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History of Future Graphics The worlds leading value-add distributor.

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2 History of Future Graphics The worlds leading value-add distributor

3 Sales & Distribution Support Facilities


5 Future Graphics and Mitsubishi K Imaging Future Graphics/MKIC is the only aftermarket supplier that is also a leading manufacturer of OPCs and toner. The synergies created by the merger of Future Graphics, bring to industry the best combination: Distribution Worldwide (FG) + 8 Toner and Drum Top-notch Factories (MKI). We proud ourselves of having the following abilities: –The ability to develop the two most critical components (toner and OPC) together to work as a system –The ability to develop TRUE CPT color toner and matching OPCs –The ability to develop innovative market breakthroughs, such as BioBlack toner –The ability to match other components with the critical components and deliver superior product with added value, including all the technical resources remanufacturers need to be successful in todays mercurial market –Dynamic distributions worldwide Comprehensive System Solutions

6 The most recognized signs of quality and innovation come from FG/MKIC… BRANDS

7 CPT Toner – The Hallmark of Color Quality Superior Yield Superior Fusing Superior Print Quality

8 Chemically-Produced Toner (CPT) Developed by OEM in the 1990s to improve print quality. Kaleidochrome ® TRUE CPT developed to provide aftermarket with same OEM-like yield, OEM-like fusing, and consistently superb print quality in color applications. Unlike competing toners, Kaleidochrome ® TRUE CPT toner is not a conventionally milled toner with rounded particles. Independent studies have shown that the manufacturing process of TRUE CPT toner may be more environmentally responsible than conventionally milled varieties, resulting in fewer VOCs, fewer CO 2 emissions and less solid waste. Future Graphics (FG) and authorized FG distributors are the exclusive suppliers of Kaleidochrome ® toner and OPCs.

9 SEALS Constructed from durable materials and thoroughly tested, FG seals and sealing systems are guaranteed to provide your cartridges the integrity and security you demand. DVRs FG DVRs have been rigorously tested and qualified to work in specific applications in conjunction with all other Kaleidochrome® and FG critical components. OTHERS We offer many of the smaller parts and supplies necessary for a complete build of color cartridges, including shipping locks, seal plugs, shims, padding powder, specialty tools and fixtures. Comprehensive System Solutions

10 Comprehensive System Solutions = Consistent Quality Because the quality expectations of color users are so much higher! There are many color systems on the market that perform well none of the time, and a few systems that perform well some of the time but only Kaleidochrome ® Comprehensive System Solutions will give you the consistent quality that is critical in color applications. Kaleidochrome ® TRUE CPT toner has been developed to complement the chemical properties of Kaleidochrome ® OPCs. As experienced remanufacturers know, the two most critical components in a Comprehensive System Solution are the toner and OPC. How these two components function together, and how the other components are matched to perform with each other and the toner and OPC, is the foundation of consistent print quality. Make your customers happy - Build with Kaleidochrome ® Comprehensive System Solutions. Why are color system solutions so much more important?


12 Comprehensive System Solutions OPCs MK Imaging ® OPCs are recognized around the world as the aftermarket gold standard. MK Imaging ® OPCs are unmatched for their durability, reliability and proprietary chemical formulations. TONER MK Imaging ® toner has been formulated to work in conjunction with MK Imaging ® OPCs, producing outstanding yield, density and overall print quality in hundreds of applications. BLADES FG blades are rigorously tested and qualified for specific applications. FG wiper blades display outstanding results when used with MK Imaging ® and FG components.

13 Why MK Imaging OPCs? Durability The stable electrical properties ensure consistent print quality in diverse real world environments (temperature and humidity). Reliability MK Imaging ® OPCs are 100% visually inspected and have a very low failure rate. A superior quality control system approved by OEMs leads to very little lot-to-lot and internal lot fluctuation. R&D Superiority We know chemicals. All formulations are developed internally and key materials are manufactured internally.

14 The Future of Green Printing Has Arrived

15 BioBlack ® is a laser printer cartridge toner made using a bio-based resin with a proprietary patent-pending toner formulation. The bio-based content of BioBlack ® toner is as high as 34%. What is BioBlack ® ?

16 FG Resources Over two decades of experience providing remanufacturers the technical support and market resources they needed to be successful and we still do! remanufacturing guides videos webinars road shows cross reference information marketing data and live technical support The award-winning also contains extensive engine information and build recommendations.

17 Webinars FG now offers technical seminars direct to your facility via your computer. These webinars focus primarily on color remanufacturing and offer live interaction with the FG/MKIC technical staff. The FG webinars provide your technical team one-on-one training with the industrys color experts, helping ensure that you build consistently high-quality color cartridges and retain that competitive edge.

18 Tech Guides The leading technical team in the industry keeps you up-to-date with accurate instructional guides for remanufacturing the most in-demand cartridges - and even for some of the less popular niche products. The instructional guides are drafted by FG engineers and include clear photographs and concise, easy-to-follow steps. Remanufacturing guides from FG help you build the highest quality cartridges on the market with leading-edge MK Imaging ®, Kaleidochrome ® and FG brand components and tooling. Tech guides can be downloaded free at FG also offers online remanufacturing videos for some of the newer releases.

19 Live Support Our multi-lingual technical support staff is always ready to answer your phone calls or emails. All of FGs dedicated support personnel have hands-on experience remanufacturing cartridges. We understand your technical issues and treat every question with the importance it deserves.


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