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Why common remanufactured cartridges simply dont work…

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1 Why common remanufactured cartridges simply dont work…

2 The History of CCS, Inc. Back in 1991 Sharon Summers, CEO of Carolina Cartridge Systems, Inc., realized the market had a need for high quality and sustainable alternatives to OEM toner cartridges. OEM costs were outrageous and there was little or no concern for natural resources or the environment. Hence the birth of CCS. Over the next 21 years CCS evolved into a highly sought after brand serving customers of all shapes and sizes nation wide. Because of our unique manufacturing process even the most discerning organizations have come to trust CCS for their cartridge and printer service needs. Continually innovative, tenacious about our quality, and with our customers and the environment close to our hearts Carolina Cartridge Systems, Inc. is and will continue to be the single best choice for your printing supply needs. 21 Years Experience Woman owned & operated Conserving up to 4 Times the Natural Resources Mission Critical Performance With an Average Success Rate of 99.5% Proudly Made in America! True OEM Alternative w/ 20% - 30% Savings off OEM!

3 OEM HP NewCCS CertifiedCommon Remans Original Structure Casings are Whole No Fracture Zone No Clamps or Patches Excellent OEM Performance Original Structure Maintained Casings are Whole No Fracture Zone No Clamps or Patches Excellent OEM Performance Critical components new Casings are Fractured /Sawed and Split Fracture Zone (80% of leaks start here) Rejoined with inferior clamps clips Prone to leaks, streaks, low yield, light print Critical components reused CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Why Traditional Reman Cartridges Simply Dont Work

4 Most common reman processes involve sawing the cartridge in half, destroying the structural integrity of the OEM Casing. Although this industry wide practice greatly reduces costs, it does not allow for perfect realignment, making common remans much more likely to cause streaks, leaks, and printer damage. As one of the most experienced US cartridge remanufacturers, CCS respects the precise and complex engineering of OEM cartridges. In order to preserve the structural integrity of the cartridge, CCS disassembles them by hand rather than sawing. This foundational process alone practically eliminates the leaks and streaks commonly associated with remans. Common Reman Cartridges OEM & CCS Certified Cartridges Split Seam Clips Why Traditional Reman Cartridges Simply Dont Work

5 Re-Attachment Clips Structurally altered cartridges are easy to identify with the common clamping methods present and obvious along the split seam. Look for black, sliver, or rust colored metal clips ¼ - 1 long, single piece spines, and the less obvious pinch welds. Split Seam Area IDENTIFYING SPLIT-ALTERED CARTRIDGES IS EASIER WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR Why Traditional Reman Cartridges Simply Dont Work


7 Split Seam Clips and Leak Zone Typical Reman Split/Reclip Results Leaks Streaks Printer Damage Dirty Prints Unhappy Users Lost Savings Excessive Down Time Toner cartridges are designed to flex slightly as the printer drive gears engage to print. Once split and reattached, the slight flex can cause the clips to loosen and the bottom seam to reopen, allowing toner to leak into the printer. As you can see here, toner can leak through the split seam even when the clips are in place. Why Traditional Reman Cartridges Simply Dont Work

8 Typical Results from Common Remanufacturing Impact on Users and Equipment Workflow disruption Non-OEM Performance Leaks Streaks Spots, Dots Low yield Light Print Loss of confidence in buyer decisions Insistence on OEM only Resistance to future alternatives Impact on Your Business Costly User Downtime mitigates savings IT Disruption excessive printer service Loss of User/IT confidence Loss of anticipated savings opportunities Loss of positive environmental benefits Costly implementation with short lived savings Why Traditional Reman Cartridges Simply Dont Work

9 What Makes CCS Exceptional & Different? We are what we repeat edly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

10 What Makes CCS Exceptional & Different? Mag Roller reuse causes light uneven print, and/or washed out areas on pages. Users often mistake this defect as empty underutilizing the resource without credit. Mag Roller End Felts and Foams Insures clean edges on printed documents. Gears are inspected to prevent severe printer damage Doctor Bar Regulates toner onto the Mag. Insures clean prints and even density. Mag Roller MUST BE REPLACED EVERY TIME Filled with Highest Quality Toner Insures density while exceeding OEM stated yields! Mag Roller Sealing Blade MUST BE REPLACED and is absolutely critical in preventing leaks and lines down the pages. REPLACE ALL WEARABLE COMPONENTS TONER HOPPER SIDE

11 What Makes CCS Exceptional & Different? Shutter and springs must be inspected and replaced as needed. WIPER BLADE Cleaned and specially lubricated to help prevent streaks and double imaging OPC DRUM Must be replaced with a New Long Life Drum. Reusing the OEM causes faded print and dirty looking pages PCR (PRIMARY CHARGE ROLLER) Every roller is tested and inspected or replaced if required to eliminate light print and dark splotches EVERY SINGLE TIME! WASTE HOPPER SIDE

