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Emission Control Devices for Diesel Fleets

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1 Emission Control Devices for Diesel Fleets

2 MECA – Who We Are MECA represents the world’s leading manufacturers of emission control technology for mobile sources Catalyst manufacturers Substrate manufacturers Exhaust component manufacturers Exhaust system integrators MECA members have extensive technical, manufacturing, and installation experience with the application of emission control technologies to a wide variety of on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment MECA members have verified many of the on-road and off-road retrofit technologies listed by EPA, ARB, VERT (Switzerland) 2 2

3 Diesel Retrofit Technology Highlights
Many proven and commercial diesel retrofit technologies are available spanning a variety of applications On-road vehicles (long-haul trucks, drayage trucks, school buses, transit buses, garbage trucks, emergency vehicles) Off-road engines and equipment (construction equipment, port equipment, mining equipment, marine engines, locomotives, transport refrigeration units) Stationary diesel engines Larger variety of passive and active DPFs now available Hybrid DPFs DPFs for EGR engines Retrofit technologies can help reduce global warming Filter technologies provide reductions in black carbon Retrofit technologies provide multi-pollutant co-benefits Catalyzed devices reduce hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) ULSD availability enables the lowest emissions and ensures reliability

4 Diesel Retrofit Technology Highlights
Funding for retrofits increasingly available at federal and state levels (DERA, CMAQ, SEPs, state incentives) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Cities/projects using “clean construction” requirements expanding Regulations/programs stimulate technology advances and help define market opportunity EPA’s Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program ARB’s Diesel Risk Reduction Program State retrofit programs Tighter emission standards on new engines worldwide Verification process needs adequate technical resources Demonstration programs/funding help fill the retrofit verification pipeline EPA Emerging Technologies Program ARB/SCAQMD Off-Road Showcase Program Texas NTRD funding for NOx retrofits

5 Retrofit Products Level 1 Diesel Oxidation Catalyst(DOC)
% particulate matter(PM) Maintenance Free Stainless steel OE muffler replica Level 2 None available Crankcase Ventilation System(CCV) 100% reduction engine emissions Level 3 Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) 90%Particulate matter reduction 2 types of DPF’s Passive filters- self regeneration Active(Purifilter Plus)- plug in system


7 Purimuffler(DOC) vs. Purifilter(DPF)

8 Wall-Flow Diesel Particulate Filters Offer the Highest PM Reduction Efficiency
>85% PM reduction (ARB Level 3) Large reduction in toxics from catalyzed DPFs >250,000 retrofits worldwide >6 million OE applications Same technology as on MY 2007 and newer OE trucks Data logging process 8 8

9 Backpressure Monitor/Logger (used with DPF’s only(Passive and Active)
Extended datalogging capability (up to 2 yrs) Measures back pressure Exhaust Temperature Regeneration frequency Multi-light displays to indicate system faults, warnings and alarm conditions Real time monitoring Includes data analysis software Dash board mounted Mounted in engine compartment


11 Cleaning Machine for a Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)
CombiClean™ Station Computer sensors Universal for all filters One machine does it all Heat Vacuum Air

12 Purifilter Highway Installations

13 Diesel Particulate Filters(DPF’s) in Non-road Applications

14 Active DPF “Purifilter Plus”
Heater Elements speed of regeneration K Model = 8hrs(240 sgle) S = 120 min.(440, 3ph) Silicon Carbide Substrate

15 Emeryville Installations- 2006 International DT466E w’EGR
Vehicle plugged in weekly 2006 International DT hp 6NVXH0466AEA Purifilter Plus SCP17H

16 Emeryville Purifilter Plus Panel Installation
Operating Instructions Transformer Panel

17 Emeryville Installations- 2006 International DT466E w’EGR
Vehicle plugged in bi-weekly 2006 International DT hp 6NVXH0466AEA Purifilter Plus SCP17H

18 Crankcase Ventilation Filter System(CCV)
No Filter Change Indicator! Filter Change Indicator (Optional dash Mounted indicator Available) Cover AND regulator are removed to access the element. Large hoses are required to move during servicing. Canister lowers with two easy latches. No hoses are attached to the canister. Change Filters every oil change ! Change Filters every other oil change ! Separate external Bypass - with no Indication when Bypass has occured Larger Size Smaller Size No bypass A truly closed Crankcase ! Other ECS CCV

19 CCV in Action

20 ECS Direct Fit Kit for International DT444 engines
DT444 is the single most popular engine in North America

21 CCV Filter Cartridge Change
Open Canister Remove filter, replace & close

22 Sales Process Contact an EPA or CARB verified vendor
Discuss available funding Review products available to you Choose a technology Tailpipe: DOC, DPF(passive) or Purifilter Plus(active) Engine: CCV Dealer provides a quote for project(labor/materials) Obtain fleet list Submit grant application Receive funding and begin project Air regulations will increase over time. There will likely not be enough funding to cover the future demand. Mandates cannot be funded!

23 Sample Fleet List

24 Dana Brewster Central Region Sales Manager Engine Control Systems (440)

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