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1 Tri-County CYC Golf 2010 Rules and Etiquette Seminar South Central, St. Charles, and West County Districts.

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1 1 Tri-County CYC Golf 2010 Rules and Etiquette Seminar South Central, St. Charles, and West County Districts

2 2 Tri-County CYC Golf Welcome to all parents and golfers in the Junior division of the Tri-County CYC Golf League. This seminar will briefly cover the rules and format of the Tri-County CYC Golf League.

3 3 Seminar overview This seminar will review The High School format for tournament play, post season Champions Tournaments and scoring by the players The Tri-County CYC tournament golf rules and team substitution rules The responsibilities of the players The responsibilities of the spectators

4 4 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf The High School format will be used for all matches in regular season and tournament play. Highlights of the format are: Each match will have its own starter. Matches consist of two teams playing 9 holes of golf. Players from each team will be assigned a starting hole with no more than 4 players on any hole. Each hole should have players from both teams. Prior to the start of play players will exchange scorecards so that each player is keeping score for another player in that group.

5 5 Scorecard Exchange ThreesomeFoursome B C A C BD A Players should keep score for someone on the other team if possible.

6 6 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf High School format continued: Parents and spectators may walk with the group, but may NOT offer advice or assistance to the players. At the conclusion of the match each group should proceed to the designated area to turn in scorecards. The team score is the 5 lowest individual scores. Scores for the league are tracked by team and by individual player by grade and gender. Scoring - Players get 1 point for each stroke below par and -1 point for each stroke above par Therefore the higher number of points the better (-15 is higher than -24)

7 7 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf Post Season Champions Tournaments - After the 6 regular season matches there will be Championship Tournaments for Teams and Individuals The top 2 teams in each division will qualify for the Tri-County Team Championship Tournament scheduled for June 19 at Pheasant Run If either of the teams are unable to field the minimum of 5 players the next highest ranked team will be notified to play in the Championship Match The top 8 individual players in each grade will qualify for the Individual Championship Tournament Each District will have their own Championships scheduled for June 12 (June 19 rain date) If any player is unable to play the next highest finishing player will be selected as a replacement

8 8 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf Player Scoring – A key point of the league is that the players keep their opponents score. At the start of the round each player will be handed a scorecard for that match. Players are responsible for checking the card to make sure that: The match information is correct – date, course, starting time and starting hole. The player information is correct – player name, team, parish, grade, and gender. Player information will be provided on an address label which is affixed to the scorecard. If you substitute you will not have a label for your card - all information needs to be completed.

9 9 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf

10 10 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf Player Scoring continued Before beginning the match players will exchange scorecards with other players in their group. Fill in your name and team as the Scorer. After each hole is played the Scorer records the players score in the top portion of the scorecard. The Scorer can record his/her score in the space provided at the bottom of the scorecard. Scorers tear off the bottom portion of the scorecard to keep for their records

11 11 Tri-County CYC Rules of Golf Player Scoring continued At the end of the round the players will meet to review the scorecards. Players are only responsible for the scores on each hole and not the final total for the round. Scorecards are to be signed by both the Scorer and the Player. All scorecards must be returned to the Starter. Players leaving early must return the scorecard to the owner for completion of the round

12 12 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules All matches will be conducted following the rules of golf as published by the USGA. The course will establish local rules for play including the use of drop zones, defining out of bounds, ground under repair, and obstructions. The League has also adopted certain rules for matches designed to assist players with speed of play and to conduct a fair competition.

13 13 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules Local rules in effect for 2010: Matches will be subject to a 2 hour time limit. Players may not start any hole after time limit has been met. A maximum score of 4 strokes over par (including whiffs and penalties) is allowed per hole. This is NOT optional – players must pick-up upon reaching max score. Any unplayed hole will be recorded at max score. Players will play ready golf when possible following common rules of etiquette. The courses will establish a drop zone for use on holes with water hazard, lateral water hazard, or other areas as deemed necessary.

14 14 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules Local rules in effect for 2010: Out-of-bounds – Out-of-bounds is commonly marked with white stakes or can be a fence or road The CYC will play all out of bounds as if it were a lateral hazard Players must drop within two club lengths of and not nearer the hole to the spot the ball went out of play Players will incur a one stroke penalty All roads fences and wooded areas that define the perimeter of the golf course will be fall under this rule

15 15 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules Quiz Player 1 tees off and hits her ball onto the soccer fields. Where does she take her next shot and how many strokes does she have? Soccer fields A B Answer Drop at point B where the ball crossed the fence. The next shot is her 3rd.

