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7 th World HST Championship Belgrade, Serbia September 2007

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1 7 th World HST Championship Belgrade, Serbia September 2007

2 Categories A,B – Youngster Females/Males (< 16 y.o.) C,D – Junior Females/Males (< 21 y.o.) E,F – Females/Males (no age limit) G,H – Senior Females/Males (> 40 y.o.) I – Senior Males (> 50 y.o.)

3 Exercises Each competitor fulfilled a total of 8 exercises falling into 3 categories: Reception – Letters (26 letters of English alphabet) – Figures (10 figures) – Mixed (Letters + Figures + 5 punctuation marks ?,./=) Transmission – Letters – Figures – Mixed Practicing – RufzXP – Morze Runner

4 Reception Texts are transmitted with increasing speed until the last competitor stops Start at 10 WPM, increment 2 WPM Reception is allowed either by hand or on a computer You can try as many texts as you want but can submit only 3 radiograms – you choose which Submission is automated via Alexandria software. Results are known instantly.

5 Transmission 10 minutes for 4 attempts – Letters – Figures – Mixed – Repeat any of the above at your choice Automated via HST2006 software by Andrei Bindasov

6 Practicing RufzXP (by DL4MM) – 50 single callsigns are transmitted. Goal is to accurately record as many as possible. – If a callsign is recorded correctly, speed increases by 5%. Otherwise, it decreases by 5%. – Two attempts are allowed. The better result is taken as the official. Morze Runner (by VE3NEA) – 10-minute simulation of a contest. Goal is to make as many QSOs as possible and earn maximum number of points. Multipliers and special callsigns are taken into account. – You select the transmission speed. The simulated stations will call you with approximately the same speed. – All in the presence of QRMs. You need to use RIT as stations are often off the frequency you are tuned to. Signal strength varies, too, from approx 539 to 599+. Fortunately, no LIDs.

7 Notes on Individual Results Reception speeds above 40 WPM are common across all categories Highest reception speeds – Figures - 60 WPM (note this was in Junior category!) – Letters – 56 WPM – Mixed – 44 WPM Highest transmission speeds – Figures – ~47 WPM – Letters – 51 WPM – Mixed -- ~44 WPM

8 World Records No new world records in individual exercises But barrier of 200 WPM was broken! (Goran Hajosevic, YT7AW)

9 Team Results 1 st Place – Belorussia 2 nd Place – Russia USA – 7 th Place

10 Links by Mathias Kolpe DL4MM by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA 4206850468.html?mod=edits 4206850468.html?mod=edits An interesting article by Wall Street Journal about K7QO (in part about him converting literature into Morse code)

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