12 Proudly Made in America – Charlotte, NC Our highly trained and dedicated team works diligently to produce the highest quality products available on the market today. Detailed inspection of all imaging components Extensive Testing Clean & Safe Work Environment 21 Years Experience Up to 4 Times the Environmental Conservation


14 Enterprise Savings Opportunity National Fortune 500 Bank Over 6,500 branches nationwide Approximately 265,000 employees Over $1.5 million dollars saved in 12 months Average savings of over $80 per cartridge As compared to Big Box OEM less 25% 99.8% Cartridge Performance Rate 18,987 CCS Cartridges purchased in 12 months 38 Defective cartridges in 12 months Easy ordering and accurate fulfillment EDI through their contract at Staples DC, drop ship, or express desktop delivery as required

15 Producing Uncommon Results Key Performance Measures Annual TotalsJanDecNovOctSeptAugustJulyJuneMayAprilMarchFebruary # Orders Processed 10,492770801819907975125310111012712751758723 # Cartridges Purchased 18,835 137815651537156815602351177115851308144914271336 Reported Actual Defects 39 454424242090 CCS Cartridge Performance Rate 99.8% 99.7% 99.9%99.8%99.9%99.7%99.8%100.0%99.4%100.0% CCS Order Accuracy 99.9%99.7%100.0%99.6%99.8%100.0%99.9%99.8% 99.9%99.7%100.0% Shipped Same/Next Day 100.00% Cartridge Savings $753,400.00$55,120.00$62,600.00$61,480.00$62,720.00$62,400.00$94,040.00$70,840.00$63,400.00$52,320.00$57,960.00$57,080.00$53,440.00 Recycling Credits $80,545.04$5,764.72$5,678.29$7,503.36$6,013.52$8,004.58$3,855.08$13,099.05$8,819.19$5,303.95$6,287.55$3,074.15$7,141.60 Total Savings $834,000 $60,884.72$68,278.29$68,983.36$68,733.52$70,404.58$97,895.08$83,939.05$72,219.19$57,623.95$64,247.55$60,154.15$60,581.60 National F500 Bank, 2500 locations, Desk Top delivery

16 STMC Certified

17 Fulfillment of Stated Yields STMC Tests confirm CCS yields Each cartridges individual test documentation is available on request. Sample of STMC testing result format.

18 Recycling Centers

19 Substantially More Sustainable CCS Certified Non-Split process assures quality while maximizing the use of the natural resources up to 4x that of the OEM and common remanufacturers. Each cartridge contains 4 qt. of oil, 2.5 lbs. of non biodegradable materials that take over 100 years to only partially degrade in landfills. Re-Engineered to Perform 400% More Effective 20-30% Savings Over OEM Higher Quality Higher Volume

20 Award Winning! Most Recent Awards Top 50 Organizations for Diversity in NC five consecutive years 2013-2012-2011-2010-2009 by Diversity Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs in NC three consecutive years 2012-2011-2010 Business Leader Magazine Top 300 Small Business in the Southeast 2011 Business Leader Top 100 Small Business in North Carolinas two consecutive years 2010-2009 Business Leader Magazine CEO named Business Woman Extraordinaire two consecutive years 2010-2009 Business Leader Magazine

21 Why CCS? Value – Substantial Savings: 20-30% off OEM cost – Reduced down time – Environmental Savings Quality – 99.5% Success Rate – 20 yr. A+ Rating with the BBB – 99.5% On-time Shipping Country-Friendly – Proudly made in the USA – Women Owned – American Operated – HUB Certified Sustainability – 4x Environmental Impact of Other Remans

22 Exceeds Industry Standards CCS surpasses 83% in Package testing ! 46% Do not test packaging integrity at all. Of the 64% who do, only 17% use ISTA 1A Shipping test. The rest use only in house testing. CCS Color evaluations exceed majority of manufacturers with only 68% evaluating color matching at all. CCS Exceeds 92% of the market in post testing! Every cartridge passes a full series of full black, white, grey and text pages. 72% use only the printer self test 8% Do not post test at all! CCS Exceeds 80% of density inspections 80% rely merely on visual inspections and only 20% validate using STMC required Densitometer. CCS Exceeds 88% of the market in life cycle and back ground testing! Only 22% test back grounding through the life-cycle test. Source: Recharger Magazine. Testing-Survey of Remanufacturers Results March 1, 2011

23 We Want to Hear from You Call: 800-737-4227 We answer our phones personally E-mail: Visit our website: Ask for a savings and environmental impact analysis customized for your business!

24 Thank You!

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