16 16 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules Quiz Player 2 hits her tee shot into the water. Where does she take her next shot and how many strokes does she have? Soccer fields Y Z Answer Drop at point Z where the ball crossed the Hazard. The next shot is her 3rd.

17 17 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules Local rules in effect for 2010: Lost ball (outside of a hazard) – If a ball cannot be found in a reasonable amount of time the player should drop in the approximate area where the ball was lost The penalty for a lost ball is one stroke The players in the match should assist in the search for a lost ball so as not to delay their group and others behind them. Players should agree on the location for the drop to occur. If the ball is lost in an obstruction (man made object) or in casual water there is no penalty

18 18 Tri-County CYC Tournament Rules Observers can: Walk with the group Respectfully cheer Help identify location of a players shot Carry a jacket, water bottle, umbrella, and other items for a player Observers cannot: Offer advice on club selection or technique Tend the pin Keep score for the player or group Carry a players bag or equipment Coaching is the number one cause of slow play

19 19 Substitution Rules You can play with another team if You cannot play with your team on that same day OR You missed a round earlier in the season OR You are going to miss a round later in the season You may only sub with a team of the same gender AND in your grade or higher A junior golfer may substitute for a team of any participating schools Your score counts for the team that you sub for AND towards your own individual scores It is the responsibility of the junior golfer to arrange the substitute round You can pre-arrange a sub with another coach OR You can try to join with another team at the course

20 20 General Terms and Rules of Golf During the match players use stroke play – counting each stroke including penalties and whiffs up to the maximum strokes for that hole (4 strokes over par). The following slides identify some common situations encountered in a match and the proper rule for each.

21 21 General Terms and Rules of Golf Play the ball as it lies: During play a ball can end up in some tricky situations. Most of the time you have to play it as it lies. Sometimes you can move things in your way to get a better shot, swing or stance. Sometimes you may move the ball without a penalty. Sometimes you have to move the ball and may be charged a penalty. When in doubt about a rule – ask for assistance from another player or observer.

22 22 General Terms and Rules of Golf Play the ball as it lies: Quiz 1. Your ball rolls under a bench on a nearby tee that is anchored to the ground. You pick up the ball, take a proper drop and continue the hole. Is there a penalty? 2. Your ball rolls next to a sign for hot dogs in the clubhouse. You easily pick up the sign and play your shot. Afterward you replace the sign. Is there a penalty? 3. Your ball lands in mud on the side of the fairway and is partially burried. You pick up the ball, clean off the mud and place it near where it was. Is there a penalty? All these are allowed without a penalty 1.Immovable obstruction similar to a cart path, fence or light pole 2.Obstructions can be moved if not permanently attached 3.Plugged ball can be cleaned and replaced through the green.

23 23 General Golf Etiquette Players and observers should assist each other in maintaining the pace of play. Try to keep up with the group in front of you. Be observant of where your ball lands. Quickly walk directly to your ball being aware of others in the group and the location of their shot. BE SAFE! Be ready to play when it is your turn. Take only one practice swing to avoid slowing down play. Quickly leave the green at the conclusion of the hole. Confirm the scores on the next tee so as not to delay the group behind you.

24 24 General Golf Etiquette When you reach the green players should place their bags between the hole and the next tee. Observers should remind players of this to speed up play. Players should follow the order of play on the green - the furthest player from the hole plays first. The closest player should attend or remove the flagstick. Be ready when it is your turn. Players should only mark their ball when it interferes with another players line. Never move your ball without marking the spot first.

25 25 General Golf Etiquette Players should take care of the course On the green players should avoid dragging their feet or club which may damage the green. Dont walk in others line. Repair all ball marks and divots you make during the course of play. Players should rake the bunker after exiting. This includes the area of play and the footprints you make entering and exiting. Dont cause undo damage to the course.

26 26 12 Things to remember 1.Arrive 30 minutes early for check-in 2.Check your scorecard information 3.Trade scorecards on 1 st tee 4.PLAY READY GOLF 5.Watch all shots in the group / be safe 6.Use proper golf etiquette 7.No help from Mom and Dad 8.Walk quickly between shots and holes 9.Pick up at max score = par + 4 10.Know the rules – free drop or add 1 stroke 11.Mark the scores and verify after each hole 12.Sign the scorecard and turn it in

27 27 Tri-County CYC Golf This concludes the Rules of Golf and Etiquette Seminar. Your attention during this presentation is part of the key to making the League a success. On behalf of the Golf League we thank you for participation and wish you success on and off the course in 2010.

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