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1st Briefing to Teachers-in-charge of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2014

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1 1st Briefing to Teachers-in-charge of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2014
National Primary Schools Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship 2014 National Inter-School Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2014 4 Feb 2014, hrs PESEB Auditorium PLEASE SIGN IN

2 Agenda Welcome and Introduction Contact and Links
Calendar of Activities Rhythmic Gymnastics Judging Courses ASEAN Schools Games 2014 & Singapore School Sports Teams Selection RG Rules and Regulations Sportsmanship Award for Primary Schools On-line Registration

3 SPSSC Gymnastics Organising Committee 2014
SSSC Gymnastics Organising Committee 2014 CONVENOR CONVENOR SCHOOL ORGANISING SECRETARY National Ms Cecilia Lim Principal Marymount Convent School Mrs Ng Soh Lan HOD PE Mrs Tay Yang Fern Whitley Secondary School Mr Subramaniam Kaliappan North Zone Mr Lim Chew Hong Richard Si Ling Primary School Mr Sethu S/O Rajagopal Mrs Tan-Kong Yin Yee Riverside Secondary School Ms Milhan Bte Mahat South Zone Mrs Soh Mei Foong Cantonment Primary School Ms Agnes Chow Mr Abdul Harris Bin Sumardi Balestier Hill Secondary School Mr Alvin LIm HOD PE (covering) East Zone Ms Chua Soh Leng Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) Mrs Tan Lee Huang Mrs Jalil-Ong Suet Eng East Spring Secondary School Mr Azuan Tan West Zone Mr Chia Soo Keng Henry Park Primary School Ms Chin Lian Mei Mr Mark Chan Weng Kit Pioneer Secondary School Mr Kang Yian Kee

4 Contact Mrs Ng Soh Lan Mr Subramanian S/O Kaliappan Mdm Tan Yuen Yuen
Primary Schools Mrs Ng Soh Lan HOD PE, Marymount Convent School Secondary Schools Mr Subramanian S/O Kaliappan HOD PE, Whitley Secondary School Advisor Mdm Tan Yuen Yuen Physical and Sports Education Branch

5 New Schoolsports Website
Primary Schools Secondary Schools Rules & Regulations • Instructions • Schedules • Programme • Results • Announcements • Contacts • Links

6 Calendar of Events 2014 Date Event Time Venue Action by T1 Wk5
4 Feb, Tue 1st Briefing to Teachers-in-charge of Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) hrs PESEB Auditorium Teachers-in-charge 6 Feb, Thu NSG Opening Ceremony 1430hrs ITE Central T1 Wk 8 28 Feb, Fri Closing date for RG entries submission, & Closing date for RG Judging Course Registration 2359hrs T1 Wk9 3 Mar, Mon Primary & Secondary School Drawing of Lots hrs Whitley Secondary Org Com (Schools are invited) T2 Wk3 7 Apr, Mon 2nd Briefing to Teachers-in-charge of RG 1500- 1700hrs T2 Wk 3 7 – 10 Apr, Mon-Thu (TBC) RG Judging Course for Teachers and Coaches FIG Symbols Workshop for RG School Coaches and Participants of FIG Senior and Junior Events (TBC-NSA initiated Workshop) 0830- 1730hrs PESEB Seminar Room Nominated Teacher Judges and Coaches T2 Wk3 & 4 11 Apr, Fri – 17 Apr, Thu National Pri Schools & National Inter-School Rhythmic Gymnastics C’ships 2014 0800- 1800hrs Bishan Sports Hall Participating Schools Sep Hols (TBC) Selection Trial for Singapore Schools Sports Team (SSST) - (tentative) TBC Shortlisted gymnasts Dec Hols 29 Nov – 7 Dec 6th ASEAN School Games Phillippines Singapore Schools Sports Team

7 E-Registration Period 2nd Briefing for Teachers-in-charge
National Primary Schools and National Inter-School Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2014 E-Registration Period 5 Feb – 28 Feb 2014 2nd Briefing for Teachers-in-charge 7 April 2014 (Mon), PESEB Auditorium (Baseline Safety Acknowledgment, Age Dispensation Application and Difficulty Forms Submissions) Competition Venue Bishan Sports Hall 5 Bishan Street 14, Singapore Practice Session 11 April 2014 (Fri) – Primary 14 April 2014 (Mon) – Secondary Competition 15-17 April 2014 (Tue - Thu)

8 RG Judging Course for Teachers and Coaches
For Gymnastics, all participating schools with at least three (3) registered competitors must provide at least one (1) teacher to be trained as judge and to serve on the judging panel for the duration of the championship. Nomination of Teacher Judge via On-line Registration by closing date of entry submission : 28 Feb 2014, Fri Request for coaches in attendance: Gymnastics Advisor by 28 Feb 2014, Fri

9 Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

10 Rhythmic Gymnastics Rules and Regulations 2014
SPSSC Rhythmic Gym Rules and Regulations 2014 SSSC Rhythmic Gym Rules and Regulations 2014

11 On-Line Registration Closing Dates: 28 Feb 2014, Fri
Primary Secondary Hard Copy Submissions Action by Submission Deadline Baseline Safety Acknowledgement Form Each School 2nd Briefing to Teachers-in-charge - 7 April 2014 Application for Age Dispensation Form Primary School for each student born in years 2006 or 2007 RG Difficulty Form for FIG Junior and Senior Events Secondary School for each apparatus of each student in A, B and C Division Optional Events.

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