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One2Clean dispensing concept by Dreumex Introducing a touch free dispenser in the world of the dirtiest hands.

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1 One2Clean dispensing concept by Dreumex Introducing a touch free dispenser in the world of the dirtiest hands

2 1.Introduction Dreumex 2.Product characteristics 3.Background Touch Free concept 4.System & Advantages 5.Unique selling points Agenda

3 1. Introduction Dreumex

4 We care about your hands

5 History 1960: Start in Dreumel, The Netherlands 1963: Expansion with sales offices in Germany 1971: Expansion with sales office in Belgium 1991: Opening of new factory in Oss, Netherlands 1995: Awarded the ISO-9001 certificate 2000: European expansion with acquisition in France 2004: New management and new strategy 2005: Fire destroys factory in Oss, Netherlands 2006: Expansion with sales office in Czech Republic 2006: Opening of new & state-of-the-art factory 2008: Introduction of our unique and innovative One2clean dispensing concept 2010: Acquisition of Gent-L-Kleen Products, Inc USA 2012: Launch of our unique & innovative Omnicare dispensing concept

6 Dreumex: company profile Global presence: –Dreumex: Europes no. 1 specialist in hand care –Gent-l-kleen: leader in Heavy Duty hand cleaners in North America Only hand care for dirty hands: Highly efficient, specially developed products Dreumex is always in compliance with every European, US FDA and/or local law and regulations Sales offices: Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic (CEE) Distribution: present in over 50 countries worldwide

7 Manufacturing Excellence European Manufacturing base Oss Netherlands –Mixing – Fully computerised ensuring consistent product quality and performance –Filling – Modern flexible facility for various packaging formats meeting the market requirements –R&D – In house to develop products under the Dreumex brand, using our expertise and experience USA Manufacturing base in York, Pennsylvania –Mixing, Filling & Packing –Warehousing and distribution –R&D

8 Manufacturing Excellence Quality Control –All products produced under Cosmetic Guidelines –Production according GMP guidelines: 2007/08 New Legislation states that cosmetic product manufacturers must produce according to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. –FDA approved (where relevant) Dreumex products are subject to stringent control processes which includes: –Treatment of Water to remove bacteria –Segregation of raw materials –Inspection of raw materials prior to mixing –Laboratory testing pre and post filling

9 Our Markets Dreumex Hand Cleansing Products are designed for broad markets: –Automotive –Printing –Construction –Transportation –General Industry (FM) Each of the industries we serve have many soilings. Dreumex products are formulated to remove a wide range of soilings as well as providing before and after protection. Everywhere where hands get dirty!

10 2. Product characteristics

11 In compliance with European Cosmetics directive –Also AFNOR approved Dermatologically tested and approved –Our products are classified as milder than a hand wash for children. Skinfriendly –Our rubbing agents do not harm the skin, nor clog- up drain pipes. Good risibility Good stability No or hardly any perfume –Due to high quality ingredients ( which also comply with the law) it is not necessary to add perfume to cover up nasty smells. Product characteristics

12 3. Background & the concept

13 Apple: –iPhone –iPod Microsoft: –Windows Douwe Egberts: –Senseo Apple: –iPhone –iPod Microsoft: –Windows Douwe Egberts: –Senseo Apple: –iPhone –iPod Microsoft: –Windows Douwe Egberts: –Senseo Why are these companies/products successful?

14 Is it because they have low priced products? Is it because they have good marketing? Is it because of the good quality of the product? Is it because they have a good sales team? Or could it be because they have developed a unique product!

15 How successful without Good price? Good quality? Good marketing? Good sales? Price x quality x marketing x sales x innovation = SUCCESS

16 Awareness –More companies are aware of hygiene –Health and safety becomes more important –Companies choose for quality products Cost –Companies are becoming more and more cost conscious –Waste is to be avoided as much as possible Dispensers are a vital tool –Complete hand care program –Achieving objectives on hygiene and cost –Getting more popular Background / market situation

17 Evolution Bulk Use: 50 gr. Dirty packaging Cross contamination On2clean Automatic Use: 5 gr. SAVES MONEY HYGIENIC Pot & pump Use: 30 gr. Dirty packaging Not empty with pump 1st generation Use: 20 gr. Dirty handle Rest product 15% One2clean Use: 10 gr. Dirty handle No rest product

18 The concept / in short Unique touch free dispenser for optimal hygiene Optimal portion control guarantees economic use 1 dispenser concept for complete hand care system Easy to mount click-and-use concept Removable click-in pump Robust & strong dispenser

19 4. System & Advantages

20 The concept / dispenser Automatic dispenser - 5 ml pump 5 ml per dosing / exact dosage per usage Suitable for heavy duty hand cleansers Automatic dispenser - 1.5 ml pump 1.5 ml per dosing / exact dosage per usage Suitable for creams 5 ml version: dark grey pump 1.5 ml version: white pump

