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Macros and the Cataloging Wiki Kathryn Lybarger Third Thursday September 19, 2013.

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1 Macros and the Cataloging Wiki Kathryn Lybarger Third Thursday September 19, 2013

2 Macros Small programs that automate repetitive tasks Many of our programs include them Separate software may be used May be written or recorded

3 Why macros? As catalogers, we do a lot of typing Wed like to do that typing quickly Wed like to do it accurately / consistently

4 Repetition Common phrases are typo-prone In OCLC: bibliographicla x 156 bibliograpical x 131 bbliographical x 85 bibliographcial x 46 bibliogaphical x 12 bibliographocal x 8

5 Information density We can type relatively few characters to encode a lot of meaning These few characters may be hard to interpret: 007 ǂ a c ǂ b j ǂ d u ǂ e a ǂ h u Lookup tables may be external and long

6 OCLC Connexion Macros Add menu items to your toolbar Use macros provided by OCLC Use macros provided by others Create your own macros

7 Toolbar Any menu option in Connexion can become a button on the Toolbar Configure your Toolbar to use functions you use most (Remove buttons you never use, to avoid clutter and mis-clicks)

8 Make your toolbar buttons larger Tools -> Options -> Toolbar

9 Rearranging the Toolbar Tools -> Toolbar Editor… Drag buttons between that list and the toolbar List is alphabetical Names are based on menu click-path to get there

10 Some useful buttons View -> Pinned Edit -> Control Headings -> All Edit -> Enter Diacritics Tools -> User Tools -> 1 (2, 3, …)

11 User Tools Tools -> User Tools To change, choose Assign… All of mine are set to macros

12 Many things can be assigned

13 To assign a macro Select Tool Number Select a macro Click Assign Tool

14 Macro assigned As far as I know, you cannot give it an intuitive button Hover over user tool button to see what it does before clicking

15 Some OCLC-provided macros Generate043 – Add an 043 field with geographic codes based on 6XX fields InsertHeading – Insert the authority record heading you are viewing into the bib record AddSerialNotes – Select common serial notes from a list Add33x – Add RDA fields for Content, Media and Carrier

16 Add33x macro from OCLC

17 Not ideal for us maybe: Codes are included along with terms You have to select everything every time No error checking – computer tape cartridge is not an unmediated carrier

18 Downloading more macros: Pre-built Macro Books Download as.mbk format and copy into C:\Program Files(x86)\OCLC\Connexion\ Program\Macros (you may need to contact LIB-TS for permission) There should already be an OCLC.mbk in that directory Macros in that macro book will then be available from Connexion menus

19 Downloading more macros: Text source code OCLC macros are written in OML OCLC Macro Language similar to VBScript To use code, you will have to create your own macro book. Do not just add your macro to the OCLC mbk! You will lose it when there is an upgrade

20 Create a new macro book

21 Create a new macro

22 Name the macro Name it something brief and descriptive Edit button will now bring up a window for you to paste the code into After that, you can use it from OCLC menus

23 Download this macro book Essentials.mbk (University of Rochester) ChangeCase – fix capitalization of selected text CutterMaker – create a cutter for selected text FormatCallNumber – format an LC call number (spacing, tagging, punctuation) Check33x – create 33x fields based on contents of record

24 Check33x (Essentials)

25 Also this macro book Extras.mbk (University of Rochester) PasteInverted – create a believable 100 from a statement of responsibility Show007Video Show007Maps Show007Micro Show007SoundRecs

26 And another ZemkatMacros.mbk (University of Kentucky) AuthOK – before downloading series authority, add ǂ 5 YOUNG to 644, 645, 646 SaveNoClose – save record to save file and immediately open it again Mark856Dead – edit the 856 to mark it as a dead link, according to OCLC standards Mark856Redirect – edit the 856 to mark it as a redirected link, according to OCLC standards

27 Runs in the background all the time You dont need administrator access Same hotkeys work in multiple programs

28 Voyager macros (ZHK) Window-b : copy the bib number Window-o : paste it into 946 for overlay Window-s : search Window-c : close all windows Hotstrings: (c) -> © (p) -> brn -> Includes bibliographical references (p.) and index.

29 Voyager macros : Ctrl-D? In Voyager, Ctrl-D puts in you Special Character mode Does anyone use this? A few of us are running a macro that makes Ctrl- D type a subfield delimiter (like it does in OCLC) Should this be added to the main macro?

30 Installing ZHK Run ZHK.exe from the shared drive: N:\Access Records\Kathryn\ZHK.exe Bring up a record in Voyager, and start pressing those keys! If you like its behavior, copy to your Startup menu Specific instructions are on the UKCATS wiki

31 Cataloging Wiki (UKCATS) Looks like Wikipedia (same software) but has restricted access Several types of pages

32 Brief cataloging resources Cutter table (standard + P) Language information Alphabets / numerals Tips for searching Links to larger resources Classification Web Catalogers Desktop OCLC Bib Formats

33 Library workflow Local documents Locations and abbreviations Local policies / processes Generic barcode policy Cataloging DVDs …

34 Computer instructions Remote Desktop Connection How to determine your hostname (record it here!) How to run RDC from UK campus computers How to use VPN for off-campus access Macros How to install on your computer What various macros/hotkeys do

35 Project instructions

36 RDA policy

37 Getting started

38 Pages that need help Locations and abbreviations 9xx fields Cataloging in RDA

39 Good content for UKCATS Text content Useful for local catalogers Useful for you from multiple locations Collaboratively maintained Some illustrative matter can be helpful Small, static, frequently used documents Routing slips

40 UKCATS for everything? No… Major cataloging tools Use in standard way (feel free to link from UKCATS) File storage CTS shared drive (N:) SharePoint Real-time collaborative editing Google documents Public access web space

41 Logging in to UKCATS After this session, send me an email requesting an account and I will make you one with a random password You will receive an email from UKCATS with instructions for logging in and changing your password

42 References University of Rochester macros w/Collection-2556 Zemkat Macros AutoHotkey Macros N:\Access Records\Kathryn\ZHK.exe UKCATS

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