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Lou Zweier Director, CSU Center for Distributed Learning Academic Technology Services CSU, Office of the Chancellor.

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1 Lou Zweier Director, CSU Center for Distributed Learning Academic Technology Services CSU, Office of the Chancellor

2 Authoring Process Authoring Tools Q & A 2

3 Scholarship of the DisciplineTeaching of the Discipline Institutional Imperative Tenure and Promotion/ Grants/ Reputation Tenure & Promotion/ Affordable Learning Solutions Design Standard design of text-based articles Custom Instructional Design/ SLO Context for Program DevelopmentMS WordMultimedia Tools Quality Assurance Peer Review by Journals Peer Review by Communities and Accessibility of Learning PublicationCopyright to JournalCreative Commons Access/Storag e Library & licensing agreementOER Cloud services DiscoveryCampus Library catalogOpen Digital Libraries Use/ReuseLibrary & citation/ no derivatives & no plagiarism Links to, derivatives and mash-ups

4 1. Institutional Imperative: Whats the motivation? 2. Design: Whats its fit, form, function for people? 3. Development: Whats the production techniques? 4. Quality Assurance: Will the users value it? 5. Publication: Does the public have rights to use it? 6. Access/Storage: Where is the information delivered from? 7. Discovery: How do people find it? 8. Use/Reuse: How do people use it?


6 Find Whats Already Available with CSU OER Finder Type in ISBN of your chosen textbook and find related OER

7 Type in key word and choose other digital libraries to search Find Whats Already Available with MERLOT Federated Search CONVENIENCE IS KEY

8 In about 20 seconds, 25 materials from each of the 12 digital libraries is delivered

9 Sustainability of authored materials Usability – Validating the design for student users Easy to learn, Easy to Use, Effective, and Enjoyable Accessibility – Empowering people with disabilities Specialized knowledge and skills required Licensing – Sharing vs. protecting content University policies on intellectual property: Creative Commons vs. Copyright Academic Program and Course Context – Validating the design for faculty users by providing a context of student learning outcomes for programs and courses

10 Capabilities of the author Abilities – The Y approach to developmental levels Interest/Motivation Time to practice Resources & Support Services Sophistication of the tools Requires different skills - guppy to fish to sharks MATCH TOOLS TO THE CAPABILITIES OF AUTHOR

11 Authoring Tools


13 Template for Teaching How to Teach with Mobile Apps

14 Adding Text To Template

15 Adding Images to Template

16 How To Teach Key Genetics Concepts within a Webpage

17 How To Teach Key Genetics Concepts- Part 3 of Webpage

18 Faculty Created Tutorial (Website)

19 Find an existing simulation/tutorial/OER in for instructional topic Author the pedagogical content for teaching with OER using MERLOT Content Builder Template Publish and produce a IMS Common Cartridge Creative Commons License & package for transfer Catalog in to enable others to discover and use/ Position OER to be peer reviewed by one of MERLOTs 23 editorial boards

20 Pachyderm – Free open-source, web-based multimedia authoring, templates structure content, media focus.

21 MERLOT ELIXR – Template for multimedia designs

22 22

23 23

24 24

25 25

26 26

27 27

28 Connexions– Templates for Open Textbooks in the Cloud

29 Desk-top application Media Search that enables discovery of OER within SoftChalk authoring environment (MERLOT, NSDL, etc.) Accessible OER created IMS Common Cartridge option Creative Commons licensing Catalog in within SoftChalk to position it for peer

30 30

31 31

32 32

33 33

34 34

35 35

36 36

37 37

38 38

39 Cal States Affordable Learning Solutions http://als.csuprojects.org Overview of OER Authoring Tools in the CSU: MERLOT: MERLOT Content Builder: Pachyderm for CSU: CSU Pachyderm Gallery: MERLOT ELIXR: http://elixr.merlot.org Connexions: http://cnx.org SoftChalk: SoftChalk Physics Example:

40 Thank You for the Opportunity to Share Q & A

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