21 Advantages / dispenser Activated by latest infra red sensor: touch-free –Optimal hygiene –Immediate response (gives soap immediately) –Clean dispenser & washroom –8 AA batteries – 6,000 dispenses –Battery low indicator, continues dispensing for 1,200 times –Energy saving features –Protected against accidental dispensing Portion control –5 ml & 1.5 ml pump available –Very economic use / saves money 1 sec. delay between dosages –Only 1 (optimum) dosage is used –Very economic use / saves up to 60%

22 Advantages / dispenser Removable click in pump –Patented design –Dispenses all products (hand care system) Solvent and non solvent Creams –No dripping or leaking –Various pumps can be mounted for various products –Pump can be washed (hygienic & clean) –Pump error indicator (fast flashing) Special mounting system –Easy to mount, remove and change saves time Made of PC ABS –Very robust / strong material ideal for all industrial environments –Designed for minimum 42,000 dispenses –Operates between 5 and 45°C (40 – 115ºF) Cleaning –System can be switch on/of

23 Touch Free Dispenser Automatic dispenser: Touchless dispensing in dirty environments Reduces cost Complete hand care system Easy to service FeaturesBenefits Sensor activated Hygienic Clean dispenser and washroom Active sensorImmediate dispensing: no waiting for product Portion control One shot provides required amount of product Reduces consumption by up to 60% (vs. bulk usage) Object detection sensorWhen hand does not move no 2nd dispensing Time delay (1 sec)Avoids too much product being used Patented pump conceptDispenses all hand care products On/off switchEasy to clean Battery low indicatorWill still dispense at least 1.200 times Long battery lifeUp to 6,000 dispenses

24 Advantages / cartridge Special piston in cartridge –Residue-free dispensing: no product left in cartridge –Very economic / saves money Level indicator (quantity of remaining product) –Ideal for maintenance –Never without product Patented pump / cartridge connection –No copies possible Cartridge as a communication tool –Great branding –All required (product) information at hand

25 The concept / products Before work - protection Protective hand cream barrier cream During / after work - cleansing Solvent-free hand cleansing paste hand cleanser for medium to heavy soilings Extra powerful hand cleansing gel hand cleanser for heavy / extreme soilings After work - reconditioning Reconditioning hand cream

26 Protection

27 Protective hand cream FeaturesBenefits Applies protective layer on to the skin Aggressive substances can not penetrate the skin Skin becomes easy to clean Perfume- / colorant freeNo allergic reaction Silicone-freeDoes not leave any residues (fingerprints) Is rapidly absorbedLeaves hands non-greasy pH 6.5pH – neutral, skin friendly New balanced formulaImproves grip Usage Quantity to use1.5 ml per use Pre-work barrier cream forms a barrier against harmful substances prevents dirt penetrating the skin makes it easier to clean the hands suitable for facial use

28 Cleansing

29 Solvent-free hand cleansing paste FeaturesBenefits Solvent-free Skin friendly formula Suitable for use on wet hands (traditional hand washing) Environmentally friendly Contains PUR micrograin Extra effective / also on slippery soilings Does not clog up drain pipes Caring additivesSupple & reconditioned skin Very balanced formulaVery stable product / long shelf life Usage Quantity to use5 ml per hand wash Solvent-free hand cleansing paste: effective cleaning with skin friendly ingredients for medium to heavy soilings such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement and rust. especially suitable for use in the automotive, construction and metalworking industries.

30 Extra powerful hand cleansing gel FeaturesBenefits Contains citrus ingredient Very effective cleaning Nice odour Contains PE micrograin Extra effective / also for pores & fingernails Does not clog up drain pipes Perfume-freeNatural formula, skin friendly Very powerfulHas many applications Very balanced formulaVery stable product / long shelf life Usage Quantity to use5 ml per hand wash Extra powerful hand cleansing gel: extreme cleaning while keeping hands in perfect condition for extreme soiling such as tar, paint, glue and lacquer especially suitable for use in car paint shops, workshops, the printing industry and the painting industry, etc.

31 Wash & Care is a unique formula: a 2-in-1 product that combines: –a heavy duty hand cleanser –with a moisturizing hand cream A separate hand cream is not needed. Wash & Care To confirm the skin friendly characteristics the independent medical research company Dermatest performed a dermatological study.

