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Cinnamon Cove Computer Club Schedule for 2010/2011.

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1 Cinnamon Cove Computer Club Schedule for 2010/2011

2 Draft Schedule Dec 11: Season Program Review and Discussion of eReaders and their comparisons. Jan 8: Taking care of your printer/ Ink replacement: Jan 22: MS Word Feb 5: X10/Smart House Device Controls Feb 26: Tax Software March 5: Publisher project March 19: TBD April 2: TBD April 16: TBD Suggestions for the TBDs (To Be Decided) will be discussed at the first meeting.

3 What: Printers and Cartridges 101 When: Saturday January 8 th, from 9 AM to 10:30AM (?) Where: Club House Cinnamon Cove Host: Mr. John Kern, (317)440-2380 Guests speakers: Alexander Irigoyen & Magda Sotiriadis, Cartridge World Fort Myers, (239) 689-5123 Topics: · Brief introduction to Cartridge World · Basic Types of Printers (Inkjet & Lasers) · How do an inkjet and a laser printer work · What do you need to know before buying your printer · How to maintain your printer · When do I know when my printer life is over? · Truth and myth of OEM and Refilled/Remanufactured cartridges · Facts about cartridges · Q&A

4 e - Readers What they are – tablet PCs with a single function i.e. to allow the reading of electronic books; What follows is a Wish List of available readers and their reviews as provided by PC World magazine; The Wish List is built from a poll of who was planning to buy a selected reader.

5 The Wish List Apple iPad – 1147 wishes Amazon Kindle – 974 Kobo eReader – 79 Pandigital Novel – 67 Barnes and Noble Nook – 35

6 Reviews – Apple iPad More than just an eReader; Most expensive, from $599; 9.7 inch Color Display; Has many features from the Tablet system that work to making page turning and book downloads easiest but overall does not compete well with specifically designed readers – weight, glare, flicker; Overall Rating 3.5

7 Reviews – Amazon Kindle Black and White Display; 3 Models; WiFi, WiFi + 3G, DX; $139, $189,$379 First 2 models have 6 Diagonal, 3 rd 9.5 Displays; Battery shelf life up to one month; with battery on 3weeks, 10 days, 7 days: Speedy page turns, high contrast, light weight; lacks shop (for books) anywhere capability; Overall Rating 4.5

8 Reviews – Kobo eReader Similar to low cost Kindle; Integrates well with book shopping; Sluggish performance; Stiff buttons; Easy on the wallet but requires patience to use; Overall Rating 2.5

9 Reviews – Pandigital Novel A Tablet based eReader with poor 7 inch color screen quality; Tied to Barnes and Noble; Includes some useful pre-installed apps; Similar to but not as good as the Barnes and Noble Nook; Overall Rating 2.5

10 Reviews – Barnes and Noble Nook 7 Color Display; Capable of reading books, magazines and periodicals; Slot for SDHC Memory card; Sturdy device that weighs 7.3 ounces more than equivalent Kindle; App store coming in 2011; Overall Rating 4


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