 Intermediate group The remaining 4 teams plus the 8 teams from Intermediate B group taking into account 2 teams promoted from Junior A and 2 teams relegated from Intermediate B.

11 Leagues for 2006 Same groups as in League championships To be played without inter-county players 11 games or 2 groups of 6? Home and away New sponsors to be sought, or Each team to contribute 500 euro and league winners to get 5,000 towards holiday

12 Cup competitions Based on championship groups Format decided depending on number of entries Teams may opt in/out Played at start of year

13 U-21 competitions Groups of 8 – straight knockout championship played in Feb/March.

14 Minor Hurling Document from Kevin OShaughnessy to be looked at in detail Summary The top 8 club teams and 8 amalgamated teams for championship only Players play with their clubs in the league

15 Issues arising How walkovers affect score difference? Can college teams play in the League? Status: because junior 1- 8 have 14 games should status rule be changed to allow a player to play 5/6 games before losing status?

16 Deadlines Sept.14- meeting with club reps. Club submissions to be e-mailed to by midnight Tues. Sept.20 Review group to meet at 8.00pm on Wed. Sept. 21 Tues.Sept.27 meeting with club reps. To make final presentation Monday Oct. 3 county committee meeting

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