32 Wash & Care Double actionBenefits 2 in 1 action Secures both clean and reconditioned hands Ensures clean hands and is environmental friendly Saves time Less products needed FeaturesBenefits Solvent-free Skin friendly formula Suitable for use on wet and dry hands Environmental friendly Contains walnut micrograin Extra effective / guaranteed clean hands 100% biodegradable / sustainable product Contains Panthenol / Provitamine B5 Deep penetrating moisturizer Contains Vitamin E Acetate Effective moisturizer that protects the skin cells Improves elasticity and smoothness of the skin Contains PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate Acts as a super fatting agent to the skin & improves skin feel Usage Quantity to use5 ml per hand wash

33 Dreumex Eco Latest Dreumex innovation in the field of industrial hand cleansers Fully biodegradable Minimum impact on the environment In compliance with strict requirements drawn up by the European Union Dreumex Eco contains the EU Ecolabel

34 Dreumex Eco Product information –Gel structure –Solvent-Free –Biological scrub (waste of maize production) –Only environmentally friendly ingredients –Limited packaging –Cleaning Power: medium to strong soiling –Skin friendly

35 EU Ecolabel The EU Ecolabel sets strict requirements which products need to meet in order to obtain the EU Ecolabel. A company can develop products that meet the requirements on a voluntary basis. The label has been in force since 1992 and its purpose is to encourage companies to market products and services that are environmentally friendly. The criteria in order to obtain the EU Ecolabel are very stringent and only the most environmentally friendly products will be awarded with the label. More about EU Ecolabel can be found at

36 Reconditioning

37 Reconditioning hand cream FeaturesBenefits Creamy emulsionIs easily absorbed by the skin Aloe VeraMoisturizes the skin Perfume- / colorant freeNo allergic reaction Silicone-freeDoes not leave any residues Is rapidly absorbedLeaves hands non-greasy pH 6.5pH – neutral, skin friendly Contains beeswaxSkin caring ingredient Usage Quantity to use1.5 ml per use After work reconditioning cream: helps the skins natural recovery process leaves the skin smooth and supple protects against the damaging effects, caused by work and weather conditions

38 The concept / product overview PUMP: 5 mlPUMP: 1.5 ml Pump gives 5 ml per dosage Pump gives 1.5 ml per dosage DISPENSERS Automatic Dispenser – 5 ml pumpAutomatic Dispenser – 1.5 ml pump PRODUCTS Solvent-free hand cleansing paste Protective hand cream Extra powerful hand cleansing gel Reconditioning hand cream Wash&Care: hand cleanser and cream in one EU Ecolabel hand cleansing gel

39 The concept / product overview PRODUCTDISPENSER PROTECT Protective hand cream Automatic Dispenser– 1.5 ml pump CLEANSE Solvent-free hand cleansing paste Automatic Dispenser – 5 ml pump Extra powerful hand cleansing gel Wash&Care hand cleanser and cream in one EU Ecolabel hand cleansing gel CARE Reconditioning hand cream Automatic Dispenser – 1.5 ml pump

40 5. Unique Selling Points

41 USPs Innovation that ensures: Cost saving: –lower cost for the end-user Sales potential: –increase of sales by offering an innovative concept with true benefits.

42 Cost saving Reducing cost can be an important factor in convincing the end-user to change product. The price of this system and products can be seen as high relative to many low cost products in the market. However, when calculating the cost per hand wash or the cost for hand washing per year shows that the Touch Free dispenser operates with a lower cost compared to everything on the market today. Main reasons for this are: –Users only take a second portion when they are really dirty. This is vs. at least 3 to 6 portions of any other product –Each portion is 5ml (the amount that 80% of users need) with the Touch Free dispenser –Competitors portions are up to 50ml (scoops by hand)

43 Cost saving Basis of consumption figures: –One2Clean dispenser consumes 10 x 3L cartridges per year with 10 users –5ml dispensing per application –600 washings per cartridge –Average of 2.5 washings* per day per man = 25 washings per day –600 ÷ 25 = 24 days per cartridge –240 working days per year = 10 cartridges * depending per industry. Number of washings per day in Automotive market is much higher.

44 Cost in use calculator Simple spreadsheet that will calculate the cost saving for the end-user per year: Needed info: –# employees that wash hands –Estimated # hand washes per day per employee –Fill in the price of their current product (/L) –Fill in the price of a One2Clean cartridge (/L) –The model will calculate the annual savings ( and %)

45 Sales Potential Starting point: –10 workers per dispenser –Each dispenser uses 10 cartridges / year –Sales price of 25 per 3L cartridge –Sales per dispenser / year : 10 cartridges x 25 = 250 Install only 200 dispensers = 2.000 cartridges x 25 = 50.000/year No other container will fit The One2Clean system!

46 Successful companies/products Apple: –iPhone –iPod Microsoft: –Windows Douwe Egberts: –Senseo Dreumex: –Touch Free Dispenser

47 Wrap up Sell something new and unique –Touch Free dispenser –High quality products All your customers have dirty hands You can compete with everything in the market today Additional sales to new customer Look for larger customers with many dirty hands Sell more than one dispenser (make deals) Sell on cost not on price Be successful

48 We Care About your Hands!

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