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They Said.

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1 They Said

2 To Whom it May Concern; I am writing to the company of Pathfinder Lubricants with my deepest thanks. I have been using Pathfinder Lubricants since March of 2006, and since that point I have averagely improved approximately 80 kilometers per tank of fuel. While I average 700 kilometers per week in my 2002 Dodge Grande Caravan, commuting to my place of employment, I estimate that I have saved approximately $40-$60 per month. I don’t know what I would do without Pathfinder Lubricants, not only has it improved my fuel mileage but it has also improved the way my vehicle runs. The response in horsepower is exceptional and the transmission has never shifted smoother. Thanks Pathfinder, Craig D.

3 Dear Sir, I want to thank you for introducing me to Flow 2 Step System. I have been using your product for about 3 months now. My vehicle is a 1990 Pontiac Bonneville. It has a 3.8L, six cylinder engine. I commute approximately 1000 km's per week for work. This does not include the pleasure driving on my free time. The car has more than 287,000 km's on it and still counting. Before adding Flow 2 Step System, I was averaging 18 miles per gallon, or 550 km per tank. Now that Flow 2 Step system is in the vehicle, the fuel mileage has increased dramatically. I now get miles per gallon, and 700 PLUS km's per tank. I find the car seems to have increased horsepower and a smoother idle. A side note is that now when we do an oil change the oil is much cleaner looking. I have, and will continue to, recommend your products to my family and friends. It is well priced and easy to use - two features that always catch my attention. The greatest thing is it works! Sincerely, Chris Cadiuex Lakefield, Ontario

4 "Drummond Motorsports has competited in 3 events in the Ontario Regional autoslalom series. St. Lac, SPDA and TAC events. Drummond motorsports has managed a perfect season so far. Currently Jason Drummond has 3 wins in class F-Super stock and is early on showing how he managed a 2005 national championship. Currently Jason is on the road to locking up the F-super stock class championship in just the first 6 events of the 10 event series. The National autoslalom championship is scheduled to be contested on Auguist 4th to 6th in Toronto, Ontario. Jason is looking to repeat his 2005 national championship in class F-Super stock. if he can do this he will be the first to repeat a championship at the national level since the conversion to a single event Format. Pathfinder lubricants has been a huge help for Jason in this contest. Before signing Pathfinder lubricants up as a sponsor, Jason only had 1 class win in autoslalom. Since that turning point at the beginning of 2005 Pathfinder Lubricants has been a driving force at getting Jason to the top. with their help Jason has claimed both an Ontario regional championship and a national championship and is on the right path to repeat both feats in 2006. The Honda civic used by Drummond Motorsports uses the Rycon-1 additive in the engine and transmission. The Trijet additive is added to every fuel up. with gas prices rising every effort has to be made to save money, and help the budget out. The race car gets more milage and better performance with the additives from Pathfiner Lubricants. In case you are wondering the trailer is greased with Tropix-2 from Pathfinder as well, After a bearing blew on the cross Canada trip in 2005, Drummond Motorsports had to ensure that the trailer with the equipment in it made it to the event. Drummond Motorsprots trust Pathfinder lubricants for this important task."

5 Hillary Lansdown, Driver of a 1989 Cavalier Z24
My ’89 Cav looks great. The body is mint. The trouble is the engine isn’t in quite as good shape. It guzzled fuel and I was actually waiting for it [the engine] to blow up so I could replace it. When I was told about Flow 2 Step System I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it out and am I ever glad I did. I have been using it for over 18 months and I feel like I’m driving another vehicle. My Z24 runs better now than it had in a long, long time and as for the motor, well I’m still waiting for it give. I think I’ll be waiting a while. Not only does my car feel and sound better but I am consistently getting an additional 100 kilometres per tank of gas. At 85 to 90 cents a litre that’s a big savings. Thanks Flow – you rock! Hillary Lansdown

6 Dear Pathfinder Lubricants:
I recently purchased your product and must admit that I was skeptical as to whether it would work and if it would be cost effective. I have a 2003 Camry with 75,000 miles and after one tank of gas with your treatment I averaged 25.5 miles per gallon. After the second tank of gas my mileage jumped up 20% to 30 miles per gallon, and that is with me warming up the car in the cold New England mornings. Thank you!! Joe Presti

7 The Mississauga Transit on Pathfinder Lubricants®
MISSISSAUGA TRANSIT SYSTEM MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO Tests were conducted on three Mississauga Transit buses with Detroit Diesel, 50 Series Engines. The buses first ran 9000 KM without Pathfinder Oil Fortifier and Fuel Treatment. Then they ran the buses for 9000KM with Pathfinder products. The benefits of using Pathfinder were as follows. Oil Analysis conducted by: Agat Laboratories Engine Metal Wear 50% drop in engine metal wear when using Pathfinder Lubricants, representing 2 times more engine life, as well as reducing maintenance cost, engine re-builds, capital expenditures and down time costs. SOOT IN MOTOR OIL (ABS/DM-1) Soot contamination in motor oil was reduced by 76% with Pathfinder Lubricants. FUEL ECONOMY Fuel economy improved by 5.04% with Pathfinder Lubricants. EMISSIONS Using Pathfinder Lubricants a reduction of 24% was recorded on tail pipe emissions (opacity meter). This reading exceeds the 20% reduction goal of the Kyoto Accord.

8 To Whom It May Concern: I drive a 1997 Ford Mercury Villager van. A couple of people I work with had been using your product and were raving about how well it worked. They told me how to get and I gave it a try. I put in the Flow 2 Step System and the van started running smoother and had more get up and go. I also noticed I was saving about 5 % at the pumps. Now six months later and I’m saving about 10% at the pump, but just passed my emission test with flying colours. I would recommend Flow 2 Step System to anyone who drives. Thanks, Omar Bigby Newmarket Ontario.

