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All about USDAA Jan & Donna All about USDAA Jan & Donna.

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1 All about USDAA Jan & Donna All about USDAA Jan & Donna

2 The Basics USDAA is the oldest agility organization in the US Patterned after British standards of agility performance Five categories for performance Championship Performance Junior Handler Veterans Intro Championship heights 12, 16, 22, 26 Performance heights 8, 12, 16, 22 lower A-Frame (56 vs 63) no spreads Veterans heights 4, 8, 12, 16 lower A-Frame (50)

3 The Basics The Intro program is designed to help new competitors and dogs get started in dog agility by measuring accomplishments in the early stages of training. Performance standards in the Intro program are based upon those in USDAAs other classes with adjustments to equipment configuration and course times Competitors may enter the Intro Program classes For Exhibition Only (FEO) provided they are not entered in the same class in another program on the same day. Any toys used must not be a potential distraction to other rings either audibly or by throwing or tossing it in vicinity of other rings.

4 Titling Classes Regular Jumpers Gamblers Snooker Relay 3 Qs to earn titles under 2 judges 5 Qs for Masters / PIII Title 3 Snooker SQs (top 15% of class) Must Q with different pairs partners Agility Dog Titles (under 3 judges) ADCH / PDCH 5 Tournament Qs

5 Titling Classes Regular – Faults then time Jumpers – Faults then time Gamblers – Points Snooker – Points (37) Relay – Time plus faults

6 Tournament Classes Grand Prix Steeplechase DAM

7 Grand Prix o Grand Prix and Performance Grand Prix offered o All obstacles in standard course o One course for all level of competitors o Clean run required; fastest time wins

8 Steeplechase o Steeplechase and Performance Speed Jumping o Jumpers course plus A-Frame and Weaves o Round One is for Qualifying score o Round Two is for money o In one round A-frame is used twice o In the other round the Weaves are used twice

9 Dog Agility Masters (DAM) Team Championship Performance Versatility Pairs The competition demonstrates team work and competitors' endurance and skill in a variety of disciplines as they apply a variety of strategies in the different classes. Teams accumulate points through five classes of competition, with the team scoring the highest number of points being named Dog Agility Masters Team Champions.

10 Dog Agility Masters (DAM) Team Championship Performance Versatility Pairs Standard, except no table Gamblers, could be time challenge Snooker Jumpers, except with weaves Relay, heaviest weighted class

11 Dog Agility Masters (DAM) Team Championship Performance Versatility Pairs Scoring… Team Standard: 130 points each dog Team Jumpers: 100 points each dog Team Snooker: points X factor Team Gamblers: points X factor Team Relay: 150 points each dog (less time less faults) Higher score is better!

12 Dog Agility Masters (DAM) Team Championship Performance Versatility Pairs More Scoring… Just dont E Q is calculated like Steeplechase (25% of the top 3 average teams) Just have fun…find teammates with similar goals Time plus Faults: Team Standard, Team Jumpers, Team Relay Points: Team Gamblers, Team Snooker

13 Regionals / 4-Star Events / Nationals Local Events qualify competitors for Regionals Regional events provide byes for Championships 4-Star Events qualify competitors for IFCS teams Cynosport World Games 2012 will be in CO Team, Grand Prix and Steeplechase Includes Flyball, Dock Diving, Flying Disc, Canine Freestyle

14 Regionals for 2012 *Northwestern Regional, July 6-8, Auburn, Washington *Western Regional, September 1-3, Prunedale, California *Southwestern Regional, April 20-22, Camarillo, California *Rocky Mountain Regional, April 27-29, Albuquerque, New Mexico *South Central Regional, May 18-20, Fort Worth, Texas *Central Regional, August 10-12, Olathe, Kansas *North Central Regional, August 3-5, Crystal Lake, Illinois *Southeastern Regional, June 8-10, Perry, Georgia *Mid-Atlantic Regional, April 20-22, Palmyra, Pennsylvania *New England Regional, July 13-15, Greenfield, Massachusetts

15 Survey Results POLL QUESTION: We would like to get your feedback regarding USDAA agility. If you do trial regularly in USDAA trials, what are your opinions? Please select all that apply.

16 Survey Results CHOICES AND RESULTS - I like the courses, 10 votes, 17.86% - I like the classes, 8 votes, 14.29% - Ability to go to Championships, 3 votes, 5.36% - Any agility will do, 8 votes, 14.29% - I like the number of classes offered, 10 votes, 17.86% - I think the cost is fair, 6 votes, 10.71% - I don't like the courses, 2 votes, 3.57% - I don't like the classes, 0 votes, 0.00% - I think it is too expensive, 2 votes, 3.57% - Jump heights are an issue, 7 votes, 12.50%

17 Survey Results POLL QUESTION: We would like to get your feedback regarding USDAA. If you do not regularly compete in USDAA we would like to know why. Please select all that apply from the choices below.

18 Survey Results CHOICES AND RESULTS - People aren't friendly, 1 votes, 3.12% - Don't understand all the rules, 3 votes, 9.38% - Already compete in too many other venues, 5 votes, 15.62% - Other not listed, 5 votes, 15.62% - Jumps heights are too high, 13 votes, 40.62% - Too many classes, 2 votes, 6.25% - Too expensive, 3 votes, 9.38%

19 Q & A

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