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2 The Effect of Dietary Symbiotic on Bone Mass and Mechanical Strength in Rat Bones During Simulated Weightlessness (In Period of 10/08 through 6/11) Concluded. Weightlessness matters for bone strength, but special diet did not help in comparison with the control diet. 2

3 The Device for the Project The 3 point bend testing machine is now functional. The I/O are processed through a MATLAB code run from a lap top. We plan to use it again for different samples.


5 On-site manufacture of fuel for Mars ascent vehicle Preparation of methane fuel (CH 4 ) to power an ascent vehicle from the surface of Mars to an orbiting return vehicle has been proposed via a Sabatier reaction to take advantage of the high concentration of CO2 in the Martian atmosphere. Phase 1 of this project is construction and validation of a Sabatier reactor that combines CO 2 and H 2 forming CH 4 and by-product H 2 O(1). Due to the limited supply of hydrogen in the Martian atmosphere, it will also be necessary to generate hydrogen on-site by electrolysis of water (2) carried on the mission and possibly supplemented by limited local supplies on Mars. Incorporation of this reaction into our demonstration apparatus constitutes phase 2 of the project. (1) (2) Powering lift-off of the ascent vehicle involves combustion of methane (3). Oxygen necessary for this reaction is a by-product of reaction (2). (3)

6 Phase 1 – Sabatier reactor overview The Sabatier reactor is a compact unit consisting of valves to regulate input of reactant gases (yellow handles), a flow meter to monitor total flow of mixed gases, a thermostated catalyst chamber (vertical stainless steel cylinder at left), an output pressure gauge, control switches and monitor for three heating elements, and output into a cryostatic flask for capture. (1)

7 A Big Hit at the MARS Society Convention in Dallas (8/2011) 7

8 Methane Combustion The flame shows methane was produced and combusted. 8

9 The 6.12 kW Experimental PV System will run our step 2 reaction. 9

10 Electrolysis Background The water is dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen gases; 2H 2 O(g) 2H 2 (g) + O 2 (g) The oxygen ultimately will be stored in cryogenic tanks for the combustion process; The hydrogen is used in the Sabatier reaction. 10

11 Electrolysis with Off-the-shelf Equipment Hoffman apparatus Dissociates the water into hydrogen and oxygen gases; Ionic compound added for conductivity; Electrodes; Leads, connected to the outside tubes of apparatus; Valves at the top of each outside tube to control flow rate of produced gases; Powered by the solar panels. 11

12 Solar panels Each solar panel is a 24-volt, 5- watt, ampere commercially sold battery charger; Each panel is roughly 18 x 18; Wired in parallel to accommodate battery voltage; Stand. Angle adjustment to optimize incident angle of the sun; Made out of a steel framework, that was made in four pieces: a foot, neck, angle changer, and panel harness; Made so panels are easily accessible and interchangeable. Electrolysis Continued… 12

13 Present Electrolysis Construction Two six volt marine batteries Perforated 316 stainless steel electrodes ¼ copper rods Corrosion resistant Increased surface area Malleable 13

14 Electrolysis Construction Continued… 10 gallon fish tank4 acrylic tubing Stainless steel needle valves Transparent Insulator 14

15 ANOTHER EXTENSION Work with the PCC to build a larger systems with two larger reactors. WHY? 1) We expect to reach self sustaining reaction (no power needed) using more catalyst surface area, 2) Also produce methanol using the same inputs, 3) Try different catalysts to further improve the outputs. 15


17 High-Altitude Bacterium Retrieval Project

18 Extremophile Bacterial Colonies High-altitude extremophile bacteria reside in the Earths stratosphere Even in inhospitable conditions to humans, they have the ability to thrive through adaptation Bacterial strains collected in 2005 over India using a balloon satellite Overview 1

19 Conceptual Designs Design Modifications Smaller Cartridge filter design Sterility Issues Articulated shaft motion Current Design Circular design Utilizes O-ring seal Dual valve system to maintain sterility Dual-servo actuation Rack-and-pinion linear motion

20 Implementation – mechanical Sterile Unit assembled within protective insulation Filter containment unit housed in protective, airflow-promoting chassis

21 Implementation – Electronic Design Parallax BS2pe microcontroller (BASIC Stamp) Simple breadboard with microcontroller and power, output connections Materials Parallax BS2pe BASIC Stamp microcontroller HiTec Titanium high- torque servos (333 oz.-in) 7.2V 2800mah Ni-Cd battery pack 9-volt heating elements High-torque servo setup

22 EOSS LAUNCH – Spring 2011 Last-minute heating element assembly Mechanical and electrical assembly

23 NEW Project: Revisit our Lander From 2007 and make it work again. We plan to fly it as balloon payload (heavy) and/or drop it off an airplane with its parachute. NEW Project: Build 2 or 3 more autonomous rovers to fly in the Lander and also participate in the Sand Dunes event. 23

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