9 I have a 2001 GMC half-ton truck
I have a 2001 GMC half-ton truck. I was worried about my not passing my emission test; my previous test was not all that good. Add in how high the price of fuel is and I was in the market for something that would help. I’m happy to say that using FLOW 2 STEP SYSTEM my truck passed its emission test with flying colours (every thing dropped by %50) and the amount I’m saving in fuel is unbelievable, I would peg the fuel savings at %20 or $30 a week. My bank account thanks you and so do I!!! Patricia A. Sutton ON.

10 Dear Pathfinder: As I get close to retirement its very important that I save money both now and in the future. I drive a 2000 Toyota Camry with km on it. I have had it since it was brand new and let me tell you it has never run better. The car runs very quiet again and when I push on the gas peddle it really goes. My oil at drain time looks very clean almost the same color as when the oil was new. To top all this off, the money I save on fuel pays for the product and then some. I have been using Flow 2 Step System for 8 months now and will be using your product in my vehicle until I no longer drive. Thanks, Sean Touch

11 We have been using Flow 2 Step System since August 2004
We have been using Flow 2 Step System since August 2004.These products have delivered huge benefits to our vehicles and motorcycle, especially in fuel savings. An example of these savings are as follows: 1995 CHEV BLAZER Improved from 16 MPG to 21 MPG, which represents a 31% improvement in fuel economy. 2001 CHRYSLER JEEP Improved from 22 MPG to 25 MPG, (improvement in fuel of 15%). 1997 GOLDWING MOTORCYCLE We did a Dyno Test with this motorcycle and the horsepower improved from 104 HP to 112 HP (8 HP INCREASE) with the use of Pathfinder products. FUEL ECONOMY increased from 43 MPG to 51 MPG or 18 ½%. All in all we are very pleased and impressed with your products. Saving money on fuel and improving horsepower is truly remarkable. We also noticed that the oil at oil drain intervals remains very clear and clean. FANTASTIC PRODUCTS. Sincerely, Stewart Browne

12 Ted Winstone, Shipper/Receiver
When I was approached to buy Flow 2 Step System I thought “Great, another company trying to part me and my hard earned cash”. I heard the pitch and decided to give it a go (I was sceptical but bought it anyway). Man, this was the best 30 bucks I’ve ever spent on my car. My 2004 Toyota Matrix runs smoother and quieter and is more fuel efficient. I’m saving about $10 bucks on every tank of gas. It’s not too often you spend $30 and wind up with $80 in its place. Nice. Thanks for selling me, Ted Winstone

13 From Saturday, July 10th, 1999 Care Care - Tom Hnatiw "Our 1983 VW Rabbit GTI racer has performed flawlessly for three race weekends. Regular readers will remember my penchant for Rycon 1 from Pathfinder Lubricants, an oil enhancer that I use in everything I own." "In the case of the GTI, Pathfinder has worked it's magic again." "John Day, the Toronto distributor for Rycon 1, introduced me to a fuel additive called Tri-Jet. Tri-Jet is not a cleaner but a top-end lubricant that seems to have quieted the GTI's noisy valve train in only two tanks of gas." I think there's been an appreciable temperature drop owing to the application of Tri-Jet too. For more info, call "

14 Tom Richards, Licensed Automotive Technician – 15 years
I had to write you and tell you how impressed I am with the Pathfinder line of products, specifically Flow 2 Step System and your Multispray. I’m a licensed automotive technician and have been using your products for about a year. They, along with regular maintenance, have improved the mileage in my 1998 Ford Taurus by about 20%. Flow [2 Step System] costs $29.95 (plus tax) and treats my oil and covers me for 8 fill ups. With gas at $1.00 a litre I’m saving about $96.00 over 8 fills up. Once I pay for Flow [2 Step System] I’m still up over $60.00! It’s really something. I would also like to add that I have used a lot of different brands of lubricating/penetrating oils and your Multispray is without a doubt the best I have ever used. So good in fact, that my son can now break curfew without my being any the wiser. In the past we knew when he was late because we would hear him struggling to get his key in the lock of the front door. I had tried everything to fix it without success. One shot of Multispray and he can come and go as he likes. Needless to say he is also very pleased with the product. I'm sure that you will have great success with your quality products. Thank you, Tom Richards

15 VRE GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS VRE Greenhouse Systems has been a customer of Pathfinder Lubricants since about January 1994. OUR FLEET CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING 1998 Ford Explorer 117,000 Km GMC Suburban 242,000 Km Chev Mimi Van 303,400 Km 1994 GMC G30 366,300 Km 1994 GMC G30 337,700 Km 1995 GMC G30 242,100 Km 1996 GMC Rally 329,400 Km 1997 GMC Safari 219,800 Km 1994 Astro Van 194,800 Km 2000 GM 3500 Diesel 226,400 Km 1998 Ford Windstar 197,800 Km 1998 Ford Windstar 144,800 Km 1998 Ford Windstar 181,000 Km TOTAL KM'S 3,103,000 * We carry heavy loads, 20,000 lbs. plus. * Our oil analysis results show a 4 to 1 drop in engine wear, that represents 3 to 4 times longer engine life. * We have never had to re-build or re-place a motor in our fleet, or failed an Emission test. * Fuel economy improved by 15% to 20%. Over the years we have greatly improved our bottom line by savins in equipment replacement, downtime, maintenance, fuel cost and passing Emission test (Ontario Drive Clean Program) Pleae feel free to contact me anytine. Ron Layton Maintenance Manger, VRE Greenhouse Systems

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