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Lynda and “Abyle” products

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1 Lynda and “Abyle” products


3 Blood pump Moves blood in all the therapies.
In CRRT the blood flow is between 0.30 and 450 ml/min. In CPFA and PEX the blood flow ranges from 0.30 to 250 ml/min.

4 Ultrafiltration Pump Moves the ultrafiltration fluid, ranging from 0.5 to 12 lt/h. Variable- Wanted weight loss Reached weight loss

5 Plasma Pump It moves Pre-dilution infusion, range Lt/h, in CVVH/ IHF and Post-dilution infusion, range Lt/h, in CVVHD/CVVHDF/IHD/IHDF. In CPFA the plasma flows in a range from 0.5 to 25 % of blood’s flow

6 Infusion Pump In CVVH/ IHF/ CPFA - moves post-dilution infusion. In CVVHD/ CVVHDF/ IHD/ IHDF - moves dialysate. In PEX - moves substitution fluid. Flow ranges from 0-12 Lt/h Allows control over the precent of pre to post dilution infusion (green to blue pump flow).

7 Citrate pump This pump delivers citrate into the blood line.

8 7 Pressure Transducers 7 pressure transducers check different pressures: arterial - from to +30 mmHg venous - from -30 to +300 mmHg prefilter - from 0 to +400 mmHg transmembrane (TMP) - from -300 to +400 mmHg plasma output cartridge output cartridge input

9 Blood Leak Detector Optic detector with 2 sensors, can show a blood leak on the filtrate line.

10 Air detector and clamp An ultrasonic sensor reports the presence of air bubbles if bigger than 50 µl. This sensor is connected with a clamp to stop the venous blood flow in case of alarm.

11 Syringe Pump A pump for administration of continuous (0-10 ml/h) or bolus (0-20 ml) of anticoagulant or Ca2+. The pump can accept syringes of all types with a variable volume between 20 to 60 ml.

12 HCT and SO2 Meter The Hematocrit (with blood volume calculation) and the Saturation are measured continuously through a high-precision instrument from the arterial line. There is also the possibility of checking the hemo-concentration through the direct measure of HCT.

13 Infusion Scale It controls the infusion-dialysate fluid.
It can hold up to 40 liters exchange.

14 Ultrafiltration Scale
It controls the ultrafiltrate fluid. It can hold up to 40 liters exchange.

15 Heater It allows to heat the infusion fluid in pre or post dilution. The temperature can be set between 30°C and 40°C with steps of 0.1°C.

16 Display touch screen A high-visibility display with user friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface. Allows clear, fast and direct dialogue with the machine. It shows colors and a clear graphic line with its 10.5 inches.

17 Display The screen is divided into 4 areas in which information appear. Title area : name of active window and treatment. Function keys : they are used to activate different functions. Active window : displays information and allows the user to set all data. On line guide

18 Placement Kit disposable

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